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Things I love about an English summer by Kate Hardy

Right now in England it’s the long summer holidays. And although I find sticky humidity and heat a bit much to deal with, I love the summer. And here’s why.

1. The seaside.

OK, so I love the beach in the winter, but in the summer the North Sea is warm enough to paddle in. (Still cold, but lovely!) And this was Cromer yesterday afternoon.

aug seagulls

2. Barbecues

Eating al fresco is one of the best things about summer over here. Our garden faces north-west, so we get to see some gorgeous sunsets as well.

3. Strawberries

English strawberries, freshly picked and still slightly warm from the sun. There really is nothing like it. And we don’t need cream or sugar – just pure, luscious strawberriness 🙂

4. Summer flowers

Particularly cornflowers, delphiniums, antirrhinums and stocks. The scent, the colours – just perfect.

july stocks

5. Ice cream

Again, something that I’m happy with all year round – but I appreciate it even more on a hot day. (This is my cheat recipe – 400g strawberries whizzed in a blender with 500g fat-free Greek yoghurt, then put in the ice cream maker for 30 minutes. Perfect.)

jun gelati

6. Late evenings sitting outside watching the stars.

Preferably with a glass of prosecco, post-barbecue, but a cup of tea will do. And sometimes you get to see lovely things such as the Perseid meteor shower; or (as we did last week) a blue moon.

july blue moon

What are your favourite things about the summer? (Or the winter, if you’re in Australia/NZ right now?)

51F+pSNIMGL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Kate’s latest release is A Promise… to a Proposal? You can find out more about the book, and Kate, on her website (http://www.katehardy.com/) and her blog (http://katehardy.blogspot.com/) – or find her on Facebook


8 thoughts on “Things I love about an English summer by Kate Hardy”

  1. I think you stole all my things, Kate 🙂 except for maybe ice-cream. I can take or leave it but I do love my summer fruits. And of course, here in Oz, we have Christmas to look forward to in summer 🙂

  2. I love the heat…sunshine warming my bones- sitting in the shade and reading, listening to the insects and the birds, camping and looking up at the stars, long evenings, cold white wine…bliss! (I’m so not a winter girl, I hate being cold)

  3. Selfish reasons, but I love the summer because the stable weather doesn’t affect my MAV. Bad weather and barometric pressure changes, cause me to be dizzy, so the hot summers are much better for me. I think I live in the wrong country, but my GP, is stubbornly refusing to write me a prescription about moving to Barbados. Odd.

  4. Hello Kate, I love the sun and the heat although here in Italy, these days it’s really hot, there are 40 degrees and 80% humidity. Summer I love the sea, the ice cream, the long days of light, flowers ….. but I hate bugs, especially mosquitoes.

  5. I do love English flowers! By and large though, I am an autumn lover, and an occasional spring girl. I could easily live without either summer or winter.

  6. Kate! I was off in an internet free zone…by the seaside…when you wrote this. It turns out that is one of the things I love. I adored the sunsets, the suuuuuper quiet mornings, the whoosh whoosh of the waves at night, the fact that just about everyone had a dog and brought them to the local pub where there was gorgeous seafood aplenty….and now that we’re home? Massive downpours. Glorious!

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