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The year of fun continues by Kate Hardy

kate hardy sept 2015 1200pxI’m still on my Year of Having Fun, and this weekend was definitely one of the high points.

The last time I went to Manchester (in April) was to see Muse, with a crowd of about 20,000 people, and I  loved every second of it.

apr 2016 muse 5

This time… We went to see Coldplay. Only there were three times as many people! I can’t remember the last time I set foot in a football stadium, but I’m pretty sure it was tiny, a bit on the bare and grubby side, and with those super-uncomfortable plastic bucket seats you get in schools.

Um – not in Manchester. They had these big concrete spiral ramps to everyone to walk out (so the crowd management was excellent), it was clean and nice, there was proper leg room, and the seats were more comfortable than any theatre I’ve ever been to.

2016 june coldplay 7

The gig itself – amazing. There were fireworks.

2016 june coldplay 08

There was ticker tape (in the shape of stars and birds) and glitter.

2016 june coldplay 02

There were balloons. (Just a bit smaller than the average Swiss/gym ball!)

2016 june coldplay 06.JPG

But the effect I really loved? We all had wristbands. They lit up – sometimes all the same colour (yellow during Yellow and Fix You), sometimes different colours, sometimes at different times (you can see that in the balloon pic above). And it was so pretty, especially when it got dark.

2016 june coldplay 05

The music was fabulous (and the sound quality was better than at any gig I’ve ever been to). The band didn’t just play on the big stage – they played at the end of the catwalk, and they did an acoustic set at the back (and they played Trouble, my all-time fave Coldplay song – I was crying by this point because I was so happy – pic below was middle stage).

2016 june coldplay 03

What I really liked was that the band didn’t forget their roots. They thanked us for coming, they said they were blown away by us singing back their words to them and drowning them out (they must have that all the time with Fix You – but they still appreciated it), and they paid tribute to the person who gave them their first gig in Manchester in front of a tiny crowd.

And singing along to songs you love (OK, and dancing in front of my seat) along with 60,000 people who all felt the same way – now THAT was special.

What’s the most special thing you’ve been to lately?


17 thoughts on “The year of fun continues by Kate Hardy”

  1. The concert sounded amazing, Kate! All those little added touches made it special I think. Now, having been housebound with an illness for a long time I haven’t been ‘out out’ as Mickey Flanagan would say, but I did go to a talk by the author Adele Parks and that was brilliant. Surrounded by loads of other writers, talking about writing, (and generally the fact that I was out of the house, lol) was just so special to me and I came out feeling like I was walking on air. It’s good for the soul to have those moments. Enjoy the rest of your Year of fun.

    1. That talk sounds fabulous – and anything that leaves you feeling as if you’re walking on air is a VERY good thing 🙂 Glad you had such a good time X

  2. Loved reading this blog, Kate! You deserve your year of fun. I’ve never been to such a big extravaganza as this, but the most recent concerts I’ve attended were Van Morrison (still love that guy even in his advanced age) and Michael Buble. Love that crooner. The best around, and he gave a fabulous concert. I do have trouble around crowds, so I surely would have been intimidated in Manchester. Glad to know the boys gave a shout out for the people who believed in them first. 🙂

    1. Van the Man! I have a soft spot for him – and Buble, too. (Would you believe his tracks are *great* for Zumba?) And actually, I was expecting it to be a right squish, but we had proper seats and the crowd management was fantastic, so it wasn’t intimidating. (And if you’d been with me – well, we’d have been singing our heads off anyway!) xxx

  3. I too loved reading every word of this blog. Would love to see Coldplay in concert!
    I just spent a week tootling around Ohio doing factory tours with my husband, sister and her husband. Took us 5 hours to get to the US border, then we checked out The Henry Ford (museum) in Michigan, followed by a dozen factories in Ohio, dealing in cheese, nuts, chocolates, ice cream, whistles, Airstreams, jellies/jams, and copper. It was a lovely six (very full) days.

    1. They were so good – it was a real privilege! And we were very lucky – I’d preordered the album so I was able to book our seats in the pre-sale. Those factories sound great (and y’know – cheese, chocolate, ice-cream – I hope you got samples!!). I love museums, so I bet the Ford museum was great, too. And how lovely that you got to spend it with your sister and BIL as well as your DH xxx

  4. Kate, your year of fun sounds like a great idea. Far too good to do it for just one year 🙂

    I’m reminded of something not very recent but definitely special. The London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 had that same feeling of participation and connection that you describe. They were both great, but if I had to choose, between the two, I’d go for the Paralympics, because the atmosphere there was just amazing. The crowd cheered everyone, irrespective of teams, and with that many people all making as much noise as they could, I think I was literally lifted off my feet more than once!

  5. LOL, does Venice count as special? 🙂 And a particularly lovely high tea in London with other medical author mates? That was *very* special!
    You’re 2016 is awesome, Kate xxx

  6. Kate, I’d love to go to a Coldplay concert. The last concert we went to was in January at a vineyard to see UB40. It was the best outdoor concert I’ve been to as everyone was dancing for the whole show.
    Go you on having a special year. You deserve it.

    1. A vineyard? What a GREAT place for a concert! And I love the ones where everyone gets into it (we had that at Travis – a much, much smaller show – a couple of weeks back, where Fran Healy came into the audience to do an acoustic bit and nobody shoved or pushed – we all gave him space, let him sing the verses of ‘Flowers in the Window’ and then joined in for the chorus) xxx

  7. Hi Kate

    What a great post I love concerts and have been to many over the years I have been lucky enough to see Rod Stewart in concert every time he has toured Australia sine I was 15 and that is lot of concerts 🙂 actually his was the last one we went to last year and we saw The Eagles the last 3 times they were here and my very first concert was Joe Cocker when I was 14 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Rod Stewart was in Norwich recently, Helen, and I thought of you! I bet the Eagles were good. I’m with you about concerts. The more, the better! (I have a few lined up between now and Christmas…!)

  8. I love the idea of your year of fun, Kate! The Coldplay concert sounds fabulous- and I confess to feeling just a little homesick at seeing Etihad which was a big part of our lives for a while (hubby was the Manchester City club doctor, so we spent a LOT of time there). I’ve just had the best time in Tahiti- just chilling, reading, eating and sunbathing… Para, para, paradise! (see what I did there? 🙂 )
    Best concert I ever went to was an Elbow one in a tiny theatre here in Auckland and I was utterly captivated by the band, who had us in the palm of their hands for the whole two hours.
    Keep on enjoying your year! xxx

    1. I’m singing it with you, Louisa :). And how cool that our DH was the club doctor! Tahiti sounds amazing. And you really can’t beat a tiny venue – we saw Travis in a 1500-capacity place recently and it was such a good show! Xxx

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