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Last year in May our daughter turned thirty and our birthday present to her was a weekend away at a resort village a couple of hours away for her and her partner and we would go down to their home and look after their wee man. At the time our daughter was pregnant and didn’t cash in until last weekend when she’d be able to make the most of the time away – and we got another wee cutey to look after.

We were much in need of a change and boy, did we get it. The kids kept us on our toes every minute of every hour they were up but I loved every  moment of it. Came home shattered but very relaxed.

The kids were awesome, and so much fun. They both slept through Friday and Saturday nights, and of course, played up on Sunday night when mum and dad were back.

Bath time was hilarious. The week before our wee girl was introduced to the big bath and a moulded seat to sit in. I had to wipe down all the walls and the floor after bath time but it was worth it. I haven’t laughed so much for ages.

On Saturday night we also put on dinner for eight as we have friends in Christchurch we always catch up with when down there. Fortunately my man is a dab hand in the kitchen and did most of the cooking, though was ready for bed at 5.30pm! He isn’t in top shape at the moment, but found a second wind as everyone arrived.

I’ve put my hand up to do it all again. The weekend was the prefect tonic for a stressed out couple. Who’d have believed it? My new favourite way to spend a weekend. What’s yours?






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  1. Oh Sue

    What a lovely post aren’t grandkids the best I have 7 at the moment no 8 will be arriving in August and girl so I will have 5 grandsons and 3 granddaughters and I love them all the eldest is 10 and the youngest at the moment is nearly 2. I have the eldest 2 living with me they are in our care so yes I am back to getting kids to school making sure homework is done and all the normal things you do with kids and I do love spending time with them all but I also like getting away for weekends on our own for the peace and visiting one daughter and her hubby and 2 of the grandkids that live at Wagga Wagga now a 6 hour drive 🙂 fun times

    have Fun

    1. Wow, that’s quite a number, Helen. You must have so much fun. And good for you looking out for those two. That’s special.

    1. Yeah, Amy, there’s nothing like sprawling under the covers with a great book. that’s right up there for me too, though I don’t get the opportunity often.

  2. A Grandparenting weekend sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to be a grandmother! . My oldest son and his wife are “due” June 1st, so I am anxiously counting the days until I meet my grandson, Spencer! From the detailed ultrasound he looks like my son’d baby pictures, but it’s fun trying to guess who he will take after (I am hoping for a red-head, as my son is a ginger) but as long as he and mom are healthy I will be ecstatic! This was a long road for them with infertility, but the luckily she got pregnant on their first IVF round.
    Luckily, they live about 20 minutes from me, so my perfect weekend will change from being home reading, crafting or cooking to spoiling my grandson!

    1. Not long now, Laurie. Becoming a Granny has been the most amazing experience. You are going to have so much fun.

  3. My favourite thing? Lie-in, read, have cups of tea brought to me, that kind of thing. Oh, sorry, did you mean REAL weekends? Erm…..trying not to go mad as all the kids demand my attention and ask me to take a look at their latest live stream YouTube vid/a leaf they found/a suspicious zit/the cat walking funny/a dog poo/make dinner/iron my clothes/help me with my homework/get a fly out of their bedroom/make them a sandwich/get them something from a shop/wake them up/make them a cup of tea/cure their boredom, etc.

    1. LOL, Louisa. You nailed it. Real weekends make the others mostly a dream, but we got to have that dream last week. And the grandies probably sucked me in as I volunteered to do it again.

  4. Sue,
    Grandkids are a great way to spend a weekend but it takes a week to recover. Anytime with family makes for a perfect weekend. I love just spending time with my grown children.

  5. I know what you mean about watching grandkids and how much joy they bring into our lives. Love watching my Thea, and soon we’ll have another grandchild to look after on those occasions when the parents need a rest! Can’t wait. The best part is we always get to hand the kids back, right?

    1. So true, Lynne. And as my husband says, he gets to spoil them without the consequences from sugar overload.

  6. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I think babysitting is a wonderful way to keep everyone smarter and happier! Although I spend most of my weekends eating!

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