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All the Nom Noms & Deadlines

I haven’t posted here in a while because I’ve been trapped in a crazy deadline. I’ve never done three books so close together before. It was a challenge. Also, add-on the fact I’ve been really ill since February, it was like I climbed a mountain in the last few months.

April & June I wrote two connected books which will be releasing in February 2016 as a Valentine’s Duet. His Shock Valentine’s Proposal and Craving Her Ex-Army Doc are my two brothers set in one of my favourite places Montana, in a fictional town of Crater Lake (which resembles Whitefish, Montana quite a bit). Whitefish, Montana is a gorgeous and changes from badlands to plains to forest and mountains. Beautiful.


This is a picture I took driving through Big Horn Country, where Custer met his Last Stand. It’s between Broadus and Billings, before we made our northern jog up to Great Falls, Montana and the Alberta border.


This is when we were reading west towards mountains. This is where I saw a “real” mountain for the first time. I live in Ontario. We have Blue Mountain, but it’s not the same as seeing a majestic snow cap like the Rockies.

Once my Montana books were done, it was time to write the Continuity story. It’s my first time writing a continuity ever. Thankfully, there were so many helpful and veterans to continuity to writing to help me. My continuity story was due August 1st. So I had from July to August to write a book, BUT in the middle of that month I had surgery.

A surgery I was waiting since February to have and it was a LONG process to get there. I had a gallbladder attack two days in a row in February, during this time my daughter was also admitted to the hospital with a bowel obstruction. I was in full-blown take care of my kid’s health instead of my own. Then more attacks came once she was out. It was time to see my doctor where they found my pancreas was starting to take over and I was walking a dangerous path to cholangitis or pancreatitis, both which can be fatal. He told me to stop eating basically every thing I liked and we waited for an appointment with the surgeon.

So that was brutal. I was already doing Weight Watchers, but now I couldn’t eat meat, dairy or any good fats. I was eating vegetables and carbs, just so I could fill up. Even then not a lot because I would get sick. EVERYTHING I ate made me sick. When I saw my surgeon my liver and spleen were so swollen they thought a stone was stuck in my bile duct and I have some testing done to determine if there was. Not fun.

Thankfully there was no stone. Whew. Well, no stone stuck in my ducts. I did have a golf ball sized stone in my non functioning gall bladder. So, the surgeon scheduled me for surgery ASAP. The problem was, it was RIGHT in the middle of deadline. July 17th.

Thankfully my editor and the medical team understood and gave me a lovely extension, because for a week I was pretty out of it. Painkillers, general anesthesia and then starting to eat normally again was trying. Now though I can have all the nom noms being just over 2 weeks post op.


So that’s why I’ve been a bit M.I.A. When you can’t get proper nutrition, it really takes a toll on you. I still have ways to go, but for the first time in a long time my poor, worried hubby said I was looking like my old self again. Bless his heart he never did say I wasn’t beautiful or looking sickly during that time. He told me just recently that he was terrified how sick I was getting.

I’m hoping we can all relax soon when we head to Disney this September. I hope you all are having a great summer (or winter depending where you are). xoxo


The one woman to tame him… 

Finally the injured navy SEAL who had once been brought to surgeon Erica Griffin in the dead of night has a name: Captain Thorne Wilder—her new commanding officer! Five years later he’s just as gorgeous as Erica remembers…but now he’s totally off-limits!

Thorne has been left damaged, brooding and untamable after the loss of his dreams—and beautiful Erica is an unwanted complication! She might be as wary of relationships as he is, but fighting temptation will be the biggest battle of all…


10 thoughts on “All the Nom Noms & Deadlines”

  1. Amy,
    I’m glad you’re getting on the road to recovery. It’s no fun not to feel good and have to do so many things. I love your book.

    1. Thanks, Susan. No it certainly isn’t feeling so sick. I’m very happy to be feeling some sense of normal again.

  2. So glad you’re on the mend. I love the sound of the Montana books. I enjoy reading Fiona Lowes books as much for scenery as story! There’s plenty of gorgeous Ontario scenery too – have you written anything set around the lakes? I love the area around Peterborough. I’d love to write a book set in niagara on the lake. Gorgeous part of the world. Take care of yourself. Xx

    1. I did set on in Iqaluit and one in London, Ontario. Haven’t touched Peterborough yet (I went to college there and spent many years, my BF still lives there so I visit often). Niagara on the Lake is gorgeous too. I have to agree with you there! 🙂

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