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Projects in the midst of The Project

So I am scrambling to get some major writing time in, since I have a book due in just a few short days and still have a LOT of words to get on the page. So I was thinking about how my life is constantly swirling around whichever book I’m in the middle of writing. But while my mind feels consumed with The Project, there are other (lower case) projects going on around me, so I thought I would simply share some pictures with you in the interest of saving my words for my book. 😉

First we have my husband, who is an absolute champ. He’s not the project I’m talking about, however. But while I was working at the equine therapy barn one night, I came home to find him making a barn door.

My husband building a barn door from scratch
My husband building a barn door from scratch

Not for a barn, but for our bathroom (which we are remodeling from the ground up…pictures on that later, when it’s all done). I’ve always wanted a barn door, and the old door to that particular bathroom didn’t work. We tried having it swing out into the kitchen (we have a 1900’s era house so the bathrooms are in odd places) and then we switched the hinges around so that it swung into the bathroom. Neither option seemed to work well. So a sliding door was the answer.

Barn door installed
Barn door installed

Here is the “after” shot of the new door with a coat of stain and installed on its runners. I love it. It was the perfect solution for that space. Oh, and see the pots hanging from the ceiling? Hubby made the pot rack out of a scrolled metal porch support that he bought at the hardware store for $20.00. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

So what about you? Any projects you’re currently embroiled in? I’d love to hear about them!


14 thoughts on “Projects in the midst of The Project”

  1. Hi Tina

    WOW that is awesome yes a keeper 🙂 my hubby is hopeless at things like that he has no idea we have to pay someone to do all of our handy work 🙂

    We have no major projects at the moment although I do want to have a big clean up 🙂 but well when I have so many good books to read what can I do

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, yes he is handy. But sometimes it would be so much easier (and faster) to simply pay someone to do it and be done with it. So there are pros and cons to each side. It would also save hubby from my grumbling equivalent of “are we there yet?” with regards to a project. 🙂

  2. I think your hubby and mine would get on famously, Tina. He’s never made a barn door but is the kind of guy who can turn his hand to anything and has made a pot rack before too 🙂

    I do love a handy guy!

    1. Me too, Amy. But with the advent of Pinterest, I think my hubby is ready to turn in his resignation. 🙂 I do get a little over enthusiastic when I like something I see on the site.

  3. Yep, Tina, you’ve got a good one. Mine is similar in that he’ll give anything a go and usually with great results.
    Ten minutes ago I sent in my latest book after spending the week polishing it so definitely having a wine tonight. that was this week’s project. Tomorrow I’ll deal to the overgrown raspberry patch.

    1. I don’t think you would like that, Amy. He would probably tell your husband to run…run very fast! About halfway through a project he starts feeling the same way I do when in the middle of my latest book: more than ready to finish and start something new!

  4. Hey Tina!
    Good luck with all of your projects (writing or other). I’ve seen that style door on HGTV, it’s big with the property brothers. It certainly works for your bathroom, and good for hubby for doing such a great job.
    Our current project (besides writing my next book) is finding adequate solar accenting lighting for our eco-friendly back yard. We have lots of rocks back there!
    Good luck and carry on!

    1. That sounds like a great project, Lynne! I love lighting in the yard. I don’t have anything like that yet, but I am now putting it on my project list. My husband will thank you very kindly for adding to his load. 🙂

  5. I might have to borrow your hubby! Mine never gets anything done DIY related. I once had a door come off a kitchen unit. It took ten months before he got round to putting it back on and only then because his brother was coming to visit and his brother’s house is like something from the Ideal Home Exhibition.
    So I’ve started doing things myself now, replacing toilet seats, fixing leaking taps, painting rooms, wallpapering, putting up shelves. I’ve learnt a lot of new skills!

    1. I feel your pain, Louisa. A lot of times our projects are also a bit of a last minute scramble. Since we’re redoing that bathroom from the ground up, hubby still has to put in the shower (including all the pipes). Which means the only bathing facility we have right now is a clawfoot tub upstairs with a rigged shower curtain contraption. It’s been that way since May of LAST year. 🙂 Maybe if I invite some guests over, it’ll get him moving again.

      But, yes, I have learned a lot of skills as well, as I wait. I wanted a board and batten look going up my stairwell. Hubby didn’t have time, so I did it all by myself. Even the angles on the landing. It was my most ambitious project, but I get a great feeling every time I go up those stairs. 🙂 So having to “wait on hubby” definitely has its advantages.

  6. Love the barn door, Tina! I have to say, I’ve never seen pots on a pot rack in the pot 😉 Are they for decoration, or do you run into the bathroom to grab one when you’re cooking? Very inventive!!

    I’m pretty sure my husband is capable of being handy, as there have been a few times when he’s astonished me with a project he decided to take on (the best example being when I put a big scrape down the side of my van getting too close to a low wall of rocks, and he fixed it so you’d never know). As the years have gone by, though, he’s become less enthused about projects and more enthused about using his time off to golf 🙂

    My current Project is finishing clearing out my late parents’ home. I have to have everything out or marked that I’m keeping by the end of next week, as an auction company is coming to tag everything and get it ready to go. This has been a monumental task that I’ll be more than glad to have it behind me!

    1. Ha ha, Robin, it would certainly be a unique situation to have pots hanging in the Pot, but alas we’re not quite that inventive (although I see how it might get someone’s attention). The view in the picture is of the kitchen looking toward the bathroom door (behind which lies the bathroom). Since the bathroom is still not finished, you would NOT want me to open that door to show you what it looks like right now. 😉

      Hugs on your current Project, Robin. I hope it goes well and that it’s behind you very soon.

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