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The Joys of November in southern Down Under

Spring paddocks and canola
Spring paddocks and canola

I live in the south-eastern part of Australia and much to the surprise of many overseas visitors, we get cold weather. Sure, it isn’t northern hemisphere cold, although it did snow on the beach once for an hour(!) however, compared to my northern Australian friends, I live in a temperate zone. This means for a teeny tiny part of the year, for two of the three months of spring it is GREEN! 🙂

My garden is emerald. It won’t last long but for now I am loving it and the spring roses. I’ve planted rhubarb, strawberries, lettuces and updated the herb garden. We’ve mulched and pruned and now DH is cleaning the pavers around the pool for that first hot day that will turn my emerald green to burnt brown. Given the forecast, that may be today!

So please enjoy my garden while it’s green and under the photos is my cover reveal for my next medical romance 🙂 Do you have a favourite rose?

Sentimental rose
Sentimental rose
My favourite, Mr Lincoln. The perfume is AMAZING!

IMG_20151107_163132 IMG_1174 IMG_1176

Not a rose but I am excited that my Bird of Paradise has finally flowered. My garden is a bit too shady!
Not a rose but I am excited that my Bird of Paradise has finally flowered. My garden is a bit too shady!


81ydVW4HKpL._SL1500_WOOT! I have a cover for A Daddy For Baby Zoe? my next Harlequin Medical Romance which is released on January 1st 2016 🙂 It’s up for pre-order all over the place and you can find buy links here  along with an excerpt. To peak your interest, I have a special Pinterest board. You can see the little penguins, the fishing fleet, and the actors who inspired Meredith and Raf 🙂

And what do you think of the cover? I just adore that baby! It tugs on my heartstrings 🙂

My Medicine River series, set in glorious Montana, is still getting grFiona Lowe ARRA adeat reviews so if you haven’t caught up with it yet, now might be the time 🙂 Montana Actually and Truly Madly Montana, are available in mass market paperback and eBook format.

Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart, a Harlequin Mills & Boon medical romance is out in the world. If you enjoy the TV series, Call the Midwife, you’ll love this book. It’s part of the Midwives-on-Call series and my story is set in a small rural town. Lilia is the midwife and the last thing she needs is a grumpy, city surgeon trying to throw his weight around. Buy links are here.

I hang out a bit on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to join me there.

I’m currently reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I hope your November has plenty of time for reading!

Fiona x


13 thoughts on “The Joys of November in southern Down Under”

  1. Great cover, Fiona! That baby is so cute! Must admit, I’m partial to a Blue Moon rose. It was the only type of Rose that my grandparents had in their garden. My mum tried to grow tea roses in her garden and they never thrived and then her parents gave her some Blue Moons to try and they took, so that’s the Rose of my childhood really.

  2. I enjoy all your books, just finished the Medicine River set! My favorite roses are any of the lavender/purple blooms with their lemony scent, or peach, a sentimental favorite from my wedding. If you ever get to Orlando, make sure to go to Epcot center, they have the best roses around us!

    1. Laurie, I used to have a lovely lavender rose in the garden but it died in the drought. I must get another one! I’m so thrilled you enjoy the books and thanks for the tip on Epcot. I was in Orlando once but didn’t get there.

  3. I know diddly about rose names etc, Fiona, I just know I love them all 🙂 I love their scent and the velvet softness of their petals. Give me a bunch of roses and I am a happy woman!
    And look at your magnificent Bird Of Paradise! I can’t think of a more aptly named plant/flower. They are so groegous and tropical, aren’t they?

  4. Fiona, I adore roses, every shade as long as there’s perfume. I also think peonies are beautiful. I only discovered them when I moved to the South Island and they’re very temperamental to grow, but that’s what the market’s for. :).

  5. Gorgeous roses, Fiona. One of my favourites is the Peace Rose, and I’m also very fond of the Dog Rose – no scent unfortunately, but it’s always such a lovely surprise to come across it growing wild. Your Sentimental Rose is so beautiful!

  6. Hi Fiona – that first picture looked a bit like Ireland. I’ve never seen such green! I’d say my favorite rose is of the yellow variety like the Golden Celebration which is actually an English rose, but since it likes drier climates, California works! Your new book cover is adorable, and we all know that babies sell books! I’m impressed that you do Pinterest. I have not ventured there as I waste too much time on social media as it is!!!

  7. Fiona,
    Thanks for the thoughts of Spring on a rainy cool day of Fall where I am. I’m all about pink roses so I have to go with any of them with that color. I’m finishing up a new book in a few weeks and then diving into reading as many books as possible between then and the first of the year. I can hardly wait.

    1. Susan. you would love my garden. The previous owner of the house loved pink so I have too many pink ones in the front garden for my taste but I am a woose and hate digging up healthy plants so I put up with them!

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