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#ireadromance because….

So the big RT (Romantic Times) convention was on in Vegas last week. No….sadly I wasn’t there. But I was following the goings on on my twitter stream and found these cute tweets under the #ireadromance hashtag that Sourcebooks initiated and clearly had a lot of fun with!



Here were some of the answers!


Why do you read romance??


11 thoughts on “#ireadromance because….”

  1. Hi Amy

    This is such a great question and for me so many answers lets see

    The journey to the HEA the up and down battles with the hero and heroine the joy of seeing them realize they love each other the laughter smiles and tears that come along that journey the fact that I can lose myself in the story travel the world from my arm chair whatever I love them 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. Cool topic and what a great idea! I love romance because I love a good emotional read and knowing that whatever the crap life throws at the H & H they learn somethign about themselves and they find their way through.

  3. It is a wonderful topic and I wish your post could go on forever! I may have to become more -ahem – au fait with my twitter account. I was at a wedding recently and had a radiologist sitting across from my SCREAMING for some hot radiology love (not from me…fictional…at least I think that’s what it was!). Great post – xx A

  4. the last reason was my favorite – we do fall in love with both characters, and because we love them, we want them to fall in love. And the best part is, they always do in romance!!!!

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