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Cheeky Boasters

When I volunteered to fill in on the blog today, I found a good-hearted challenge in my inbox.  ‘Why don’t you brag about yourself?’  So I thought I might give it a go…



Mission Accomplished?  This is a lot harder than it sounds.

Why is it so difficult to brag about ourselves?  It isn’t that I’m not proud of things I’ve worked hard to achieve.  And it isn’t that I’ve ever lacked encouragement.  One of the things which has shaped my life, is that I’ve always had the good fortune to have people around me who tell me that they’re proud of me.  There just isn’t anything which springs readily to mind.

But, since I’ve already said I would, I’m going to close my eyes, concentrate hard and give it another try.  What am I most proud of today?

I’m proud that my fifteenth book was accepted last week.  And that the editors have already given it a gorgeous title ‘The Doctor’s Diamond Proposal’.

I’m proud that so far I’ve walked over 360 miles of the ‘1,000 miles in 2016’ challenge that I took on in January.  A little slowed down by blisters in the last couple of weeks, but I’m not giving up.

I’m rather proud of my photograph!  I’m not the world’s greatest photographer so it’s always a bit of a surprise when my photos come out even slightly well.  This is one that I’ve taken for my new website, which I’m working on at the moment and is due to be unveiled next month.

I’m so proud that I’m about to be published in Hungary for the first time!  Next month sees the release of the Hungarian version of ‘The Enigmatic Surgeon’ and there are two more titles to be released later on in 2016.

So that’s my bragging done for the day, and I have to say that I rather enjoyed it.  I’d love it if you’d join me.  Take a deep breath, blow your own trumpet as loudly as you can, and make me proud!

Annie x


43 thoughts on “Cheeky Boasters”

  1. Hi Annie

    Yes I too find it hard to pat myself on the back at times but I do think it is something we should do more often so here we go for me good on you Annie.

    I embarked on a get fit and healthy regime for myself last year and I have to say so far it is going good I gave up smoking last February and then joined weight watchers in July and have lost 25 kg I am walking everyday so far around 30 mins a day I am aiming to make that longer and now have an ipod which I am listening to books while walking and loving it 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Wow Helen! What an achievement! That’s definitely something to shout from the rooftops.

      Thank you for sharing, and I’m looking forward to cheering you on to even greater successes.

    2. Helen you know I’m your biggest cheer squad member – you are my inspiration! So glad you got an ipod and are listening to books while you walk. Makes it so much easier to bear, dont you think?

      1. Yes I am loving my ipod so far I am still listening to Marie Force’s Fatal Scandal I am behind in this series so this is how I am catching up 🙂

        Thanks Amy

        Have Fun

  2. Hi, Annie!
    Like you, I find it difficult to brag. So I won’t. But I did enjoy hearing of all your accomplishments. Sounds like you’re living quite a full and busy like. Good for you! And keep pounding out those excellent books!!!


  3. Super stuff, Annie! I love your photo. I’m pretty excited about my new contract for two mainstream fiction novels. I am equally scared though…I have to dream up a second idea for a big book and I don’t do that quickly and I doubt my process ALL THE TIME!

  4. Love all those achievements, Annie. Well done you. And we should know about them. Today a small box with three books arrived from the printers. Three copies of Breaking All Their Rules in French. I just love getting the foreign copies. They make me so proud, and three years ago when in France I saw my books in the shops in Paris and Tours. I went a little nuts, I admit.

    1. I love getting my foreign copies too, wish I could read them, LOL. Other than a bit of the French books I’m a hopeless case but I love looking at the covers and titles and trying to guess which book has just arrived before cheating and looking for my characters’ names. 🙂

      1. Yes, those small boxes are a bit of magic, aren’t they 🙂 I can never help finding a few sentences from the English version, and looking to see what they are in translation 🙂

        So amazing to see your books ‘in the wild’ in France, Sue!

  5. You’re right, Annie – bragging is difficult for many of us. Others never seem to have any trouble! 🙂

    So my brag? I’m very proud that I am earning a good, liveable income from my writing (touchwood. Lots of wood!!) I so often hear that you can’t and it did take me about 8 years to get here but I’m relieved to be bucking the trend.

    Now….to get rich off it….

    1. That’s a fantastic brag, Amy! Such a hard thing to achieve for all writers. I can’t wait to see where your career goes next, now that you’re able to write full-time!

  6. Super proud of all your achievements, Annie! Well done. Not a lot to brag about here except that I maintained enough focus to almost have finished my revisions…… le sigh.

