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Things I Love

My blog post is going to be simple this month, because as I was going through some pictures, I found myself reminiscing about how much I love certain events and times in my life. So here are some things I love.

  1. Christmas: I love it when family comes together and decorates the tree.I love the mess of tinsel and tangled strings of light and how the chaos turns into something beautiful.Chriistmas
  2. Horses: I’m sure this is a shock to anyone who knows me. Those big creatures just make me happy in a way that defies explanation.Hustler and Tina
  3. Old photos: Looking through pictures of times past and remembering the love and happiness that went into many of them is enough to make me misty-eyed.tina and Katie
  4. Food: Yes, I said it. I love food. All kinds of food. Brazilian food. American food. Food that is good for me, and food that is not so good for me. Although these days, I’m trying to make better choices. What’s that behind my back, you say? Oh…erm…it’s just a pint of salted caramel ice cream.Brazilian food
  5. Writing: I love the process of coming up with an idea and seeing it through to the end. I get a kick out of finding out what the title will be and seeing that cover for the first time. I still treasure my very first published book!

Doctor's Guide to dating in the jungle

What about you? Care to share a few of the things that you love?


16 thoughts on “Things I Love”

  1. I love seeing other people’s favorite things! Really enjoyed your choices, except for #5. (see previous blog) the waiting part is mind numbing! Though I love finishing a book, the process is a bit like blood letting for me, so it is definitely a love-hate relationship when it comes to writing.
    I will say without hesitation I love being a grandma!!!

    1. Talk about waiting! I love your choice, too! I’m impatiently waiting for one of my children to produce this grandchild of which I hear so much talk. Granted two of them are still in college, and I’d prefer them to wait a bit. But my oldest? She’s still looking for love (in all the right places…hopefully). 🙂

  2. Hi Tina

    Loved this post and I have to agree with you n your choices although I have not had a lot to do with horses I do love watching them roam and run in a paddock 🙂 and photos old ones always make me smile and tear up and for me I love starting a new book finding a new to me author and getting lost in the story I am reading 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen! I tear up looking at old photos as well. The memories just reach deep into my emotions and tug them up. I love reading as well! It’s my guilty pleasure…being able to just sit and get lost in a new story.

  3. Xmas, food and writing (although there are some days….) pretty much nail it for me too, Tina! Also travel!

    1. The writing…yes there are days when I want to pull my hair out. Or someone else’s. 😉 But I keep plugging along because the stories won’t leave me alone. And yes, travel would be one of mine as well. I’m not sure how I left that off the list. And camping. And hiking. And…well my list could probably go on forever!

    1. I love camping too, Fiona! Sometimes just leaving the city behind and getting back to basics is what I need. 🙂 Although our small town could scarcely be considered a city.

  4. I love the great memories I have made. My grandson’s giggle. It is a belly laugh. I love that I have the same husband after 33 years. I love that my children are happy and employed and have become good people. I love that I love to write. I love a good book.
    Thanks for the reminder that life is good.

    1. Those are some great things, Susan! I’m on the same husband as well and we are going on 33 years this August. You’re the second person who has listed a grandchild. I am definitely putting in an order for one of those. 🙂

  5. I ADORE the name of your first book.If I were single – I would read that, follow the rules (oh, wait – become a doctor first, read the book, follow the rules)..and find a hero! Great memories are super. I just pulled out an unexpected handful yesterday including a photo I had completely forgotten someone had taken on my wedding day when I was kissing my husband at the end of the night. Sigh…. I also love my cows, my dogs, FOOD (serious addiction on that front…right now I can’t get ENOUGH spatchcocked chicken)…McClure’s pickles and kindness. And writing. (I could go on but I will save you the trauma). xx A

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