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SEA CHANGE by guest author Fiona McArthur

Waving madly from Oz to old friends and new. It’s lovely to be invited back by Amy Andrews to visit with the medical romance readers and authors, and thanks so much to Annie Claydon for posting this blog. So many wonderful books have been published by the authors since I was here last and huge congratulations for awards won and nominated.

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I’ve been on a sea change, reading lots of fabulous books – more than I’ve read in years – and writing over at Penguin Australia. The writing themes are similar to my romance books, which means my next medical romance for Harlequin doesn’t come out until next year – but more on that later.

My big Penguin books have doctors and midwives and babies and men who discover just how amazing women can be, though in much longer format, with outback Australian settings. Sound familiar?

Homestead Girls Red Sand and Sunrise









RED SAND SUNRISE, has three sisters setting up a midwifery service in central Queensland, and in THE HOMESTEAD GIRLS we meet 5 women aged from 16 to 80 who formed their own family on a drought stricken sheep station in far western New South Wales. I’ve been thrilled with the sales and feedback because I’ve loved writing these books with their different criteria.

But the sea change doesn’t stop there. My latest writing adventure with Penguin, AUSSIE MIDWIVES, is a non-fiction anthology of TRUE stories collated from the midwives themselves. What fabulous fun that’s been. It was so exciting to be asked to make this book happen.

A lot of the real midwives who appear in the book are those I’ve met through weekends all over Australia where we all get down and practice to improve and make maternity a safer place for women and babies. After more than 25 of those weekends you get to admire people and boy do I admire these women. I loved helping them share their amazing lives.

Aussie MidwivesWhere I work as a midwife it’s rural, quiet, and deals mostly with low risk women and babies – with the occasional high drama. So it’s exciting that on the cover of AUSSIE MIDWIVES is Broni, one of our gorgeous graduate midwives and inside is Michael, the only male midwife in the book, from my hospital. Even the newborn baby whom Broni is holding on the cover, Theo, is the son of one of our theatre nurses, and the photographer who took the cover shot is from our small country town getting her work out there all over the world.

But to entice you to look inside the cover let me tell you a little of the content –I flew up to Thursday Island to interview one of the midwives who works on an island just 2km from Papua New Guinea right up on the tip of Queensland in Torres Strait. While the ladies from Annie’s island mostly make it to Thursday Island to have their babies, the village women from Papua don’t hesitate to jump in a dingy if they feel frightened and worry they will need Annie’s help when their time comes. She never knows who is going to arrive and does an incredible job. I think you’ll love her story.

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Then there’s Kate, who meets mums and babies who have to fight for their happy ending, and Glenda who travels more than a thousand kilometers a week to visit pregnant women in Aboriginal communities. And there are fifteen more. To combine my love of writing and being able to meet and share stories with 18 women and one man in AUSSIE MIDWIVES was an absolute privilege and I believe it gives the reader a fascinating window into a world you don’t normally see. So I do hope you’ll have a browse. Find all the books at FionaMcArthurAuthor.com, Amazon and Book Depository.

But… tada…right now I’m excitedly working on my next medical romance for London office set in a small town on the eastern coastline of Australia. My hot shot doc is not used to the quiet or being bowled over by the very independent midwife who runs the tiny hospital. This book keeps me smiling as I listen to them fight the attraction with the crash of the waves in the background. I’m cheering them on.

But I’m reading too and want to hear what others are enjoying. I’ve read dozens of medical romances, loved the Jojo Moyes books, wow, and the new Meg and Tom Keneally series – first book, The Soldiers Curse, and have finished the Kate Daniels series from Iona Andrews and desperately waiting for more. And the The Little Paris Bookshop. Loving them all. So now, until next time I drop in, can I ask what you’re reading this week because I have my finger poised over my kindle search page?

Warmest wishes for a great week

Xx Fi     (Fiona McArthur)


16 thoughts on “SEA CHANGE by guest author Fiona McArthur”

  1. Morning Fiona waving Hi

    Oh I do love your stories I still need to pick up the new one bad me I have been so busy and I am glad you have had some time to read that is the best me time 🙂

    I have been reading a lot of category books lately including the wonderful Hollywood Hills Clinic medical series and loving them can I also suggest Ella Carey’s The Paris Time Capsule and The House by the Lake both such great stories.

    I look forward to reading you new medical and the Midwives one it does sound so fab

    Have Fun

    1. Hellooooo Helen. Always makes me smile when I see your name. Makes me think of the photo booth and all the lovely times you make me feel so welcome at ARRA. Big grin here. Haven’t heard of the Paris Time Capsule but will look that up next. Thank you xx Fi

  2. So glad you’re here Fiona! I’m reading The Missing by CL Taylor. She’s a British writer who used to write romance, she won the opening chapter contest at the RNA a few years ago with a psychological crime thriller. We all told her she had to finish it! She has, and this is book number three for her. I love a page turner!

  3. Hi Fi! lovely to see you here again! My, you have been busy with your penguin books, and the midwives stories sound amazing. I’m currently reading an arc of Deception Island by Brynn Kelly, it’s her debut book, a romantic suspense coming out in June- it’s very high stakes and very high tension! XXX

  4. Hi Fiona! Wow you have been busy, and your books and true stories sound amazing.
    I am currently hooked on Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series. The stories take place in Montreal, Canada, and her writing is beautiful, the characters wonderfully drawn, and the fictional town of Three Pines is a place I’d love to visit! (so I do, each time I read one of her books)
    Just finished How the Light Gets in, which had me sitting at the edge of my seat in some scenes and all teary-eyed in others.

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks so much for posting. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember reading a book set in Canada, must remedy that and find Louise Penny’s Three Pines. Sounds wonderful. Thank you xxFi

  5. Fiona,
    Thanks for joining us. I, too, am in the process of catching up on my reading. I promised myself that I would read friend’s books I’ve not gotten to. I have about 50 beside my bed and am trying to read a couple of books a week. So far I’ve read some good stories.

    1. Hello Susan, I didn’t read much for a long time, never seemed to get the time, then I started audiobooks driving to work. They reminded me how much I enjoy reading and I’m actually buying books and reading again. So love hearing all the recommendations. Thanks for your post xxFi

  6. Fi! Big wave. I’m doing most of my reading via audio book at the moment and I’ve just finished listenting to Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden. Love that your know the peope on the cover of your Aussie midwives book 🙂

    1. I am so an audiobook fan. Fiona. 🙂 I’ve been subscribed since the Eloise James writing experience and the need to read ten books as homework and I haven’t stopped since. Wish we had more or our own books on audiobooks. Hope to catch you at conference in Adelaide. xxFi

  7. Your non-fiction midwives book sounds fascinating, Fiona! And how wonderful that you know the midwife and baby on the cover. Right now, I’m concentrating on reading about where my next story is set, but plan to dive into my teetering TBR pile as soon as I can. Not enough hours in the day, are there? 🙂

    1. Waving to Robin, congrats on your books, Robin, they’re great stories, and I know how hard it is to allocate time to reading. I rarely write in the afternoon so that’s reading time for me if it’s a grandchild free zone 🙂

  8. Fiona, it’s lovely to catch up with you! I’m on the brink of plunging back into reading at the moment, after having spent the last couple of months concentrating on writing – I have a habit of doing one or the other but not both in the same day 🙂 So your recommendations, along with everyone else’s, have come just at the right time for me. xxx

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