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5 ways to get over the post-Christmas blues…

Suffering from post holiday woes? Wish you were back in your sitting room relaxing, munching goodies and without a care in the world? I have some suggestions to help ease the new year in…

  1. READ! Read and read some more! Whisk yourself away from reality with a good yarn.I have been buying up a storm and I really don’t know which book to read next. I’m currently loving the Midwives-On-Call series and am enjoying the spin-off 4 part series Midwives-On-Call at Christmas by Scarlet Wilson, Robin Gianna, Tina Beckett and myself. I was also totally intrigued by this black eyed susans cover, so this may be the next one on my TBR pile…

2. De-clutter! I have been perusing the book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo, the tidying guru, who tells me that I must only keep things that give me joy and to throw the rest out. I made a start on my wardrobe and boy, do I feel better..Spark Joy cover.png.there’s something very therapeutic about having a good sort out.






3. Spend time in the outdoors… breathing in fresh air apparently makes us smarter and less-stressed. Last week the Doc and I went a-hiking on the West coast and had a lovely time- apart from the mini landslide I got caught in, but thankfully the only thing really damaged was my ego 😉  It really was lovely to be out, using muscles that hadn’t been used for a while, listening to nature and thinking, planning…and sometimes just lovely silence.IMG_2842





4. Stroke a pet… I have always wanted a dog but we just don’t have a fenced property and the neighbours and a busy road are too close. But I just spent 5 days with two crazy labradors and now I absolutely can understand why people feel like dogs are part of the family- just being with them brings a smile to your face! Failing getting a pet- visit some animals and get hands on!

Me and some wallabies in Oz







5. Make plans… life is always better when there’s something to look forward to, be it a lunch date with friends or a trip of a lifetime…always have something in the diary that makes your heart sing (even if it’s just a walk, some ‘me’ time, or window shopping)

What are your tips for staying positive post holiday?



19 thoughts on “5 ways to get over the post-Christmas blues…”

  1. Hey Louisa – love the look of that Black Eyed Susans cover too!
    I think staying mind positive is one of the best things you can do to get over the post Xmas slump. It’s a whole new year with new possibilities! I love that feeling 🙂

    1. Got to love a blank slate, right, AA? Half of me wants to embrace the whole new year thing, the other half just wants to sit and demolish the chocolate mountain we seemed to have amassed over Christmas!
      Stay positive! Right. Check!

  2. I always love the promise of a new year – but I do not like the post-Christmas bloat I am currently feeling from too much food and booze. I am almost looking forward to getting back to regular runs, just as soon as the heat wave gives me a chance.

  3. The Christmas blues haven’t hit me yet! Usually I can’t wait to get rid of the tree and the decs and get everything back to normal. But if I did get a bout, I would challenge it with reading, my quilting, or walking my dogs. All of those things really cheer me and make me feel fresh and happy.

  4. First, thanks for sharing my 2-in-1 cover with Scarlet, Louisa! I assume this is the Australian version? I never saw it, so that’s pretty exciting! 😀

    You’ve touched on everything I’ve been thinking about. I actually had Christmas blues, so post-Christmas is feeling pretty good to me 🙂 Nothing like a new year to embrace a fresh start and feel positive about life!

    I’m starting in on my TBR pile, too – also decided to include some really old books in the mix that I haven’t read for years (as in Mary Stewart and Georgette Heyer). Reading always energizes me, and it refills the writing well, doesn’t it? I’m also beginning a daily regimen of briskly walking the dog (my kids got me a Fitbit for Christmas) to get that fresh air and to deal with Avril’s challenge of too much holiday bloat! Also need to get other kinds of exercise in there, too, that I’ve stopped doing for too long. As for de-cluttering – thanks for mentioning the Spark Joy book. De-cluttering is very high on my list, as life stuff has gotten in the way of dealing with the closets and piles of junk and this is the year to take care of all of it. I’m definitely going to grab that book for inspiration!

    1. Oops, just saw that I’m ‘anonymous’ today! This is Robin – I’m using a different computer because mine has hiccuped and I have to take it to the Apple store today to get it sorted out. 😛

    2. You’ve already done heaps of decluttering, Robin (I remember that Hoff poster!!)…it certainly makes you feel more freed up somehow and yes to exercise and a fitbit! I got one for Xmas too and it now rules my life!!! (9,111 steps so far today!)

  5. Hi Louisa

    I agree with everything you have said I am going for a walk everyday clearing out wardrobes and cupboards spending time with the grandkids and of course reading so many fab stories on my TBR pile and we too have a dog and he is fun to play with 🙂

    Have Fun

  6. I like all your suggestions, Louisa, and do some of them. Now I need a pet to stroke and to tackle the chaos that is my office which would mean starting the new writing year with a clear desk and space to put notes on the board for starters. I always like to think about my goals for the year, not just the writing ones, and write them, Then in December I have a darned good laugh and rewrite them down again in January.

    1. LOL- you always make me smile, Sue. I love writing goals, it makes me feel so organised and focused, then I usually carry on as normal…spending way too much on Facebook (goal: stay off Facebook), eating too much crap (goal: don’t eat crap) and drinking wine (goal: cut down on wine)…. ah well….life is for living!

  7. Louisa,
    What great suggestions. I like to just get back into a routine. I make a list and accomplish something new or finish something old. I’m currently working on cushions for chairs on my deck this summer. I look forward to sitting on them. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Routine works for me, Susan! We’re still in school holidays here, until February, so I’m thinking routine is out the window until then *sigh* … Oooh and lovely new cushions! They will make you smile when summer comes and you’re sitting comfortably! xxx

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