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It’s beginning to look a lot like……

It’s getting to that time again. I usually have most of my presents bought before 1 December, my cards written and gift bags ready to put the presents in.
This year I am WAY behind. I have a few gifts but not a lot. I have no idea what to get my kids for Christmas this year. We went to Florida on holiday this year and they got some extras then so they understand there won’t be huge presents this year. My youngest…..he’s asked for…..wait for it…..a stool.

Yes, you heard right.

He wants a stool to sit in front of his xbox with. I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of searching for a stool – and trying to wrap it. My eldest? He’s asked for nothing so far – even when prompted.

Remember when they were little – and you just bought all the Fisher Price toys or the whole selection of Action Men, Wrestlers or Barbie dolls?

The 200 wrestlers (no, I didn’t buy all them, some were inherited and a few bought and added to the collection) have been passed onto a friend with three sons and a wrestler addiction. I’m paying it forward as someone did that for me when my boys loved wrestlers. My days of buying the easy toys are gone.

The one thing I always buy my boys – even though they might not want them – is books. I buy them a few each Christmas in the hope they’ll discover the joy of reading. For a while my eldest did. He loved the Michael Grant series of books and I’m hoping he’ll find another collection to enjoy. My youngest occasionally reads Tom Gates. The two things they always read are the Guinness Book of Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not – so they will definitely be on the list!

What is your secret gift wish for Christmas? For me, more hours in the day would be useful. Other than that I’ll have a red strap for my apple watch thanks!


16 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like……”

  1. Funny, we are sitting in my son’s living room watching the Slammy wrestling awards on the WWE network and he Honky Tonk man is singing! We also had a whole collection of wrestling guys in many sizes, wrestling rings, wrestling buddies and belts. Good memories! Watching wrestling stuff is mandatory at any family gathering! Happy Holidays!

  2. I haven’t purchased a single present and I’ve never been this disorganised so close to Christmas. My kids are older now and all assure me they don’t need anything so it will be fun finding presents to give them that might be a surprise.
    As for me, I’d like an Adirondack chair. And maybe a vintage bike! As for books please don’t buy me any unless you also provide me with time to read the ones on my Kindle first!

    1. I have the scariest box of books Nikki, I want to read every one but just don’t have enough time. I love the sound of an Adirondack chair!

  3. Kids get older and in middle class homes around the world they need less and less each year. Or if they do it is crazy expensive. I have bought one gift; the one and only inspiration I had. I never start until after DH’s birthday on November 23rd. However, none of us really need anything or if we do it is out of the price range so that leaves us gathering together to enjoy great food and a lovely day and giving thanks. But one kid has an awesome surprise coming up! 😉

    1. I’m glad everyone else doesn’t have everything ready and wrapped this year. Can’t wait to hear what the awesome surprise is!

  4. My kids are the same. They have no idea what they want, so it looks like they’ll get money with just a few small things under the tree, which to me is hugely disappointing. I always buy books, too. My eldest is dyslexic, but we always get Ripleys Believe it Or Not, as the text comes in small chunks and snippets, so it’s not a labour for him to read. Plus, I also like flipping through it whilst cooking Christmas dinner! I needed a new winter coat for dog walking that is properly waterproof, not just shower proof, and we’ve already bought that. I now just need some new wellies. Have a very merry Christmas Scarlet!

  5. Good luck with wrapping the stool, Scarlet 🙂 When I first left home and was asking for things for my new flat, an aunt bought me a kitchen mop – she must have taken about a week wrapping it, because there was a lot of sticky tape, and the wrappings followed the exact shape of the mop.

    I usually start Christmas on 1st December, so I’ve done nothing yet – although I do have a list ready for the grand shopping expedition, so I suppose that’s half the battle. And I love surprises, so that’s what I’m hoping for this Christmas 🙂

    1. Well it’s almost Black Friday in Scotland and at 1130 at night I’ve just queued outside Game for something for one of the kids. Talking about being so disorganised shamed me into it!
      PS Annie it’s not a mop!

  6. I have done any present shopping at all either yet so rest easy, Scarlet :-). I know what I’m going to get though give or take and that’s half the battle, isn’t it? The big problem for me is that we have 3 birthday’s in December too – mine, hubby’s and my daughter’s (18 this year!!) – so I have to come up with more pressies than just Xmas one!

    It’s so funny that you mentioned Guiness Book of Records. My son has never been a reader but he loved them and always read them from cover to cover so he got one every year. I always wished they bring one out every month 🙂

    What do I want for Xmas? Have already put in my order with hubby. I want Magda Szubanski’s memoir and a new electric jug – have even shown him a picture of the one I want. Normally if he bought me any kind of kitchen appliance there’d be war but its different when I want it, yes? 😉 Plus it’s a very funky, gorgeous thing so its more like a statement 🙂

  7. I have most of my Christmas done. It makes me a better person during December when I do it early. As for secret gift it might sound weird but I have some heavy duty yard work that I would like to have help doing. Trying to talk my boys into giving it to me as a gift. No takers yet.

  8. Not one thing bought. Nothing. I’m always disorganised…but I’m looking forward to putting up the tree (and those adorable Harrods baubles!!!) even if I have nothing to put under it. My boys are at that age that they only really want money…
    Secret gift??? Is finding Tom Hardy in my stocking a little over ambitious?

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