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‘Early’ Christmas by Kate Hardy

kate hardy sept 2015 400pxMy name’s Kate Hardy and I’m a Christmasoholic.

For me, Christmas is all about time to spend with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. My closest family lives 100 miles away, as do my best friends from uni, so we don’t get to see them on Christmas weekend proper. So we started having ‘early Christmas’ instead, many years ago – a weekend where I cook Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, we play games, we exchange presents (though we don’t actually open them until Christmas, apart from the little ‘Santa’ pressies that I do for after Christmas dinner), and we talk too much and laugh too much.

My best friends (aka the children’s godmothers) were down this weekend, and we were trying to work out how many years we’ve been doing this. We think it’s 25 years (scary!). And in that time we’ve grown from being a couple of years past graduation through to having the teens. (In fact, Eldest Teen is the same age now as the three of us were when we met. And next year he’ll be away at uni himself, so it was kind of bittersweet.)

As the children have become older, the kind of games we’ve played have changed from things like ‘Guess Who’ through to more involved board games. This weekend’s was hilarious as it involved playing the kazoo and everyone else had to try and guess which tune the kazooist was playing. We soon deviated from using the cards (both teens are really into 90s music – which of course the rest of us grew up with) and we were laughing so much that it was very hard to play the kazoo at all!


Do you have ‘early Christmas’? What are your favourite bits?


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Kate’s latest releases are a Cherish/Harlequin Romance – Falling for Mr December (a weepie!) – and a Medical Romance, Her Playboy’s Proposal (definitely one for Poldark farns). You can find out more on Kate’s website (http://www.katehardy.com/) – or find her on Facebook


11 thoughts on “‘Early’ Christmas by Kate Hardy”

  1. We have my husband’s family Christmas in mid to late November every year to ensure everyone can come. We are lucky that we all live within an hour of each other (except for a niece 3 hours away and a nephew (her brother) 3000 miles away. Other than that, there are about 30 of us who regularly have a sit-down dinner with food we’ve all made. Favourite part? Just catching up with each other’s busy lives.
    In years gone by when our own kids were small, Santa distributed gifts to the little ones. (Moms brought $10 gifts they had purchased for their own kids and wrapped. They went in the house with the kids while the Dads took the gifts out to the garage for the Santa bag. We own a family S.C. suit, and the hosting Dad would portray the heavy dude.) Always fun watching the kids (and adults, LOL) sit on Santa’s knee.

  2. Wow! Love it. I’m a Christmasaholic, too! We have early Christmas – but I call it Thanksgiving so I get to eat pumpkin pie as well! I am the biggest kid in the whole family – I wake up before my seven year old niece and everyone else in the household and have to tiptoe around like an over-excited fairy accidentally (on purpose) knocking things over so my family wake up. Your early Christmas sounds GREAT. I like making gingerbread houses, too. And cookies – lots of them. In fact, I “borrow” lots of neighbourhood children to help with the decorating. That’s probably my early Christmas. Love. It.

  3. Merry Christmas, Kate!

    We usually get together at my father-in-law’s house a few days before Christmas with a family and friends crowd that has grown larger over the years. In addition to a few carols, there’s yummy potluck food, champagne, and a gift exchange for the youngest ones – that mine have grown out of, much to their sadness! 🙂

    I LOVE your kazoo game! Methinks I’m going to have to come up with a version of that…

  4. We never do Christmas until absolutely the last minute, but today I went and started my Christmas shopping (early, for me!) and heard my first ‘Christmas songs’ of the year in the shop – brilliant! I love them! I was humming them all in my head (Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Driving Home for Christmas, Wish I Could Be Home for Christmas…) and the woman next to me started singing out loud, then realised I was there and scuttled off looking embarrassed. Little did she know I’d nearly joined in! Then I went into town with my younger daughter and we had lunch and did more Christmas shopping, and I’m starting to get excited now. Only 18 days to go or so, and I have a LOT more shopping to do! Better get on with it. Oh, and a book to write! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. I’m putting Falling for Mr December on my wish list, so once it all calms down I’ll throw all the dishes in the sink, leave them for the others to deal with and crawl into a lovely fantasy world. Perfect!

  5. No early Christmas for us. We usually have to travel to join our family as they’re central for everyone. But this year we’re spoilt as the kids and grandkids are coming to us so it will be awesome.

  6. Kate,
    Sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful time. This year for the first time my family is going to have Christmas the Saturday before. The kids complained that they had to rush from house to house so they are coming to spend the entire day. We are already planning the fun.

  7. We don’t have early Christmas, but I sure would like to crash one of your parties! The game sounds really fun, but I’m afraid I’d fail on much of the 1990s music. Maybe not but, not sure.
    I love both of your upcoming book covers.
    Wishing you and yours Merry Christmas Ms. Christmasoholic.

  8. We dont do an early Christmas either – just try and spread ourselves out a bit on the day! Your party sounds fab though, Kate.
    And I tell you what, that dude on your medical cover? Hubba hubba! I’d like him in my Xmas stocking if you’re granting any wishes 🙂

  9. Kate, your early Christmas sounds lovely! We don’t have a huge Christmas here; as our family is so far away it tends to be just the 4 of us, which is nice, but low-key. We’ll be doing the full-on turkey thing, though, despite the heat, because Christmas isn’t Christmas without that- oh, and xmas pudding in 30 degrees!

  10. I love Christmas! We don’t do an early Christmas (although we do unwrap one present on Christmas eve). And this year I have run so far behind it’s not even funny. But your party sounds wonderful!

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