    1. That’s definitely something to brag about, Louisa! That steep hill, towards the end of revisions, (and yet another fabulous book from you), is a real test and it’s always an achievement to get there!

  7. Can’t pass up this opportunity, thanks, Annie. I must admit I am a bit excited, amazed and proud to think that my 25th book will be out in Sep/Oct 2016!
    It’s titled “Waking up to Dr Gorgeous” and it’s a duo with Amy Andrews.

  8. Brilliant post, Annie. It’s hard to blow your own trumpet, but I’m pleased with the fact that my fifth title with M&B will be out this August (Seven Nights With Her Ex) when I never thought I’d even get to write one. I’m now writing my seventh and learning something new with each book. I’m also proud of myself for getting out of the house for two hours every day to walk dogs, after being housebound with vertigo for six months – a condition I still have, but one that is much more controlled. I don’t let it contain me anymore.

      1. Oh! What’s with the italics? WordPress must have known how much I meant it 🙂

        The thing that I loved – which seems to have disappeared – was your comment ‘I don’t let it contain me any more’.

  9. Love, love, love your post Annie. So fantastic – and look at all of the excitement you unleashed! What a clever minx you are. AND I think the photo is marvellous! I am very proud I was part of a handful of those miles and aim to be part of a few more. I’m also proud – this is a me brag – so big brave breath – I just finished my tenth book which is all a bit bonkers. Winning the RoNA Rose was mighty huge as well and I’m most proud of all the superb over-the-moon friendships that have come from seeing whether or not I could write a medical romance. Great post. Looking forward to seeing a lot more answers xx the Other Annie

    1. Annie!!! (The woman whose email started all this off 🙂 )

      I love that our fabulous group of Medical Romance readers and writers are so slow to talk about their own achievements, and yet so quick to encourage and congratulate others on theirs. I was so proud to be walking those miles with you – that newly won RoNA Rose in your bag, which I’d asked you to bring along to show me!

  10. Well done on your 15th book (and great title there!) – and on your mileage accomplishments (which are SO impressive); and that’s a gorgeous pic. I can’t brag, either – I’m a goalpost-shifter, so I kind of don’t see achievements once they’ve been accomplished. But I am managing my goal this year of getting more fun into my life (aka going out rather too much, but music is food for the soul!) 🙂

    1. Kate, you are always so quick with your praise and encouragement, and yet so modest about your own, towering achievements. And living well has to be one of the best achievements of all!

  11. Hi Annie — Sorry I’m late to the blog, but I’m really glad I read it. I’m proud of you too! I’m also proud that I had the chance to travel to England and meet you in person last September. Now, here’s to the world and beyond with your published books.
    P.S. I haven’t read any of the other comments, but I’m sure there is a lot of pride going on, and I think it’s great you invited it!

    1. I’ve just loved this blog, Lynne! It’s been wonderful to hear everyone’s achievements and to be able to celebrate them together.

      I have such fond memories of our time together in London. Being able to walk down Harley Street in the company of two wonderful writers – you and Kate – has to rank very high on my list of proud moments!

  12. There are so many wonderful achievements on here and it’s good to see you all giving yourselves a pat on the back. We are far too negative about our achievements, aren’t we, and focus on the things we don’t do as well. My little brag is that I am halfway through my 84th title for Harlequin and still loving every moment of the writing process. What a fab job I have!

    The other thing I would like to brag about is the fact that I am still here enjoying life despite being told 8 years ago that I had only a couple of years to live. I feel quite pleased (and amazed!) that I have found the strength to keep going, but then I’ve had such love and support from my family and friends – all the Medical authors included. So here comes a third brag – for having so many wonderful people in my life.

    1. 84 books, Jennifer! I’m on my knees, in awe. And I have a very personal thank you for all of those books, because yours were amongst those which taught me how to write, when I was an aspiring hopeful!

      Your love of life is such an inspiration. May you continue to defy the doctors’ expectations for a long time to come.

      1. Seconding this, Annie. I read Jennifer’s books obsessively when I was learning how to write medicals.
        Brag away Jennifer – defying the odds is the greatest brag of all!

  13. I am not a writer, but as a voracious reader i appreciate all your efforts! Your believable characters, stories and locations help break up my rather staid medical retirement and brighten my days!

    1. Laurie, I know I speak for everyone when I say how much we appreciate all of your reading!

      And as an RN, there’s a great deal to celebrate about your achievements! We all owe so much to our wonderful doctors and nurses.

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