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Bucket Lists


Just recently on Facebook, there have been a whole sheaf of bucket lists appearing where you either tick or place a heart next to the things that you have done. To me, these mass bucket lists are bit weird. Some of them have things like, see a dead body; watch someone die; fired a gun.


Odd, really. None of those should be on a bucket list! These lists are about aspirational things, surely?

I have a few things on my bucket list.

  1. Visit Canada.
  2. Visit New Zealand.
  3. Visit Australia.
  4. Go on safari in Africa.
  5. Swim with wild dolphins.
  6. Write a bestseller! (of course! lol)
  7. Be a passenger in an off road rally car.

But there’s one place I really want to go. A place I want to wander around for weeks, just absorbing the atmosphere and soaking up the nature and that place, is Yellowstone Park.

If ever there is a documentary about this place, then I watch it. If I come across someone else’s account of being there, I read it. Avidly. I stare at pictures on Pinterest, I dream, I wish, I wonder…

And so I decided to set a book there. Seven Nights With Her Ex. I figured that if I was going to write a book there, then I ought to go there (at least) and research it properly. I told my husband, who was thrilled at the idea and then we mentioned it to the kids.

Big mistake! My eldest son suffers from really bad anxiety, panic attacks and OCD and part of his OCD and anxiety are the thoughts that something really bad will happen to us. So when we mentioned we were thinking of planning a research trip to a majestical spot that just so happens to have a giant super volcano underneath it (that’s apparently due to go off at any moment, but its late, like a woman with a dodgy menstrual cycle) he told us, in no uncertain terms that we were not allowed to go!

So, I had to make do with my trusty, well-thumbed, Lonely Planet guide to Yellowstone and Teton parks. Oh, and my Pinterest board!


Seven Nights With Her Ex will be out September 1st, here are the pre-order/book buy links below. And do tell me what’s on your Bucket List!

Amazon (UK)

Amazon (US)

Barnes & Noble


14 thoughts on “Bucket Lists”

  1. LOVE your list…and I have faith you will get to the real Yellowstone one day. I haven’t been there yet and I’m American!

    Let’s see…bucket list. Go to Bhutan, Vietnam…on pushbike. Fit into my wedding dress again one day (to renew my vows – obviously!)…see peace and love and harmony on earth (okay – a little far fetched but a girl can dream). I’d LOVE to write a bestseller (after you of course), speak another language fluently – used to be halfway there with American Sign language – but that is one heck of a living language and ride across a huge deserted beach on horseback – in a gallop. AND – Oh, yeah – grow a vegetable patch that has vegetables in it and not weeds! xox Thanks for putting some joy in the day Louisa! xx

    1. Vietnam on a pushbike? Isn’t there water between here and there? Unless you’re going to adapt your bike to a pedalo…Actually, Vietnam by bike sounds great. Did you ever see the Top a Gear episode where they did Vietnam by mopeds?

  2. Oh Louisa

    What a great list I don’t think a lot about a bucket list I would love to travel more and there are lots of places that I would love to visit England Scotland Ireland and Wales and The States I have been on 3 cruises and would love to go on some more 🙂 other than that I don’t think I have much more just to be happy and healthy and to keep smiling.

    Fingers crossed that you get to do all of your bucket list

    Have Fun

  3. How funny that you should write this blog, Louisa, when my bucket list book only came out a couple of months ago! Writing Numbered forced me to think a lot about my own list.
    #1 on the list? See the northern lights.
    Fingers crossed you get to Yellowstone for real one day in the future!

    PS – that cover is divine! How colourful is that??!

  4. Louisa,
    What a fun blog. I’ve been to Yellowstone a number of times. Even rode a snowmobile through it one February. Great fun. I have a number of things on my list to do. China is my next one. It will be the one place in the world where I might be taller than most of the people.

    1. Oh, Susan, I’m so jealous! Hubby wants to go to China, too. I’d enjoy the culture and buying lots of fabrics, whereas he wants to see the Terracotta Army. Fingers crossed that you achieve your dream!

  5. Love knowing your September book is set in Yellowstone National Park. I’ve been and loved every moment, especially seeing the buffalo roam freely. Got a little too close, but was safe! I know what you mean about that pesky volcano! The grand Tetons are so so beautiful. Truly a magical part of our country.
    For the record, I have fired a gun. It wasn’t on my bucket list, but I had a character who needed to know how to fire a gun and I sent her to the same kind of gun safety class I attended. Also for the record – I’m a lousy aim.
    Wishing you all the best with your bucket list – hope you make it to Yellowstone one day!

  6. Visiting All of Europe and a Mediterranean cruise are on top of my list, along with another cruise to Alaska..it was so beautiful! A close second is Australia/New Zealand. I have no desire to go anywhere in Asia..it just doesn’t appeal to me,and I am a semi-picky eater!

    1. Hi Laurie! I have to be careful with my diet, too. I’m Coeliac and I have to follow the migraine diet, otherwise I get dreadful migraine induced vertigo and I do all I can to avoid that little nasty! Love cruising and Alaska would be amazing, I agree. I hope you achieve your dreams xxx

  7. Hope you make it to Yellowstone Park one day, Louisa. My bucket list has travel, travel and more travel on it.
    Sue MacKay

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