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Leap for Joy, it’s Leap Year!


Unknown.jpegHave you done it yet? Bent the knee? Hidden a ring in a box of chocolates? Or used the silver twisty thing off the bottle of champagne you’d been drinking with your guy for “no reason” as you nonchalantly twisted the wire into a ring sized shape before holding it up to see if it set off any sparks of interest.

That’s right my friends. It’s Leap Year Day! The day the world affords us ladies once every 1,460 days to pop the question ourselves. I was just meeting some four-weeks-away-from-getting-married-after-dating-seven-years friends and the bride to be was telling me about a time four years ago when she showed up for work at the school where she teaches, all she could hear when she pushed through the school doors was her Head Master careening down the hallways calling out, ‘Did you do it? Did you do it? Did you do it?’ She didn’t. It only took three years and about 252 more days for her bridegroom to catch on and propose (which he did – very magically – at his parent’s 50th anniversary party).

We’ve got a fun quiz for you below – have a gander! And tell us what you think about ladies popping the question. I’ve certainly been tempted. Have you thought of forging into proposal territory and then bottled out like me?

Either way – have an amazing Leap Year Day, tell us your great stories and enjoy our quiz! (And look out for the plug for my next book at the end…it’s right next to the really hot guy on the book cover.)

How was that? Did you crack it? I bet you did. If you’re totally pooped from all of that mental exertion…why not stretch out on your sofa/chaise longue/sun lounger and enjoy one of the new medical romances coming out this month. Hey! One of them’s by me (quelle surprise!) London’s Most Eligible Doctor….or is he?



20 thoughts on “Leap for Joy, it’s Leap Year!”

  1. I enjoyed the quiz, thanks, Annie! 75% success 🙂 I’ve been married nearly 19 years but my husband did the proposing – I made him ask 3 times before I said yes, had to make sure he meant it! But I do have a girlfriend who popped the question – you can read about it in my related LIBM blog “Surprise – it’s a wedding” from Jan 20.

    1. I LOVED that post! It was so romantic. And I also love that your husband asked three times. I forgot to answer mine because I was so busy punching his arm saying something really classy like, ‘For real?’ Congratulations on your 19 years of marriage!

  2. Great quiz, Annie! I was part of a question! Hurrah! Fame! I got 75%, so two wrong. Not bad going. It never occurred to me to propose, probably because my husband did it just three weeks after we met, so he beat me to it.

  3. I liked Annie quiz. I guessed 4, not bad.
    I am married for 39 years now, my husband asked me to marry him while we took a walk in the mountains. I said yes immediately. I was 18 and he 20.

    1. Thanks Lynne! Very pleased you enjoyed the quiz. I enjoyed making it. I think I want a swan fascinator, George Clooney Day (and pie day at the same time) and, of course, I’ve got to go read me some more medical romances. Natch. Talk soon! x A

        1. At one of the RWA book signings (the first one I ever signed at, so that was probably 2007) Sherrilyn Kenyon wore an entire black swan on her head! I took a picture. Will have to search it out. 🙂

  4. Great quiz, although I didn’t do all that well! Don’t know if I’d have the courage to propose. My husband did the proposing and I did the accepting – it worked fine :>

  5. Fun quiz, Annie! I got only 63%, though – guessed Olivia de Havilland instead of Liz, and who in the world would have thought there was a rare diseases day? Um, medical authors, I guess – I’ve dropped the ball! 🙂

    My hubby proposed to me, asking my parents (old-fashioned traditionalist that he is!) for permission. He was shocked and worried when both my parents stared in surprise at one another before my father finally asked, “Do you think she’ll say yes?” 🙂

    1. Ha! Your poor hubby. That would definitely send the nerves ‘a jangling!

      I couldn’t BELIEVE it when I saw it was Rare Diseases Day…but it makes sense to have it on a rare day, huh? It would be a bit mean to have it on April 1st…

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