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Winter Warmers


While those of you in northern hemisphere await with anticipation the long glorious days of summer, here in the southern hemisphere, we are unpacking our coats, boots and gloves.


I must admit while my romantic side loves hot summer days that become evening walks on the moonlit beach and my practical side enjoys having my washing dry on the line in a matter of hours, I do love winter just a little more.  There is little better than staying inside listening to the rain on the roof, the aroma of a roast slowly cooking or snuggling in bed with my comforter …and hubby.  Also being a ‘clothesaholic’ I think of my winter wardrobe, the same way I think of a good book, all my spends are investment even the ones that make me cringe with guilt when I cut off the slightly extravagant swing ticket. I know a well cut woolen jacket, a pair of Italian leather boots and gloves are bought to last a lifetime.

I will revisit them each season, or perhaps every second season to keep out the bite of the cold winter breeze, the way I will look back at the classic stories sitting in my bookcase and know they are there when I need my heart warmed.

While there are some bitterly cold winter nights in my home town, we do not have snow to speak of, save for a dusting on the top of Mount Lofty, so I do love to read stories set in a winter wonderland.  The pristine white backdrop, the raven haired hero with a heart as frozen as the ice beneath his feet … and the heroine who melts his defenses.  My Christmas book, ‘A Mummy to Make Christmas’ saw my heroine, Phoebe leave the snow covered streets of Washington and her cheating fiance to travel to the heat of Australia  and her new boss, the handsome single dad, Heath Rollins.  With the soaring summer temperatures and the nearness of Patrick, Phoebe faints … into his arms.   She just has to decide if that is where she wants to stay.

In my June release, single mother-to-be Claudia Monticello has plans of returning to her home in snow covered England but the early arrival of her twins changes her plans and she is forced to remain in a very hot Los Angeles.  With an equally hot OBGYN, Dr Patrick Spencer who thankfully was sharing her jammed elevator when the first sign of labour began … and her adorable twin boys came into the world. But will Patrick be able to walk away from Claudia and her sons or convince her to turn her back on the cold and stay in LA?


Do you love winter or does it leave you cold?  And do you have a favorite winter read?

Warmest regards

Susanne Hampton.



13 thoughts on “Winter Warmers”

  1. Hi Susanne

    Firstly can I say what an adorable cover 🙂 I love it and look forward to reading this one 🙂

    For me winter all the way but yes I live in Sydney and we don’t have snow but I still love snuggling inside on a cold day with a good book

    Have Fun

  2. Such cuties! 🙂

    I don’t love winter … but I don’t hate it either. The time of year that I hate here where I live in the US is often July & August because it’s so hot and muggy. During those months, I’m often wishing for winter. haha

    I read everything I can get my hands on during a cold winter, with lots of snuggling under a blanket with coffee, tea or hot chocolate by my side … and a cat on top of me. 🙂

  3. I used to hate winter, Susanne, but as I get older my attitude towards it is mellowing 🙂 Think I’m more an autumn gilr now 😉

  4. Oh I LOVE that cover! Susan, i had to laugh…I know where you live and winter there is hardly bitter. Come further south 😉 I much prefer winter to summer although, I do like a reprieve halfway through and a dash to someplace warm for a break.

  5. Hi Susanne!
    I love your book cover. Since I live in a nearly year round warm place, I am fascinated with real winter weather. The best memories I have were a couple years back when my husband and I (along with another couple) went to Whistler, B.C. Canada for a week and got the first snow of the season. Watching it fall from the sky was such a joy, and the calming quiet it caused once on the ground was amazing. But the best part was zip-lining over the forest tree top covered in snow. I will hold those memories in my mind until the day I die.
    In California, there isn’t a need to pack away one season’s clothes for another. I’d love to have a reason to do that!
    Once again, that book cover will sell tons!

    1. Hi Lynne, I must agree having lived in LA for two years that the winter there is so mild in the day and while a little cold in the evenings I never had the opportunity to wear my winter woolies. The snowfields hold great appeal to me … for a short visit and so a winter wonderland vacation is on my bucket list. Just not sure where that will be. 🙂

  6. I am a winter lover Susanne! I must say, though, I enjoyed several warm and lovely years in Los Angeles and think of them very fondly come this time of year in England (Read: wet, damp, cold, blahhhh)…. My brother got married in Adelaide, Australia – must’ve been May or June and it HAILED! Then was sunny about an hour later – but mercy that was an interesting day. Enjoy your new book cover! x A

    1. Adelaide really can have all four seasons in one day … we are accustomed to that so layer even in the cooler months. Loving the new covers … can’t wait for my author copies to arrive … opening that box from the UK and holding the first one is still exciting! 🙂

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