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Fresh, Flirty and Famous

The Romance Writers of Australia conference is fast approaching… and so was the need to decide on my costume for the themed cocktail party.  A themed party can be a blessing for some and a nightmare for others. I had such a fun time hosting my first ever Halloween Party last year, throwing on a long red wig and dressing as the Queen of Darkness but I noticed the men were less enthusiastic about donning a cape and channeling their inner vampire. Women seem to be quite happy to become someone else for a night as we can blame our party antics on our alter-ego. ‘It was Catwoman who drained the spiked punch bowl not me!’


But this week I had to decide how to meet the brief for the cocktail party in Melbourne –  Fresh, Flirty and Famous!  I couldn’t think of anything.  I enlisted the help of my husband who suggested Florence Nightingale since I write Medical Romance. I thought he was very clever since there was a clear link to my writing but then I started to question said suggestion. While Ms Nightingale was without doubt famous, I never heard of her being portrayed as flirty and I doubt after nursing injured soldiers all night, that the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ would have been anywhere close to fresh. Back to the drawing board.


I think Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit would definitely fit the bill but I would not fill the outfit… I lack what is required to carry off that level of fresh, flirty and famous. So I headed to the costume shop to find some inspiration that was more befitting my less than Playboy Bunny curves.  And it was going to be harder than I thought.  There were so many racks of costumes and time was not on my side so I gave the brief to the wonderfully helpful sales assistant and we began our hunt.


After a frustrating half an hour, I considered B1 or B2 in Pyjamas since they were fresh and famous.  The dancing duo of fruit definitely met two of the criteria but like my famous Crimean War nurse, they too missed the mark of flirty.  Suddenly I had my ah ha moment as I spied my costume across the sea of plastic, fur and sequins. It was perfect!


My choice was famous (she’s long passed from this world but she made her mark in the history books), she was flirty (she gained power through a very famous affair) and she enjoyed long baths of milk and honey so she would have been one of the freshest of her ancient time.

Bet you’ve already guessed but I thought I would let you know anyway since I ‘m hopeless at keeping secrets…


What costume you would choose for a theme of Fresh, Flirty and Famous?


10 thoughts on “Fresh, Flirty and Famous”

    1. Hi Fiona … not sure what comment you left as it’s blank but I am looking forward to catching up at the conference … and I’m also very happy that I booked into your Sunday session. 🙂

  1. I think I must have a lot of x in me, Susanne, because I hate dressing up in fancy dress. It’s the only part of the conference I dislike. Grumble grumble moan moan…. I usually find some minimalist way to get around it though. Like painting one finger with gold spray paint recently when we went to a 50th with a James Bond theme 😄

    But this is the first year in a decade that I won’t be at the cocktail party. My BFF’s daughter has sprung a quickie wedding on us all so I won’t be there til Saturday lunch time. You though, will look fabulous as the Queen of Egypt!

    1. Your Goldfinger costume made me smile. Not so sure I can pull off the Cleopatra costume as I picked up the short black wig today and realized in a hurry that I really, really do not suit that hair color …. I think I will have to brighten it up with fluorescent blue eyeshadow and pink blusher or I will look like the casualty of a vampire feast.

      I am sorry you won’t be at the conference on Friday but I look forward to
      catching up on Saturday. 🙂

  2. Susanne,
    I think you will look fabulous. Please do post pictures of you all dolled up. I’m sorry I can’t be there to see you.

    1. I think there will be some amazing costumes … I know of some other writers who have been far more clever than me with the costume ideas. Will definitely post photos!

  3. I’m with Amy Andrews – not too big on costume parties! Seems like a lot of effort, but maybe that’s a sign I’m getting more dull and boring every year and need to change my attitude! 🙂

    You’ll look wonderful as Cleopatra, and can’t wait to see some photos! Have a great time at the conference and party.

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