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Head to Toe – He’s a Hero!

Remember a few months ago when we ‘built’ a hero with our quiz? We talked about eyes, hair colour, jobs that got us all a bit twitter pated (that’s starry-eyed for those of you who don’t remember Flower falling in love in Bambi) and the fact a little salt and pepper action around the temples never a did a fella any harm in the looks department.

Here’s a little recap of the man we came up wtih if you don’t remember:

Our hero is a rescue medic. He’s strong, committed and right by your side exactly when you need him. His cornflower blue eyes are the windows to his soul. Not to mention that thick, chestnut hair your fingers are itching to run your fingers through. When he’s not working, he’s usually got his best friend, a trusty mutt – one ear up one down – by his side. There’s no dressing to impress. He’s got casual smart down to a T. Oh! And did I forget to mention his sexy French accent? Just the memory of the first time you heard it – in the corridors of high school when you were an exchange student and he was all sexy-nerdy . Yum. The man he’s turned into makes you wish you’d paid him a bit more attention. Well, now’s your chance. He’s back in your life…and this time it could be for good. Here are a handful of pictures to get your creative juices flowing….


Feeling good? Thought so. Okay…now let’s get this man up and running! (Oh, by the way – for the order of preference, just drag and drop OR if you’re doing this on a tablet – you can rank them 1 – 5). Have fun!

PHEW! That was fun. I hope you enjoyed doing our quiz. LOADS of the information was thoughtfully compiled by our very own, and rather fabulous, Annie Claydon (Hip Hip Hooray Annie!)

Look our for our next quiz, coming next week. Together we will build up (and break down) what fuels our heroine in her darkest and lightest moments. Please do let us know if you have further thoughts in the comments section. You never know….this guy might find his way into a book!

xx Annie O’

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