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Conference Costume Considerations

As the Romance Writers of Australia 25th Anniversary Conference Ain’t Love Grand draws near there are many decisions to make. Fortunately for me, it is being held in my beautiful home town of Adelaide, so one decision I won’t have to make is what I must leave out of my suitcase.  I am driving 15 minutes to the stunning seaside venue of the Stamford Grand so I will not be faced with excess baggage costs no matter how heavy my bags might be!


What I do have to decide is my costume for the Friday night Cocktail Party Love is a Cabaret. There are quite a few choices that would meet that brief.  I could channel my inner Liza Minelli, find a bowler hat, a short black wig and a little black outfit … but alas I think my days of suspenders are behind me …


My next costume consideration would need a lot of feathers, a padded and bejeweled bra, fake tan and about three years of sit-ups …. maybe not …


My final … and more realistic consideration will involve fringing, a bob and some fishnet stockings … no sit-ups required… and my chickens can hold on to their coats!  I think the decision has been made – a flapper it is!


Not all decisions are that easy … or the outcome so much fun.  I hope if you have any decisions ahead they can be solved as quickly as mine … and if you’re heading to the RWA Aint Love Grand conference that you have your costume all packed… and you are looking forward to partying at the Cabaret Cocktail Party!

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Romance Writers of Australia!



10 thoughts on “Conference Costume Considerations”

  1. Hi Susanne

    I am looking forward to catching up although I won’t be attending the cocktail party I am going to help with the book signing and can’t wait to see you all woohoo 🙂

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their outfits and you will look fab

    See you soon

    have Fun

  2. Great ideas. Mine is all packed. None of those are for me but diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Can’t wait to see you as a flapper.
    Only ten more sleeps and closing fast.

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