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Retirement Planning

WIN_20160421_10_55_50_ProTrust me, this is not as boring as it sounds 🙂 I am on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, one of my favourite places, in fact, I love it so much I’m trying to convince my husband to retire here. We’re not at retirement age yet but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking, or in my case, dreaming about it and I need to have time to persuade said husband that Noosa is the perfect option. So while I’m persuading him I thought I’d show you around. Apart from the usually fabulous weather Noosa has great shopping, amazing restaurants and plenty of activities. Noosa has a gorgeous beach and a fabulous river and today we have hired a boat and we are cruising the river and canals and you’re coming too – I’ve added some photos.


This is one of my favourite houses on the River



Noosa 2015 Facebook-20160420-044030












Breakfast on the beach

I’d love to hear if you have a favourite holiday spot or a perfect retirement destination. Please share your dreams and take us travelling,


Falling for the Single Dad, UK April 2016 OUT NOW!

Since returning from Afghanistan ex-army doc Abi Thompson has been striving to rebuild her life. Now, stepping through the doors of the glamorous Hollywood Hills Clinic, she feels more out of her comfort zone than ever! 

Then she meets her new boss—darkly handsome Damien Moore. Abi might not believe in happy-ever-afters, but as she spends time with Damien and his gorgeous daughter, Summer, she finds herself drawn into their loving family unit…and into Damien’s arms! Has Abi found happiness against all odds?



7 thoughts on “Retirement Planning”

  1. Hi Emily

    Noosa is a great spot not that I have been there a lot but enjoyed when we visited on our way to my sister’s place who lives in Brisbane, for me we used to holiday on the South Coast of NSW and I love it down that way although I have another sister who lives on The Central Coast and she wants me to move up there 🙂 and we are not working these days (not retirement age yet) I think for now we will stay where we are I have too many grandkids close and I do have one of my daughters and 2 of the grandkids living in Wagga Wagga 🙂

    And I have to say I loved Falling for the Single Dad what a great story 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks, Helen. Grandchildren (maybe one day) might be our downfall too in terms of where we feel we can move but my kids love coming to Noosa so I’m hoping i could persuade them to holiday here 🙂
      So glad you loved Falling for the Single Dad

  2. Emily,
    Beautiful pictures. I can see why you would want to retire there. My husband and I are close to retirement years. I would love to move back to my college town. With a university there is plenty going on all the time. Arts, sports, outdoors and the list goes on. The only problems is that my grandchildren don’t live there and my husband won’t leave them. I guess we will just visit more often.

    1. I think I’ll have to move before we have grandchildren, Susan, otherwise I might not go either 🙂 I know they would visit but that might not be often. The only thing that might change is if my kids move first!
      And, yes, I also want to be busy in retirement

  3. I’d retire there! One of the fun things my husband and I do whenever we visit a place we really love, is to dream about retiring there. I think I’m up to fifty places I’d consider at this point. Oh, if the pocket book would only cooperate.
    Glad you’re having a great time, Emily. And your Hollywood Hills Clinic book sounds wonderful.

    1. 50 places! Sounds busy 🙂
      We have 2 – the problem is my husband is keen on retiring to Broome on the opposite coast of Australia, 4,600 kms from Noosa! We have a running joke about meeting in the middle a few times a year which is why I was keen to convince him of Noosa’s merits over Broome’s.

  4. Wow, Emily. What gorgeous pictures! Like Lynne, whenever I visit somewhere I love, usually in the countryside or by the sea, I start to dream of retiring there. But I don’t think I ever will – I love the city too much. So maybe when I retire I’ll just visit all these wonderful places a little more often 🙂

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