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new officesMany of you already know that Harlequin Mills & Boon United Kingdom recently moved from Richmond to London proper into the Shard London Bridge area. They are now part of Harper-Collins UK and have one large section of the 16th of 17 floors. The new building is very modern and high-tech looking with windows instead of walls. As you can imagine, the view is spectacular!


After my editor Flo Nicoll got clearance for me to enter the building, I was given a temporary ID card that I had to wear until I left and turned it back in. They don’t mess around with security, do they? Flo came to greet me downstairs and together we took the elevator to the 16th floor where Harlequin Mills & Boon has found its new home. Due to the gloriously sunny day, all of the window shades were automatically down so I didn’t get to actually see the above view. Still, the office is one big room with rows and rows of editor, assistant editor, and editorial assistant’s etc. desks.

The back lighting from the sun made my pictures all turn out dark, so I’ve tweaked them and though they aren’t the best, they’ll give you an idea of the setup.

DSC03141 (2)DSC03142 (2)

Left to right:  Flo Nicoll, Nicola Caws, Kathryn Cheshire, Sarah Packford (PA to Jo Grant), Pippa Roscoe.

I nearly broke into tears when I saw the group of happy faces waiting to meet me. Bubbly and non-bubbly was lined up for a lovely greeting toast, and Flo Nicoll was absolutely the most wonderful hostess, taking me out to lunch. I felt far more special than I deserved, but it sure was great.

Left to right:  Carly Byrne, Megan Haslam, Bryony Green, Izzy Gormenzano Marks (Great name!!!), Laura McCallum, Sheila Hodgson, Becky Wicks (Social Media), and Tilda McDonald.

They even posted one of my most recent Medical Romance book covers, number 19. Flo is so considerate, she put up Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad, since I supposed she knew that I wasn’t a fan of the UK cover for Father for her Newborn Baby, which is my 20th book. (Long story, read about it here)

DSC03147 (2)

Sheila and Flo made me feel welcomed and totally appreciated, and I will never forget how wonderful that was. Writing twenty books means something to the editorial team, and I’m happy to say I am currently working on twenty-three. Look out twenty-five here I come!

DSC03151 (2)

I got to sit at Bryony Green’s desk for this photo.  Flo’s is right beside Bryony’s.  Yes, that’s where all the heartache begins when we submit our books and wait for those revisions.

DSC03149 (2)

Flo and Bryony – The Romance line editors. See what I mean about high tech atmosphere.  This is truly the 21st century, folks.

So that was my very special day in London back on September 23rd. The next day was equally special spent with three fabulous M&B authors. But you’ve already read about that with this blog.

Here are the books I got all the fuss about from my wonderful publisher on the day of my visit. They are both out now as a duet in the UK and separate titles in NA, and are my first time ever writing cowboy type heroes. I hope you’ll check them out, if you haven’t already.


Ten years ago, little did I know that I was just about to get THE CALL.

That’s my hook, and yes I’m leaving you with it. I’ll be blogging about the most exciting day of my life (after getting married and having my children, of course) as a writer at my own blog at http://www.lynnemarshall.com  November 4th titled – The Day I Missed THE CALL.

Yes, another hook…it’s what I’m paid to do.


Thanks for reading!


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14 thoughts on “A VISIT TO THE MOTHERSHIP”

  1. Love the pics, Lynne! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m going to be there in April next year and can’t wait to see the new digs!

    My most recent exciting day was last night when my daughter was awarded Vocational Student of the Year at the school’s award night – a surprise for all of us, including her! I was so proud I cried like a baby 🙂 Of course, it was probably more special to her but hell….as parents we put so much into our kids education I reckon we get to glow in their wonderful spotlight as well 😉

    1. You definitely deserve some of the credit for your daughter’s success.
      I’ll be curious what you think about the new building and location. I know you’ll have a ball having tea with the ladies of London, too. 😉

  2. The new offices look great! And I love the way they greet authors when they visit and make them feel special. Great pics, Lynne!

  3. Oh Lynne, what a fun day. I’m so jealous. I hope to go visit soon. I’ve been talking about it for years but I’m going for a visit. I’ve never seen my books on the shelf before so I plan to go one of those months. As for big deals in my life—marriage and birth of my children, the day I got the call that there was a heart for my son, the day my grandkids were born, the day I bought my first car. Life has been good to me.

    1. Hi Susan,
      That’s a great idea to visit a month when your book is on the shelves. I popped into a few book stores but didn’t see any M&B. 😦
      I suspect the biggest day in your life, perhaps a little bigger than all the rest you’ve named, was the day they found a heart for your son.

  4. Wow, Lynne, those offices are a vast improvement on their previous ones.
    Special days – the day I met my DB (yep, I knew instantly), our wedding day with ten family members sharing the moment, becoming a grandmum, that CALL from Megan Haslam, and a heap of others.

  5. Wonderful photos, Lynne! Thanks for sharing them – so great to get to see what their offices look like – as you said, very 21st century! Too bad you didn’t get to enjoy that spectacular view – maybe next time. 🙂 I’d love to visit, and I’m not surprised at the warm welcome you received. The editors I’ve met are all just lovely people!

    Thinking about special days made me realize how many I’ve had, and reminds me again how blessed I am, with too many to mention. But one of them was meeting you in San Antonio! 🙂

    1. Hi Robin!
      I agree that life is loaded with special days and that is a blessing for sure.

      I loved meeting you, too. Are you coming to San Diego this year? I’ll be there with bells on (not literally)

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