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First lines by Amy Andrews

I’m away from home at the moment. I’ve been on an 850km road trip. Driving that distance – or rather, being a passenger – gives you a lot of idle time and I’d been looking forward to catching up on my reading.

The last thing I expected was to be presented with an idea for another book. But when a writer is forced to sit behind a van such as this –

imagefor 10 minutes at roadworks, well, what’s a girl to do?

So I came up with the first lines of a new romance with a veterinarian hero.

“Dr Caine Williams knew people were fascinated by his job as the head honcho of the zoo’s black rhino reproductive programme. He just didn’t think his mothers great aunt really wanted to know the answer to how they extracted semen from a two tonne male.  It was slightly unsavoury conversation to be having over fine bone china and cucumber sandwiches.”

So….that’s my opener. But I’m aware that any given person (you don’t have to be a writer) would come up with a different story idea had they been sitting behind that van. So I’d like to know yours.  What kind of story idea does this trigger for you?  What kind of story would you like to see come out of this photographic stimulus? Would you like to have a go at writing your own opening line/para? Please do –  I’d love to read them!





14 thoughts on “First lines by Amy Andrews”

  1. Reminds me of a surrogate mom we had on our OB unit about 10 years ago who carried twins, and ended up having an early emergency delivery without her regular OB who was on vacation. Long story short, she was supposed to have the cord blood stored, but didn’t have the storage collection kits due to the untimely delivery, and nobody knew she was planning on storing it as it was not in the birth plan filed by the lawyers ( We live in a large city with a banking lab and could have gotten kits within an hour or two). Good news was the 7 week early babies were relatively healthy. Bad news was, the babies were conceived to provide stem cells for the bio dad’s daughter who had some sort of cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. Don’t know how the daughter ever did, but the twins went home to the biodad in another state. Surrogate mom left the hospital after 2 days, the only visitors those babies had was their lawyer until the last week when the biodad’s son and his wife came to pick up the babies to go “home” because biodad was ill. Later we learned that the biodad had passed away at the age of 82 (!!!!!!!) and the twins had been adopted by his son and his wife. Still don’t know what happened to the sick daughter. Always wondered if the twins had a good life, if the son and his daughter helped raise those babies from the beginning, and how the twins would feel later in life finding out why they had been conceived. Lots of questions! I always felt this would make an interesting story, but I am no writer!
    In another vein, I am immensely grateful to those who pioneered IVF, without them I would not have had my first grandchild in June after his parents dealt with fertility issues for several years!

    1. Good grief, Laurie!
      I too am very thankful for science and technology that have couples who couldn’t conceive the one thing they wanted most.

  2. Oh Amy

    That is good not sure if I would use zoo animals or normal cows and horses for a farm you have such a way with words that always pull me in 🙂

    So the local vet has arrived and our new farmer is about to see how this is all done to start her horse breeding programme off to a good start ??

    I am really not good with words

    Have Fun

    See you soon

  3. Love the opening line! Road trips are great ways to come up with stories. That’s how I came up with One for the Road – literally a road trip story. ha ha.
    There are stories everywhere we look.
    BTW, do you actually know how they extract semen from a rhino? (almost sounds like a set up for a joke lol)
    Enjoy your drive!!!

    1. The old fashioned way, Lynne 😳
      Loved One For The Road! Everyone should go out and buy Lynne’s indie book. It’s great!

  4. Love it Amy! I’ll give it a go…

    ‘Driving three hundred miles, to break the news that the groom wasn’t going to be turning up to his own wedding, was way beyond the scope of any best man’s duties. Karina Wallace didn’t much blame him for insisting that he should sleep in his van, her parents’ house was full to bursting with relatives who all wanted to kill someone, and since her sister’s fiancee wasn’t there, his best friend would probably do just fine. But as she opened the front door, a cup of tea in her hand, she couldn’t help wondering whether it had been all that wise to tell him he should park in the driveway.’

    Enjoy your road trip!

  5. Dafyyd Jones hated dinner parties. Everyone always wanted to know what your job was, but as soon as he opened his mouth to tell people he got animals pregnant, he knew they’d pick up on his accent and try to make a joke about Welshmen and sheep.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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