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Almost an Amnesia Story?

I am fortunate to be included in another Mills & Boon miniseries

Los Angeles at night
Skyscrapers in Los Angeles California at night

Welcome to The Hollywood Hills Clinic!

Where doctors to the stars work miracles by day—and explore their hearts’ desires by night…

Seduced by the Heart Surgeon by Carol Marinelli

Falling for the Single Dad by Emily Forbes

Tempted by Hollywood’s Top Doc by Louisa George

Perfect Rivals by Amy Ruttan

The Prince and the Midwife by Robin Gianna

My book is #6 – His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty


As doctors to the stars, these world-class medics are hand-picked by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr James Rothsberg, Head of the ‘Hills’. His clients expect the very best, and James delivers that and more – his team are global specialists in their field, unrivalled in their expertise and patient care.

Yet behind closed doors, when the pressure is on, sizzling passions run high – and for these dazzling docs, their biggest challenges are yet to come!

Passion, glamour, desire and drama …Hollywood_Sign_(Zuschnitt)

So where does the amnesia come in? Thankfully it doesn’t. But when I read the bible for the entire project and the story assigned to me, my first thought was – she’ll wake up with amnesia, oh no! I’ve never written an amnesia story, and to be honest, it is the trope (hook) I like least for books. All I can say is, I thanked my lucky stars when my character woke up asking “Is my baby okay?” Whew!

Here is a sampling of the International covers.  #1 is UK, #2 is Australia, #3 is US, and #4 is UK e-book version.

512HRpHFjwL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_                                MBM4

I hope you’ll give all eight of the books a read. We had a great time working as a group to iron out little things, and to make sure we got our parts of the overall continuity arc right leading up to James and Mila’s story in book eight.

9780373011148                         9781474037402_Outside_Front_Cover

If you read any of the books, why not write a short review and make an author very happy.


Until next time, make it a great one!

Lynne Marshall

20 thoughts on “Almost an Amnesia Story?”

  1. Hi Lynne

    I have to say I am loving this series it is fabulous and I can’t wait for James and Mila’s story I have Amalie’s calling to me from my kindle and I need to get Tina’s woohoo.

    And no I have not been to Hollywood maybe one day I will get there but I would love to go to The studios there one of my Daughters has been and never had amnesia although my memory is not what it used to be LOL

    Have Fun

    1. Ha ha Helen – I know what you mean about memories not being what they used to be!!!! If you ever make it to Hollywood, let me know and I’ll meet you on the walk of the stars!

  2. I love the Hollywood Hills Clinic series (Almost as much as the Sydney Harbor Hospital series, which got me hooked on the medical romance!) I was supposed to go to Hollywood as a chaperone to my son’s High school band, who marched in the Hollywood Stars Christmas parade, but I got sick and ended up in the hospital instead. As for amnesia, I only had it when my mom or dad would tell me to do something and I “forgot”, although I do agree with Helen on the memory thing!!!!

    1. Hi Laurie – I’m so glad the Sydney Harbor series got you hooked on Medical Romance. Wow, what a great experience for your son and his High School band. I think that every New Year’s Day when I watch high school and college bands from all over the country and world march in the Rose Parade in Pasadena.
      ha ha on the teenage amnesia. Yeah, I suffered from that too. 😉
      Thanks for being a faithful blog reader and commenter. We all appreciate it!

    2. Oh yay!!! Fabulous to know it was the SHH series that got you hooked on medicals, Laurie!
      That made my day 🙂

  3. I’ve been really enjoying the series, too, Lynne – can’t wait to read yours. I was lucky enough to actually work in Hollywood as an entertainment reporter so had some pretty groovy times. I would say having Clint Eastwood touch my arm and give me a wink as he said, ‘You’re lookin’ at him sweetheart’ ranks up there as a number one moment. *Sigh!*

    1. Wow, he was a looker, that was for sure, but sheesh that comment sounds a bit full of himself. Hell aren’t all drop dead gorgeous men? ha ha
      What an interesting job, btw. sounds like your memoir will be amazing, Ms. former entertainment reporter, Romance author, award winner…and caretaker of cows.

      1. Ha! It was at a charity golf tournament the Big Boys (Jack Nicholson, Clint, Billy Crystal etc etc) do every year in aid of less successful actors who might need help with healthcare etc. So I had asked him who I thought the winner was going to be and….’you’re lookin’ at him sweetheart’….sigh! I have had a pretty good roll in the career department….cows and romance writing are definitely ranking high up there!

  4. My parents had a real-life amnesia story! Dad was stationed in Malaysia and was driving a water truck through the jungle. An explosion went off and the truck overturned and the next thing my dad knew, he was waking up in a field hospital with no memory of who he was or where he was. He remembered nothing about his life. The padre found in his uniform pocket, a love letter from my mum, who was currently his fiancé. The padre wrote to her, to tell her what had happened and where my father was being flown home to. My mum visited him in hospital every day (as well as his own family) to tell him about who he was, to try and rebuild his memories. I always told her, she missed a trick in reprogramming him into a different guy, because apparently my dad was a bit of a lothario and not always monogamous and she could have made him into a dedicated, romantic guy who loved her loads, but she didn’t. She told him the truth. To this day, my father has never got back any of the memories he lost and has never been able to tell me stories about his childhood or anything like that, because he doesn’t know them.

    1. What an AMAZING story! Wow. I’m glad he believed your mother and fell in love with her all over again! One of my favorite movies (can’t remember the name though, because I have age-related amnesia lol) starred Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Anyone recall the name? The amnesia sounds very similar to your father’s story, but she was already married to the guy. Very touching story. Thanks so much for sharing.

      1. No problem! I love amnesia stories because of this personal history between my parents. He did fall in love with her a second time and appreciated her honesty and it turned him around. They got married, had four kids (I’m the youngest) and on the 17 June, they’ll celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary!

          1. Lynne,
            All the books sound wonderful. I’ve been to Hollywood a couple of times. No real movie star sightings but it was nice to see the sign on the hill and the places I’ve always heard about.

    1. Hi Susan – Yeah, Hollywood really isn’t a big deal, though they’ve cleaned it up a lot after it got pretty slimy a couple of decades ago.
      Who would have thought someone would have such a great amnesia story, right?

  5. I’m going to be writing an amnesia story soon, Lynne. I’ve always wanted to write one but have struggled with a plot and the knowledge that, for the majority of sufferers, their memory never returns (like Louisa’s dad). But I have it now and I’m excited to write it!

    I’ve been to Hollywood with the hubster and kids. Walked the pavement with all the Hollywood stars. Took a limo and went up into the hills and got as close to the Hollywood sign as possible. There were certainly other places in your great country I’ve enjoyed more but I’ve ticked it off my list now 🙂

    1. Hi Amy – be sure to let us know when your amnesia story is finished. I’m very curious how you’ve worked it out. 🙂 Yeah, Hollywood is just a place whose reputation precedes it, and it can’t possibly live up to all the hoopla. All I ask is that they keep it free of litter and safe to walk with youngsters.

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