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Bye Bye Summer

Down here in New Zealand summer was officially over on 1st March, and overnight the temperature plummeted ( haha) from mid thirties to high twenties. It felt cold, alright?

We have had the hottest summer on record over most of the country, and here in Marlborough the temperatures have been in the thirties for a couple of months, rather than the usual few weeks. We had about four days rain in as many months, which was a problem for many in our area as we rely on rain water for the house. Fortunately our property is piped into the best yielding stream in the bay but not all our neighbours faired so well.  My biggest concern, however, has been the risk of fire. We have pine forests and native bush coming within thirty metres of the house and the sheds are basically in the trees. There have been a few massive fires in the region that destroyed thousands of acres of forest. The Aussie girls will be rolling their eyes – they deal with this every year.

But despite all that summer has been awesome. We didn’t get the usual strong winds that usually spoil sitting on the deck with a glass of wine. I’ve been out on the kayak more than ever with the water so calm it was unbelievable. Hopefully I get a few more weeks paddling yet. As the kayak is a sit on rather than sit in (I’m terrified of drowning and the whole idea of having to get out of a tipped over kayak gives me the frights) I get soaked so don’t use it in winter.


Then there’s the fishing. Yesterday we went out in search of a snapper or two, but they’d taken a break and weren’t playing the game. Who cares when the water looked like this and it was so quiet we could hear the birds on shore.


We got so much fruit on our trees this year that the freezers are choke full. I can’t even fit in an ice tray any more.

This is what we’ve also been doing in the last month. Preparing for those low temps that move me inside from my office for three months, and thinking about soup instead of salad.


Yep, winter is coming but I’m hoping it’s not in a hurry because I’m not ready to put on jeans instead of shorts. I love all the seasons but this year I am so not ready to give up summer.

At least we’re still having wonderful weather and next summer is only eight and a half months away. Are you enjoying your seasonal change, or are you like me and reluctant to let the last one go?



11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Summer”

  1. Hi Sue

    You live in such a lovely part of the World I loved New Zealand when I visited I want to go back and od a longer trip 🙂

    Well it has been a long hot summer over here in Australia as well but this morning it is a lot cooler and raining and I bought some pumpkin and am going to make pumpkin soup yum just the weather for it although it will probably heat back up LOL and yes fires in summer are a big worry I live in the suburbs but they are still scary.
    Enjoy that kayak while you can and maybe the fish will visit again soon you will keep warm during winter with that wood pile, and for me I prefer the cooler months curled us with a good book 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. There are definite advantages about winter Helen, reading more often being one of them. I will get over my funk. 🙂

    1. LOL from me too, Louisa. I won’t rub it in and say we have had four straight months of sun, and more sun. I should be quiet as we might pay for this in winter. Four straight months of frosts or rain won’t make me happy.

  3. As always your part of the world is inspirational. A little piece of heaven on earth. Where I live our seasons are hardly noticeable – a little more like spring, a little less like spring, hot, back to being springlike. I would love to experience true seasonal changes.
    Go you on your kayak!

  4. It like change and I like seasonal change as well. We are well into spring and I’m looking forward to warmer weather. I’ll be swapping my long pants for those shorts.

  5. Yes, Lynne, I do love all the seasons and the changes they bring. I don’t usually mind summer leaving but this year I really am.

  6. What gorgeous pictures, Sue. After a summer like that, winter must come as a shock.

    I like the changing seasons too – although sometimes it’s not so easy trying to work out which season we’re currently meant to be having. But I love the longer days and lighter evenings of spring, even if it is still a bit chilly here!

    1. Yes, Annie, the days are shortening rapidly now. I’m awake and ready to go for my walk at 6.30 and have to wait for daylight.

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