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Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews

Thought it was time for another things making me happy post!

  1. Our Lucy has had a medical shortlisted in the Ruby (Romantic book of the year) award here in Australia! So thrilled to see readers rewarding Lucy’s talents and appreciating the breadth of stories the Medical line has to offer!lucyclark

2. This fabulous invitation to the Harlequin author party in San Diego. I can’t go but it never gets old to be invited!


3 Being in this anthology with 3 of my fav Aussie authors!


4.ย  Family. This pic of my sister, my neice and my daughter made me smile all day!


5. Daughter is coming home today and have already booked 2 seats on the couch to binge watch the lastest sesason of Orange is the New Black.


Whats making you happy?



20 thoughts on “Things Making Me Happy by Amy Andrews”

  1. Hi Amy

    You have lots of things to make you happy for me I am loving the cooler weather I have a massive TBR pile to choose from LOL my grandkids always make me smile and me time ๐Ÿ™‚ and I am looking forward to August and Adelaide ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Amy, love the pic of your sister, niece and daughter. What a gorgeous group of girls. It just needs you to make it perfect!
    Unlike Helen, I am feeling extremely happy because the sun is out, always something to celebrate here in the north west of England ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also happy because I watched my grandchildren have their riding lessons last night and they were brilliant. Isobel, 8, is a very capable little rider and shows great style while five-year-old Max has just managed to canter for the very first time. Wow! How good is that?
    I was horse mad when I was a child and introduced my daughter to it when she was seven. She has never looked back and it appears that her children are following in the family tradition!

  3. GREAT list Amy. I dig your happy-factors. Things that me happy are my first delicious cup of coffee in the morning, getting the same invite you did even though I can’t go…I’m FINALLY on the party list!, getting to go to the UK Romance Novelist’s Conference – that’ll be exciting and a chance to explore a town I’ve only ever passed on the motorway. I am also happy I have a pal who works for a renowned gardening doyene and just gave me a LOAD of Dahlia tubers. I am happy my old dogs are still around even though playing chase looks more like a slo-mo zimmerframe session. And I am REALLY REALLY happy I met you this year.

    xx Annie O’

  4. Great post! Things that make me happy are having beautiful sunny days, walking my dogs, watching them play and having ‘mad half hours’, finding a great book that I simply can-not-put-down and chocolate. Because, well, chocolate doesn’t need a reason, does it?

  5. I love your list Amy! I’m also super proud of Lucy’s nomination in the Ruby Awards and your family photo is just gorgeous. My list of ‘happy things’ includes writing; spending time with family; girls’ nights out at the movies; a soak in a hot bath with lavender oil and no-one knocking on the door and ruining my zen; shoe shopping … and RWA conferences! Hope to see you in Adelaide in August. xxx

  6. Your happy list made me smile, AA! Lots of reasons there to find joy! I’m beside myself because I’m picking my two boys up from the airport in four hours- I haven’t seen them for 8 weeks and they’re coming home for a fortnight! Plus I get to pick up my niece from Sydney who is going to stay for a few days too! My nest is going from empty to full and I couldn’t be happier!
    (Oh, and I got the invite too, and am going!! Yay!)

  7. I second Susan’s comment, Amy! Other things that make me happy are nights out at the movies, nights in reading, good food with people I love, being able to write happy endingsโ€ฆ Along with the freedom of not quite knowing what’s around the next corner ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Love seeing your happy list, Amy, and the great photos that go with it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy that it’s summertime, and I get to see my youngest more often (not that he particularly wants to hang out with me a lot, being 17 now, but I don’t let that dim my smile!) My college boy is coming home tomorrow after 5 weeks in Ethiopia, so that’s making me happy – can’t wait to hear all about his experience! And I’m really feeling happy about spending a week on vacation with my family – the first time all five of us have been able to vacation together for quite a while. And yes, that Harlequin party invitation makes me smile – I’ll be going, dancing up a storm, and enjoying meeting my editor in person for the first time. Lots to be happy about! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. MISSED your blog yesterday because on Tuesday my second granddaughter was born!!! Cora Brynne – that definitely makes me ecstatic!

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