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If you build him…she will come! (Or something like that!)

Mercy me – what a naughty series of thoughts I’ve had since we’ve built our sexy French hero who’s name is…..wait for it…..A TIE! Dominic and Rafael wrestled for the main place and ended up tying so when he is in trouble with his mother he is Dominic Rafael , and when he is with our heroine…he is …I’m going to say Dominic as a first name and Rafael as a surname…So there we are. Everybody’s a winner. We also have news on our heroine…but let’s start with Monsieur Enigmatique! (I do believe that’s Franglais for mysterious).

There’s much more to building the perfect Medical Romance hero than a name and you came back in spades
Unknown-3.jpegHe’s had a past and boy was it dark. Dominic  grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, working his fingers to the bone to put himself through medical school and became a surgeon in one of Paris’s most esteemed hospital. All the hard work landed him back between a rock and a hard place when he lost his best friend’s daghter on the operating table despite being told he was too close to the case. This, in the wake of losing his wife…in the same accident. Now, the only thing that keeps him alive is guilt and the ambulance he drives round Sydney (spoiler alert on our heroine’s home!) in a quest to try and put some good back into the world.Unknown-6.jpeg

His laugh? It lights up our heroine’s world, but it’s no braying donkey laugh. It’s soft and hard to win, but between the gap in his teeth when he finally does smile and the way he drags his hand through his already-tousled dark hair to make it look even more crazy bear…it’s worth every joke in…Maggie Louis‘s  arsenal. Her jokes don’t exactly come thick and fast either. Not after getting posted to the same beachside hospital she was rushed to as a child when she nearly drowned!

But is there a spark? Boy is there ever! And Domnic doesn’t have to go all Alpha, six-pack, uber-male to prove it. When his fingers brush against Maggie’s, he always pauses  just for a moment – then meets her questioning look with a soft gaze that’s akin to a promise he would so dearly love to give. It’s much easier for him to speak openly to his mutt called Monster. Maggie’s not falling over herself to open her heart just yet either. For one thing – her house is a no-go zone. There’s always a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. She’s a paramedic and works nutty hours! Besides, when she’s got free time she spends it with her young friend who she met through the Big Sister programme or is watching black and white movies. One day, if everything pans out on the professional front, she hopes to be director of a community medical programme – putting the friendly neighbourhood Docs  straight back into the heart of the neighbourhood.Unknown-8.jpeg

Are you in love already? Stay tuned for another quiz coming soon from Annie Claydon where we really flesh this out. In the meantime, I’m going to be asking out editorial team if we should just go ahead and write this thing. Any feedback from you as to whether or not you’d want to read it would be appreciated!

We really hope you’re enjoying the quizzes/polls and are LOVING the feedback. Keep it coming! All the best from me and my pals at Harlequin/Mills & Boon xx Annie O



11 thoughts on “If you build him…she will come! (Or something like that!)”

  1. Woohoo Annie I am loving these quizzes and can’t wait to read the book I do hope that it gets there and I am sure it will be very well read and bring smiles to everyone’s faces

    Have Fun

  2. Love them! I’m so excited to find out what this gorgeous hero and heroine will be getting up to!

    And I’ve done a little fiddling with the menus so that everyone can see the making of our hero and heroine in one place. Look up at the menu bar and you’ll see an entry ‘If you build them…’ Click on that and you’ll see all of the posts and quizzes so far. xxx

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