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Fun and frolics

Okay, so I’m late to the party.  But this is my first blog since my return from RWA in San Diego.  So please forgive me!

RWA San Diego hadn’t been in my plans this year.  New York was fantastic but a little overwhelming last year.  However, the call in March to say I’d was a double Rita Finalist meant that I had to replan.

Let me tell you about my journey.  It wasn’t glamorous at all!  Twenty hours of flights meant that I bought myself a pair of those old TED stockings that we put on our vascular patients and reviewed some meds before I hit the plane!  I had plans when I hit San Diego. I arrived Tuesday night and lots of conference attendees don’t arrive until Wednesday.  This meant Wednesday morning could more or less be free.  So what did I do?

I shopped!  I love a good outlet!  My poor colleague Rachael Johns uttered the words as we arrived, “I’m not really looking for anything, I’ll just follow you around.”


Yeah Rach, sure!!!  Look at those bags.

RWA conference is mad.  You literally have things on from 8am to 10pm – sometimes later.  And in between all that you’re trying to go to some of the sessions.  I was blessed with spending time with some of fellow medical authors.

Amalie Berlin, Amy Ruttan and Lynne Marshall

I also had a strangely surreal experience of meeting Santa in San Diego thanks to Louisa George!


Then, there was the fun of the Harlequin party and RWA Award ceremony where I had the pleasure of sitting with fellow Harlequin author Maisey Yates as she won her Rita Award.

Rachael Johns, Emily Madden and Heidi Rice

Then I had the crazy journey home, followed by 20 hours time to pack four cases and get back to the airport for our family holiday to Tenerife!


And in no time at all, it was time for my kids to go back to school.  This is my two boys and the little cutie is niece’s daughter on her first day at school.


So, I’ll finish with my favourite ever book cover for my October release One Kiss in Tokyo…


And I’ll wish a huge congratulations for Louise George who won a Koru Award for Tempted by the Italian Surgeon!!


17 thoughts on “Fun and frolics”

  1. Love the pics, Scarlett! But tell me, WHY were you packing everyone’s cases for the Carribean when you were the one with the least amount of time? …. 😉 That is why lists were invented. I give all the men in my life a pack list.

    1. Fiona, it was hubby’s first time home alone for 6 days with the boys. I was delighted to find they’d been fed and the house hadn’t burned down! Packing the cases would have been a step too far!

  2. OH WOW that looked fun if not completely exhausting! Glad you got a bit of rest time in there and looking forward to seeing you on your next sojourn down south! I think you should get a flying unicorn to whisk you around everywhere – one with in-flight entertainment. x

    1. My inflight entertainment was the crying baby on the flight from San Diego to New York. His mum was shattered and I offered to take a spell. Four hours later……

  3. Hehe. I still giggle when I think of your shopping. You forgot to mention color changing nail polish! 😉 And I love your cover. Love it. It was great to finally meet you in person.

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