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A perfect heroine

Annie O’Neil went on a quest for a hero, last week, and with our readers’ help she’s found him!  A huge thank you goes to everyone who answered the survey!

Now it’s my turn to take up the challenge, and find a great heroine.  She’s going to be the perfect match for Annie’s hero, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll share the same interests or outlook on life.  She might do, but maybe she’s his exact opposite – its up to you to choose.

First things first.  Annie’s sent me the results for her survey, so let’s check this guy out…

f4559b16-e0b3-446f-82df-302397c0cf99Our hero is a rescue medic, strong, committed and right there when you need him.  His cornflower blue eyes are the windows to his soul, and what girl can resist running her fingers through his thick, chestnut hair. When he’s not working, he’s usually accompanied by his best friend, an adorable, one ear up and one ear down, mutt.

He doesn’t need to dress to impress and his style is casual smart.  But the way he wears a pair of chinos, and that sexy French accent is enough to melt any heart.  He’s met the heroine before – he was her friend in High School, the nice guy who she wishes she’d paid a bit more attention to.  And now he’s back in her life!

Some of the questions in Annie’s survey could only have one answer – perhaps the hardest fought of these was the hero’s accent. Scottish was the most popular second choice, with Irish also a strong favourite.  But there were some additional ideas that we can keep in mind as we continue on our journey.  Might our hero have a few grey hairs to give him that distinguished air?  Or perhaps there are some rescue animals, horses, donkeys or goats, in his life somewhere?

And now, the heroine.  Who’s the very special woman who’s going to turn this guy’s world upside down?  If you have any other ideas that I’ve missed out in the survey, please feel free to include them as a comment, below.

We’ll be back next month, with the results to this survey.  And in the coming months, you might just be hearing from our hero and heroine again, because every great couple needs a great story…


17 thoughts on “A perfect heroine”

  1. Groovy quiz, Annie! I can’t wait to see who our hero ends up with. I think I’m going to start doing this on my enormous cork board. Rearrange a huge collection of eyes and hair styles and attitudes and see what I come up with. Looking forward to hearing what the readers have to say, too! x

  2. Love these quizzes except my laptop doesn’t like to drag and drop with this poll. Doesn’t have problems with others so who knows what I’M not doing.

    1. Oh Rita Jo, I’m sorry that the poll isn’t working for you – thank you for letting me know. I’ll see if I can find out why and do what I can to make sure that future polls work for everyone!

      Thanks so much for joining us!

  3. Oh I love love love finding out the hero results! Cant wait to see what everyone thinks about his perfect heroine!

  4. And the results to our poll are:-

    Our heroine has green eyes and wayward red / auburn hair – however much she tries, there always seems to be a curl escaping somewhere. She spent a year in France, at same school as the hero, and he was the friend who showed her around and introduced her to everyone. Now he’s the one that’s new in town and she’s returning the favour.

    Like the hero, she’s a rescue paramedic, and so they’re working side by side, facing the same challenges. The heroine is smart and sassy – more than a match for any man – but she guards her heart carefully. She’s already made some serious mistakes in her love-life, and doesn’t want to repeat any of them.

    Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

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