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Women; Old Friends, Young Hearts


I was given this tea-towel last week when I caught up with a ‘girl’  I met way back in Year 7/Seventh Grade. We went through high school together, then we studied nursing together and later midwifery. We had our ups and downs like all friendships do when you grow up and want different things at different times, we’ve lived in different countries and we now live in different towns, but here we are *cough* years later and we still catch up once or twice a year.

I still have the crazy letters we wrote each other each summer when I was down at the beach for 6 weeks and she was back in town. She would come for a week, which was fun but always a bit fraught as she had olive skin, tanned and loved the heat and I had red hair, white skin and would burn. I spent a lot of time wrapped up in towels 😉

Have we been silly together? Yes. There is something about a long shared history that makes that very easy. And you always have those adolescent memories of being boy crazy and the disasters that befell you as you tried to get the attention of one of the many school boys on the train.  Not to mention the summer, outdoor cinema. We shared our very first and my last cigarette, and that was pretty funny as we spluttered and coughed and then spent ten minutes blowing tic tac breath at each other to make sure our breath didn’t smell of cigarettes. Never occured to us that our clothes would have reeked…. !

Good friends in romance novels are a popular thing and I think it’s because women can relate to that closeness and the sharing. Do you like to read books about female friendships? If you do, please share the titles you’ve enjoyed.  Do you have a friendship that dates back a long way?

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Fiona Lowe ARRA adMy Medicine River series, of Montana Actually and Truly Madly Montana, where neither of my heriones have a best friend (;-) ), is out in ebook and print. If you love sexy doctors, hunky cowboys and teh stunning mountain scenary of Montana, then you might like to check them out.

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Happy reading! Fiona x



18 thoughts on “Women; Old Friends, Young Hearts”

  1. I love books about female friendships, Fiona. I think that’s why I love the chicklit genre so much because this theme is explored really well.

    Love the tea towel – so true! 🙂

  2. I tend to ‘pick up’ one or two friends from each phase of my life and keep them forever – sometimes girls, and sometimes boys. Even if there are large gaps between seeing these guys, when we’re together it’s like no time has passed.

  3. I want that tea towel, Fiona. It’s a cracker. Absolutely adore books with strong female friendships threaded through them. I treasure those close friends, and especially two I’ve had since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

  4. My best friend in junior school moved back to Jamaica with her family and I was devastated afterwards. We wrote a few times but lost touch. In this recent age of Internet and social media, I’ve tried to find her, but no joy. I never really had close female friends after that and with three older brothers, it was always boys round at my house. I have much fonder memories of my friendships with boys, than I ever did with girls and with no sisters, either, it was a very male orientated place and I was a tomboy. However I do like to read about female friendships and strong sisterly bonds, probably because I never had them.

  5. Fiona,
    I have some dear friends from college that 30+ years later I still see as often as possible. I know that no matter what they will be there for me. Girl friendships are very important.

  6. Gorgeous tea-towel, Fi! I am still in contact with some of the friends I made at high school and boy, have we been through a lot together! The internet makes it super easy these days- and through that I have found my oldest friend from primary school which is lovely.
    Trying to think of some books with friends in them….and I’m struggling to think of any, that said, I do enjoy reading them!

  7. Great tea towel and I LOVE the sentiment. I am actually on the brink of spending a few days with three gal pals I have met over the years and we are definitely a Goofy Brigade. If I’ve done something stupid (apart from breaking my toe at pole dancing class) – they have seen it – or are the first to hear about it. I was like Louisa and never had many gal pals – so it is a gorgeous revelation. Love them. Good post x Annie O’

  8. Love the tea towel Fiona, and so true. My oldest girl-friends have been a part of so many crazy stupid things down the years that there’s not much I could do now to make them raise an eyebrow 🙂 One of the nicer things about the passing years – I’ve known them for longer.

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