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We ALL need another Hero (Especially when he’s fictional!)

f4559b16-e0b3-446f-82df-302397c0cf99We don’t know if he’ll be tall, dark or handsome when the idea pings into our minds (well…actually that’s not true). Sometimes it’s a pair of eyes. Sometimes it’s a voice. A pair of muscular forearms, a particularly swarthy 5 o’clock shadow. Who knows what gets your heartbeat palpitating – but one thing we know for sure? If there isn’t a hero…there isn’t a romance. SO! We have this fun little survey for you (hopefully you’ll find it fun) to see if we can put together the perfect hero for you (and we’re not talking Mr. Potato Head style either). Reach for your ultimate dream man when you take our very first… Fantasy Hero Survey! And please do let us know in the comments section if you have any bonus features/traits/jobs/eye colour we haven’t thought of. The world is your oyster!

PS – We are going to have a perfect heroine survey next week (Or pretty close to next week!) If there is anything in this survey that is confusing – or hasn’t worked or we’ve left out – first of all – blame it all on me (Annie O’Neil)…any praise goes to Annie Claydon whose magnificence I plaigarised (sp?) with gross intent. We’d love this website to be as much about and for you as it is about and for the writers. You’re our people!!!! So…please….even the super shyest of you….don’t be scared. Let us know what you think and let us see if we can help make your dreams come true. xx A O’


20 thoughts on “We ALL need another Hero (Especially when he’s fictional!)”

    1. YES! Irish. Yes. And usually they talk more than me – which takes some doing…unless they’re all broody and Colin Farrell-ish…or broody and Liam Neeson-ish….or broody and (uhhh….I think we’re establishing a pattern here).

  1. i wanted a refined English accent, crystal blue eyes, dark haired, intelligent. Have just realised that’s Mr Heaton (who’s trying to wrangle the kids into the car for the school run, as I write!)
    Wow. I’ve married my hero. Now if only I could get him to work on that six pack, rather than the beer barrel we’ve currently got……hmm……

  2. Oh thank you Annie that was so much fun and I love and American accent and an Irish one as well but loved all of the questions and thoughts. I find it hard to choose my heroes because it depends on what I fancy at the time 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. So pleased you enjoyed it, Helen! I know what you mean…My leanings wax and wane as well. I always think the right look ends up matching all of the good stuff that’s going on inside the hero – especially after he solves whatever is making him all broody and irresistible!

  3. Doing the quiz I thought ‘Italian accent’, then I saw in the comments Irish and thought ‘oh yes’ and then proper English ‘Yes’ to that too 🙂 My heroes do tend to be Aussies though cos that’s what I know best! Can’t wait to see the results. Readers – please join in!!!!!

    1. I think we need to give you triplet brothers who were separated at birth…one to Itay, one to England and one to Ireland…then they all come to Australia to meet their mum and KABOOM! hey…wouldn’t THATH be a good continuity? And you’re right READERS! COME AND ENJOY OUR QUIZ!!!

    1. Sigh, indeed. Lynne – it’s really is a stretch…but I was sat in a car that Colin Firth sat in and there was water “provided” in the back. I asked permission to drink it and the driver said he was SO grateful that I asked permission, because Mr. Firth had drunk it without asking, which he thought was rude. SO rude he gave me his street address. I still haven’t stood outside and looked wistfully up at the bedroom window, but one day…one day… Then again – he may have moved.

  4. Tall, dark haired with a touch of curl, green eyed, Australian or New Zealand accent. athletic but not muscle bound. Surfer a plus. Has a title but doesn’t use it. Works in OB or Neonatal.

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