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Keeping up with the….Fitbit

The Fitbit Overlord
The Fitbit Overlord

Last Christmas, I decided to get myself a Fitbit. Just a basic model that tracked steps and monitored your sleep quality. I knew I wasn’t moving the recommended 10k steps a day, but I wanted to know how much I was falling short and basically how much of a lazybones I really was.

The first day, I logged just over 4k and I was flabbergasted. I didn’t think I was that bad! But, being pretty much confined to the house due to my MAV (Migraine associated vertigo) I suffer terribly from ‘Visual Vertigo’ in that if there’s too much movement, colour, pattern, light, in my visual field, it makes me feel really dizzy and like I’m walking on a boat deck that’s being filmed for one of those ‘Deadly Catch’ programmes and the boat is being tossed around like a plaything.

So, anyway, I figured, I needed to do more steps and by January 1st, 2015, I was a slave to the Fitbit bracelet. I started forcing myself to do more walking. Take the dogs on longer walks. Constantly pop down to the local shops on the pretence of needing more milk. Just popping out for a quick stroll.

If I’m honest? I rarely make 10k steps a day. I’m now usually at about 8-9k, which is double what I started at and I now have a bunch of ‘Fitbit Friends’ who challenge me to ‘Workweek Hustles’ or ‘Weekend Warrior’ challenges, where we can all keep an eye on each other’s steps. I never win, but it doesn’t matter. I’m motivated to move more.

But the thing is, I really like watching those numbers clock up. It’s addictive. And I do LOVE walking. One of my big dreams is to complete the LEJOG/JOGLE (Land’s End to John O Groats) or the Coast to Coast, or even to walk the entire UK coastline, though where I’m going to find a spare eight months to do it beats me. But I like the idea of walking the paths and bridleways of Britain (not the roads – all that traffic whooshing by would set my vertigo off)

So, anyway, that’s my current dream. I’m hoping by the end of this year, I will be managing the 10k steps every day. It doesn’t sound much to some, but for me with my £@&*?!! condition, its a huge step forward, if you’ll pardon the pun. Especially considering how much I was doing at the start of 2015.

So what about you? Are you a Fitbit slave? Do you have a daily challenge? Or do you dream big and wish to climb Everest or Macchu Picchu or something like that? Do share, I’d love to hear about it.

And, of course, all that walking allows you thinking time for story plotting! My third M&B Medical is due out November, A Father This Christmas? and here’s the cute North American cover!



7 thoughts on “Keeping up with the….Fitbit”

  1. OOOOO Louisa – my fitbit and I are close pals. Saying that – it’s currently being charged. I’m actually on my third! My first went through the wash. The second is either in Seattle or Ireland (which makes me sound faaaaar more well travelled than I am)…and the third – the watch version is my super fav. I love it. I live on a farm so clock up quite a few. Although…writing days see me in the 10k department – proper farm days get me well over 15. My one and only super duper day was 35k….and then I broke my toe. It think you’re a champ. You should listen to the David Sedaris link on bbc player – he does a monologue on it. Hilarious. YOU GO GIRL! x Annie O’

    1. Hi Annie! Will have to see if I can link to you as a friend through it. 35k in one day? Wow! Your legs must have hurt the next day. Will look out for the Sedaris link, thanks xxx

      1. It’s hilarious – you must listen to it. player: Meet David Sedaris Very funny – and set nearish you in West Sussex…The 35k day was a killer. I was training for something or other – let’s totally hook up as friends. I’ve had The Dreaded Contagion for the past few days and haven’t clocked up much more than a trip to the sofa to watch Grey’s Anatomy. xx

  2. Louisa,
    I don’t have a Fitbit but you make sound like I need one. I’m not sure I walk 10K any more but I do swim regularly. With a Fitbit I think I would even move more. It would make a good thing for me to add to my Christmas list. Your book sounds wonderful.

  3. I don’t have a Fitbit but I do run – not that I’ve been doing too much of it lately, I’m afraid. I feel terribly guilty if I get no exercise, so I am gearing up for a good spring exercise program.

    1. I tried running, Avril, but it wasn’t for me. I could barely struggle by for a minute without sounding like an asthmatic (and I’m not asthmatic!) and it hurt too much. Walking is much more my style. Less sweaty, less hurty and less I’m-gonna-need-CPR.

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