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I think I have my husband worried. That’s not completely unusual, but this time it’s a little different. Why? Because I’ve found the perfect horse, and he came home with me. Only I already have a horse.

Hustler, trail horse extraordinaire and all-around great guy.
Hustler, trail horse extraordinaire and all-around great guy.

But this big goofy guy kind of fell into my lap through a variety of circumstances, and I’m already in love with him. My first husban…err horse…is a former show horse who is as talented as she is sweet. She’s amazing to ride. But this new fellow is a trail horse through and through with more “whoa than go.” I claim him as my “hubby horse,” a gentle soul that I hoped would tempt said hubby to ride. Except, I’m the only one riding him at the moment.

Dolly, my horse with the fancy schmancy pedigree
Dolly, my horse with the fancy schmancy pedigree

So why is my nearest and dearest worried? It’s not that he’s afraid of being replaced—although maybe he should be just a little concerned. 😉 No, he’s worried because I already have a couple of collections that have gotten out of hand. I have a collection of bells that numbers in the dozens, although in my defense, most of those were gifts. And then there’s that collection of quilts. But I only have about ten of those. And I have quite a few pieces of hammered aluminum that I love.

I realized the extent of his worry, when he sent me the video I posted below. Because I also love chickens. And alpacas. And goats. And…. Well, you get the picture. I promised him I could stop any time I wanted to. I’m standing by that statement. For now.

So, do you have any collections? If so, can you control the urge to add to it, or does your hammered aluminum cup runneth over?

Oh, and one more thing I collect are the cover images of my books. This is the latest one, which comes out in December!

Playboy Doc's Mistletoe Kiss
Playboy Doc’s Mistletoe Kiss

17 thoughts on “Collections”

  1. Gorgeous book cover, and two beautiful horses. It makes sense to have one to show and one to hit the trails with. But I can understand where your husband is coming from.
    I’m not into collections much, but my husband loves Native American art. We have Kachina Dolls, baskets, and his newest kick is their pottery. All beautiful, and so far we have room for everything.
    I like collecting my book covers, too! Not many are as pretty as your December cover. Congrats.

    1. I bet that collection is gorgeous, Lynne! And the history behind it…wow! Having room for everything is important. I promised my husband that my stable is now full. No more. Of course we said that when we had two children as well. Then along came a third. 🙂

  2. Tina,
    You are too funny! I collect apples. I have them everywhere. I even told my mother that if I die to hurry to my house and pack up all my apples because my husband’s second wife would throw them out first thing. I have stopped collecting as many because I’m trying to narrow my life down a little. Fewer things and more time and money. It’s not working as well as I hoped but I’m still trying.

    1. I love apples, too. They are so cheery and I love the color. I bet they look great in your house.

      I do want chickens someday (hence the chicken video). I even have them in the dedication of one of my books–because my husband promised I would one day have some. I think I may have voided that particular warranty, however, by lugging the new horse home. He’ll probably say, “No chickens for you!”

  3. Tina – it is utterly justifiable to have a trail horse. Besides – he must be a tax write off as further inspiration for the type of steed one of your heroes would have. Like your husband. We collect chickens but only because Mr Fox seems to like collecting our chickens as well. Very rude! I collect olde editions of children’s books and…well…books….my piles are now warranting another (very large) bookcase. I suspect I am not alone in this. I also collect bad garage sale art and hope to set up a moo-seum in the barn for the cow’s enjoyment over winter. I’m sure they will love it!

    1. See? I knew I wasn’t alone in my need for chickens. Only I’d probably have a sad shrine for each chicken that Mr. Fox decided to borrow. So, is the video my husband sent me true? Are chickens a gateway livestock? Did your chickens come before your cows?

      I would love to see this bad garage sale art. And I’m sure your cows would love it!

      I did try to sneak a wilderness horseback trek idea past my editor a little while ago. Ha!

      1. You should TOTALLY have a wilderness horseback trek idea…did the sneaking work? Please say yes! As for the chickens….gosh…there is nothing funnier than a chicken running up the garden to see you. Their little chicken legs cartwheeling away to see if you have a snack. When we lost our first two (Georgina and Felicity), I morosely plodded through the garden having slow-motion sequences playing through my head Ben Stiller style…chiiiiiiiiickennnnnnsssss! But my cows are fluffy and cuddly and rather spectacular so they are on a par. I club when they go off to become…ahem….other….We had the chickens in London before we moved here – keeping a cow in London is a skosh trickier. x A

    1. 500? Wow! I bet those are gorgeous, Avril. I can envision an entire wall dedicated to snow domes. There is something magical about the tiny scenes inside those globes.

      Whew! I’m so glad there are others besides me who are drawn to collect things. 🙂

  4. I collect old china, Tina. Nothing really valuable, just stuff that makes me smile or sigh when I see it 🙂
    Lovely horsey too 🙂

    1. Sounds lovely, Amy. I have some old china dishes that I love and every once in a while I go on ebay and add a piece or two. I plan to hand them down to one of my daughters (hopefully one of them will like dishes with delicate pink roses on them).

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