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Spoiler Alert!

You know how it is….you’re watching a series on television and you’re hooked. Anxiously awaiting the next episode because you just have to know what happens next! You so love said show, e.g., The Walking Dead, you read anything you can get your hands on about it. You read about Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) you look at cool (could they be anything else?) pics of Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and you hate it when they have that mid-season break, agonising over when it will be on again, checking the TV schedules, finally happily posting on Facebook and Twitter, that there’s just one more week before it starts again!

And then you read a spoiler. By accident or not, it somehow reaches your eyes and you feel a vast vat of emotions:

Rick does what?

Carol kills who?

Daryl puts down his crossbow and takes up knitting? What?????

Part of you is gleeful at having got some secret info, but another part, the writer part, is a little unhappy. You kind of liked the suspense. You kind of liked not knowing where it was going to go. You kind of liked asking yourself, ‘What If?’ Because, hey, that’s a writer’s favourite question.

So what about when it comes to books? There are people out there, hiding amongst us, that when they come to choose a book for purchase, they check out the cover, they read the blurb, maybe the acknowledgements and the dedication and the first page and then they READ THE LAST PAGE OF THE STORY!!!!!!

They do it on purpose. They want to know how the story ends, before they even start reading it properly. To make sure…..what? That it has a happy ending? That it’s not secretly some part of a trilogy and they can’t be bothered to trawl through three books? What is it?

I don’t understand this. To me, a book is the start of an exploration, an adventure, in which you get to delve into the lives of some people and follow them through their life, laughing with them, despairing with them, crying with them, sometimes (ooh, matron!) being with them whilst they have sex! I want to be with them during all of this, I want to feel their pain, their hope, their joy and yes, whilst I do very much want a happy ending, I don’t want to know how that ending will be, until I get there naturally. I still want to be surprised. I want to smile to myself and think, “yes, of course!” or “oh my god, I never expected that!”

I couldn’t possibly enjoy a book, knowing how it ended, before I started reading it. Unless I’d seen it in a film first, for example, but even then, books are often completely different and have more depth than a film. It’s more intimate.

Isn’t reading the last page first, like knowing what presents are under the Christmas tree? Is it about being in control?

So I’d like to know where you all stand on this point. Are you a back-page-reader? Do you have to know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be a happy ending? Or are you like me and enjoy the delayed gratification? The (j-word alert!) journey? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

In the meantime, let me finish by saying, my fourth title, One Life-Changing Night is released on March 1st! It’s my favourite story and stars the delectable Dr Tom Williams. Do take a look and er…don’t read the last page first!

Louisa xxx



12 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert!”

  1. Hi Louisa! I avoid spoiler alerts at all cost! I love being blown out of the water over a huge plot twist in (the Walking Dead for example – my favorite show!). I can count on one hand the times I’ve read the last page of a book, and admittedly, it was when I was much younger. I guess I just didn’t have enough self-discipline back then. lol.
    However, I do wish our M&B book blurbs didn’t give nearly as much of the book away as they consistently do! Titles with hooks are one thing, but why can’t they leave anything for the readers surprise????

    1. Hi Lynne! Another Walking Dead fan! Hurrah! Yep, I avoid spoilers. Thankfully, lots of posts online will tell you ahead of time, before you start reading, that there’s “Spoilers” so I’m glad of that, but sometimes they’re not and I HATE that.
      With the book blurb thing, I think M&B are going for those keyword thingies and try to get as much as possible on the back, to make the books come up on searches easier. Or something. SEO’s? Don’t know, I’m not that tech brained.
      But I know what YOU mean, lol x

  2. Hi Louisa, we have a blogger here – Kat from Book Thingo – in Australia who calls reading the back page killing a fairy. She’s a huge believer in killing fairies 🙂
    I’m not necessarily diabolically opposed to it but I dont think I’ve ever done it either….

  3. Louisa, I hate spoilers. Whenever ads for the program we’re watching but are behind on appear we yell and yak until the ad stops.
    I never read the last page. No way.

  4. Hi Louisa

    I am with you no spoilers for me no way LOL I like to enjoy that journey (although I pretty much only read romance) no I am pretty sure there will be a HEA no last page and yes as Amy says about Kat she does it all the time.

    Congrats on the new book I am looking forward to this one it is calling to me 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Yes, the HEA is pretty much guaranteed with romances and Mills and Boon. And thank you! I really hope you like it, it has been my favourite to write so far and I never wanted that one to end. Only my editor made me…..Happy reading!

  5. I am totally with you Louisa – I don’t want to know…unless, of course, it’s Grey’s Anatomy and I need to stock up on tissues (usually always a yes)…then i sneak a peak at the US upcoming episodes. Naughty me! But NEVER on a book. Just isn’t right. The word ‘spoiler’ is kind of the giveaway on this one isn’t it…maybe it should be harsher. A “ruiner” or “destroyer” alert. (Too military?) x

    1. Destroyer alert! I like it. And yes, I’m with you on Grey’s Anatomy. That show always has me in floods of tears. But I’ve only seen up to a couple of episodes after Derek dies. Don’t let me know about anymore!

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