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Books, books and more books.

Got to love reading, but lately I seem to be getting behind. Take a look at the stack by my bed. IMG_6192 IMG_6193Right now I’m too busy writing books to be reading many.

Thank goodness the summer holidays are coming so I should be able to get through a few of these, right? Umm, well, the kids and grandkids are here for the first week, and I am not reading while I’ve got gorgeous wee ones to spoil and have fun with.

Week two close friends are coming to stay. Great, the guys get to go fishing while my girlfriend and I – well, we talk and drink the odd wine or three. We do not read, because my friend, love her to bits, does not read even a paper or magazine, let alone a book. Phew, thank goodness for the third week. Another close friend and her partner are coming, and she and I will fritter away the hours talking, reading, and talking. Oh, and we get creative in the kitchen too.

To add to my reading woes I joined a book group last month after a long time of not doing this. So of course I came home with a small pile, didn’t I? I managed to read The Lost Mona Lisa by RA Scott – absolutely fascinating and great insight into the art world and the crooks of the time. I also read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Another great read and this one kept me turning pages when I should’ve been doing other things.

What have you read lately that’s kept you away from less important things?


18 thoughts on “Books, books and more books.”

  1. You’re TBR pile is exactly like mine, Sue 🙂 I’ve had a few weeks off and read a heap lately though which has been bliss!
    I’ve read – paperback wise Kylie Scott’s Lead and Rob Lowe’s 2nd biography.
    Digitally I’ve read Win Me (Karina Bliss) and Woo Me (Joan Kilby) and have Sarah Mayberry’s Wait For Me to go. I’ll probably start that tonight because I’m amazed I haven’t cracked and read it yet as Sarah’s books always go straight to the top of my pile but I was determined to read the other 2 in the series first. I have a Xmas book of hers waiting for me too – I have been soooo disciplined 🙂
    I finished Kelly Hunter’s Bab Boy for Christmas last night and it was, as all her books are, sensationally delicous.
    I’ve read Victoria Dahl’s Harlot and The Wicked West.
    The Jock and the Fat Chick which I adored.
    I have a Rachel Bailey, a Stefanie London and an Ainslie Paton queued up as my next reads.
    I’ve also read a couple of yet to be pubbed books and provided cover quotes.

    Colour me a happy author at the moment 🙂 My well has been filled again. But I really need to start my medical that is a duo with Emily Forbes. I hope she’s not reading this because she thinks I’ve already started…..

    1. Just finished Alli Sinclairs “Luna Tango”. Not my usual choice but Alli is a friend. Surprised myself by absolutely loving it! Also read “Christmas at Coorah Creek” a novella by Janet Gover. Next up is “Summer and the Groomsman” by Cathryn Hein then onto Fiona Lowes books I haven’t managed to get to.

      1. Those all sound good reads, too, Nicki. Of course I love anything Fiona writes. Her medicals were some of the first I read in that line.

    2. Wow, Amy, I’m exhausted ready your comments. You have been doing a load of reading, and I’m soooo jealous. I can confess that for three nights this week my DB is on night shift so I can do things like read at three in the morning when I can’t go to sleep. Which would explain why I’m ready to hit the sack early tonight.
      You’ve given me some more books to download. I love Kelly Hunter’s stories, and yes, same for Sarah Mayberry and Karina. And, and, … That pile isn’t going anywhere. The tablet’s got a load too.

  2. I’ve been ‘reading’ books, Sue lately by being read to. I am converted to audio books and I “read” them at the gym, walking, cooking, gardening…. Just “read” The Lake House by Kate Morton, which I loved and now I am up to a Margaret Attwood collection of short stories. In physical books, I have just finished Rachael John’s The Patterson Girls and before that a book group book Past the Shallows…pretty harrowing. Oh and I read Anita Heiss’ Am I Black Enough. I have a stack of books by the bed AND a kindle full of books and hopefully my two weeks at the beach will make a dent in the pile 🙂 Meanwhile, I have a heap of audio books on loan from the library!

    1. Fiona, I haven’t tried the audio books. Always worried they’ll annoy the heck out of me. But I can see it as another way to get more books read. Might look into it.

  3. I just finished reading all the Sept. and October releases in the medical series that I could get on Amazon.com, and tonight finished reading The Royal We. It was good, but I still like the medical romances best!

  4. My pile of To Reads is farrrr too embarrassing to take a picture of. Mont Blanc is not just a pen…it is an ever-growing pile of books by my bed! And I have to confess to a bit of tidy desk envy! Time to give my desk a clean and get writing….so that I can have more time to read!

    1. LOL. Annie, if you’d seen my desk before last Sunday you’d be wondering how I fit in there to even open the computer. I had a BIG clean up and a wee trip to the dump.

  5. Wow. My TBR pile is so high, I don’t think I can see the top, but am sure it’s probably covered in snow….

    Have also just finished Harlot by Victoria Dahl. Loved it! Also, The Baby of Thir Dreams by Carol Marinelli. Would love to read After You by Jojo Moyes, but am afraid to. I loved the first book (Me Before You) so much, I’m afraid the sequel won’t live up to it. I have a pile of books beside my bed and my kindle seems to fill on its own (then I remember all that pre-ordering I do)

    Le sigh. I’ll get there. One day. We all will!

    1. Yeah, Louisa, isn’t it annoying if a follow up story doesn’t come up to speed on the first one? I hate that, but it doesn’t happen often. Not for me any way.

  6. I keep my print TBR books in a big basket, which overfloweth. That’s why I love the e-reader, the wait list is huge but it doesn’t clutter up the house. I tried to read Girl on the Train, but I just couldn’t invest time in such a dark, dark, character. So I didn’t finish the book, and I say this as someone who was fascinated with Gone Girl. The last book I read a couple of weeks ago (400 pager) was Kristan Higgins women’s fiction – If You Only Knew. Whizzed right through it and really enjoyed it. I try to read out of my genre when I’m writing so two others I’ve recently read were Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes, and The Reluctant Midwife, a historical set in West Virginia US in 1940s. Just started Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritsen, can’t say I’m wrapped up in it yet, but I’ll keep reading.

    1. Lynne, I really enjoyed Gone Girl, but I never saw that ending. No wonder I can’t write intrigue. Everyone’s mentioning Jo Jo Moyes so I must download something of hers.

      1. If you’re going to read JoJo Moyes I’d recommend Me Before You, definitely- the best book I read last year by far. I’ve just finished After You which is the sequel. I also enjoyed her One Plus One. I love Liane Moriarty too- The Husband’s Secret is good and Big Little Lies.

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