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Happy Valentine’s Day! (includes a giveaway)

One of our favourite days of the year is coming soon!  And to celebrate Valentine’s day, we have books to give away!

Amy Andrews, Amy Ruttan, Annie O’Neil, Annie Claydon, Avril Tremayne, Emily Forbes, Fiona Lowe, Jennifer Taylor, Kate Hardy, Louisa George, Lynne Marshall, Robin Gianna, Scarlet Wilson, Sue MacKay, Susan Carlisle, Susanne Hampton and Tina Beckett will each be sending a book to one of our lucky winners.  All you need to do to be included in the draw, is to leave a comment in reply to this post before Sunday 14th February.  We’ll be posting again on Sunday morning, with a list of winners, so please do call back then to see whether you’ve won!

We’d love to hear your Valentine’s Day stories, or your thoughts about what makes the perfect Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps you’d like to try our Valentine’s Quiz, and let us know how you did.  Or maybe you’d just like to send us a wave from your corner of the world.

And just for fun, we’ve put together a Valentine’s Quiz.  We’ve selected some of our most romantic covers, and have blanked out the titles and author names.  Can you guess which cover belongs to which writer?  We’ve made it a little easier by giving a list of eight possible answers underneath each cover.  How many do you recognise?  

34 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (includes a giveaway)”

  1. Usually my husband and I for Valentine’s Day we exchange small gifts, I gift him a box of chocolates, and he gives me a small bouquet of flowers. After go out to dinner in the evening. Our tradition we have this now for 38 years. 🙂

  2. Now there’s a treat!! A pressie from hubby and a nice new medical romance! I’ll keep my fingers crossed till Saturday!

  3. Hi All

    Woohoo I did the quiz and I got 9 of them correct not too bad LOL

    Hubby and I don’t do a lot for Valentines Day these days chocolates and cards used to be the go 🙂

    This Valentines Day I will be at lunch with my Romance Reader friends having something from The Lindt Chocolate Café for desert and there of course will be lots of talk about romance books

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone

    Have Fun

    1. At Christmas, the girls in my book club exchange books as gifts – I might have to suggest a Valentine’s lunch and an exchange of romance novels for Feb 14! Enjoy your catch-up.

  4. The book pictures didn’t show up on my laptop :(. My favorite Valentine isn’t chocolates, flowers or a night out. Just time spent with my favorite guy or an unexpected text or note that makes me smile. Every day should be Valentine’s Day!

  5. 94%, but I’m unsure if I clicked the wrong name for #12, as it had a check mark beside what I THOUGHT was the right answer and an “x” beside what I didn’t think was the right answer. Maybe the check mark meant that is what I chose, but the “x” was the correct answer? I’m so confused, LOL. Anyway, it was fun doing the quiz. Many thanks!

    1. The quiz popped up again once I submitted my comment, so I did it again and got #12 right this time, so that means the first time I clicked the wrong answer but had it written on my page correctly. I type for a living, so for me to click on the wrong choice according to my handwritten copy is pretty bad…. I’ll try not to beat myself up over it, LOL.

  6. I did hopelessly at the quiz but luckily managed to pick out my own cover 🙂 Was fun though! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone xx

  7. I recognized a lot of the covers but I’m too tired to try and match them up.

    I met my husband 49 years ago on this date (February 10th). He had seen me at a Valentine’s dance on Friday night, He didn’t dance but arranged to meet me at a friends party on Saturday night. He proposed to me that night but I didn’t say yes until almost a year later.

    We celebrate for a few days around Valentine’s day. Nowadays he mostly cooks something fancy at home. I help with the prep work but he’s the chef.

    Happy Heart’s Day!

  8. One of my favorite Valentine gifts was a bouquet of “wooden” roses made out of wood. Even though the relationship didn’t last, I still have them, somewhere. Also, my dad would get each of us Valentine candy each year, a big one for Mom and smaller ones for us, I really miss him. Thanks for the chance, awesome giveaway!

  9. Thank you to everyone who’s completed our quiz and entered the giveaway!

    I’ve noticed a slip of the hand (sorry folks!) which gave the closing date for our giveaway as Saturday 14th February. So I’ve corrected that to Sunday 14th Feb 🙂 (Hangs head in shame. Yes, I am that Romance writer who mis-typed the date for Valentine’s Day…)

    Anyway – there’s still time to win, so keep those comments coming. And do pop back on Sunday, to see a list of the winners!

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