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Celebrating 80—A Family Affair

12219538_1084862081523853_2512707319169725415_nThis month my mother celebrated her 80th birthday. I told her I was going to give her a party and asked her what she would like to have. She wanted lunch with the family and a few friends after church on the Sunday before her birthday. That group turned out to be 65 people. Some of the attendees came from as far away as Florida which is a six hour drive one way.

The event was held at a park activity center. Because there was no kitchen available my nephew in law hulled his food trailer there to use as the cooking space. Thankfully, I have a niece with a culinary degree who teaches at a high school. She catered the event. Her students did much of the preparation for the meal. My niece planned a menu of citrus glazed pork loin, roasted potatoes, green beans with bacon, Waldrof salad and rolls. And of course, cake and ice cream.

I handled all the decorations. I made a six foot 80 in 3-D which I painted orange. Happy Birthday was strung across it. Without my mother knowing it, I had gone through her pictures. I found ones of her when she graduated from high school and college. Pictures of my family when I was growing up and some just ten years ago. I had them enlarged to poster size. With the help of my daughter, daughter in law, sister in law and nieces I stationed the pictures and decorations around the room. I also did a table of what had happened in 1935. My mother is the same age as Micky Mouse and the game of Monopoly.

My mother wore a tiara and was the princess of the party. We spent time sharing stories about her and taking family pictures. Mom enjoyed herself and couldn’t say enough about how pleased she was with everything.

I have a Christmas book out this month so I thought I’d share.

one night before Christmas 300

Unwrapping Dr. Reynolds… 

Sports physician Dr. Melanie Hyde is used to being treated as one of the guys—but just sometimes it would be nice to be treated like a woman… 

So when hotshot orthopedic doctor Dalton Reynolds flies in to Niagara Falls, his brooding good looks ignite feelings Mel never even knew existed! 

Dalton’s flight leaves in a few days, and yet after their short but steamy time together Mel knows that she’s already fallen for him. Can she melt Dalton’s heart and convince him to stay…just in time for Christmas?



16 thoughts on “Celebrating 80—A Family Affair”

  1. Oh Susan – you’re Mum looks lovely and how wonderful of you to organise such an event to celebrate 80 amazing years.
    I am envious…. xx

  2. She looks so adorable in that tiara – I’ll bet she loved the photos and the loving attention on her special day 🙂 Happy birthday to her!

    1. I have to admit the pictures were fun for me also. A number of them I was only 6 or 7. Mom looked like a fashion plate then.

  3. Your mom looks great! Wow, what a party, sounds like something we’d read in our family-oriented books. Loved how everyone pitched in for her few (65!!) close friends. I can see why she was so pleased with how the party turned out. Good for you for being such a wonderful daughter!

    1. You’re right. Great article. Mom sounds like she had a lot of people there but 27 were her immediate family. By the time you reach 80 your family has usually expanded pretty far.

  4. Wow, Susan, your mum looks great and what a wonderful party. It’s awesome to have these moments.
    Absolutely love the title of your next book too.

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