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Be inspired…

To say that my life has taken a huge 180° turn from where I thought I’d be, is an understatement. The stress and the extra stress (because ordinary stress wasn’t enough for me) began when my marriage broke down. Then we sold our family home, a place we’d lived for over 20 years. Add to that, my father getting cancer for the 5th time and requiring extensive treatment… treatment that zapped all his strength. My daddy, the man who would carry me on his shoulders when I was little; who would take my small hand in both of his big ones and blow on my fingers to warm them up; who would hold me in his big, protective arms – passed away in July 2015.

dad 80 birthday
John Brady – awesome father

He was very sick while I was writing English Rose in the Outback and A Family for Chloe and my editors were patient and sympathetic when I missed my deadlines again and again. My mum was trying to look after him and when she hurt her back… well isn’t that one of the reasons you have children in the first place?

However, through all the trials, tribulations and turmoils, I have settled in a new suburb, made new friends and found a new flavour, freshness and freedom that I have never known before. This also happened while I was writing English Rose in the Outback and A Family for Chloe. My new neighbours have quickly become like a new extended family, sharing meals, regular coffee catch-ups and lots of laughter. One of these neighbours is a 4 year old little girl.

“I think you should write about a little girl who’s nearly 4, like me,” she told me one day as we were walking between my house and hers.

“Hmm. Good idea.”

“And she could be clever like me and ride a bike like me and have sparkly shoes like me and be as funny as me.” [cue fake childish laughter]

“These are all good ideas. Thank you… but what shall I call her?”

“Chloe Jane… like me!”20150618_135343(1)

How could I not be inspired?


And so… with new inspiration to help fuel the imagination fires, English Rose in the Outback and A Family for Chloe came to pass. They are filled to the brim with a multitude of emotions… and I lived almost every single one of them.

I do hope you enjoy the Meeraji Lake duo of English Rose in the Outback and A Family for Chloe.

Remember… inspiration may be just around the corner.

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10 thoughts on “Be inspired…”

  1. Lucy!!!! So sorry to hear about your life-changing losses. Hugs and more hugs. Loved hearing about your new start and new life, and especially your adorable neighbor. Both books sound wonderful, and I’m sure the cover angels took control of this book cover. Gorgeous.
    Welcome back, and it’s so good to see you blogging again.
    thinking of you,

  2. Hi Lucy. Sorry to hear about the big changes in your world, but glad things are going well. I have a Chloe in my life and when she was four, she was just like your little friend, Chloe Jane. The books sound fabulous and I look forward to adding them to my pile. 🙂

  3. Lucy, so sorry to hear it’s been such a tough year for you. Wishing you every happiness in your new start.

    While I love the cover of your new release, I can’t help wishing that little Chloe could have been on there 🙂

  4. Lucy,
    You have had your hands full. I’m glad you have come out on the other side with a smile on your face. With Chloe living next door I’m not surprised life is better. Inspiration does come from amazing places.

  5. Hi Lucy, sorry for your sad loss. But like everyone else has said, Chloe sounds delightful and brightens your day when she can. There are always moments of brightness between the clouds.

  6. WOW. Just…wow to your strength and tenacity and VERacity and ability to run fluidly with the slings and arrows you were thrown. And three cheers for Chloe and your friendship. Looking forward to reading your books. All the best to you and your new life. x

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