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There’s always a first time… (and a giveaway)

There’s always a first time.  That was one of my Mum’s favourite sayings – usually in answer to one of my closely reasoned arguments about how such-and-such could never happen in a month of Sundays.  And it’s something that’s stayed with me and makes me smile – because one thing I’m certain of in this life, is that I don’t know what’s going to happen next, nor do I know what I’m going to make of it.  But the thought that we’re never quite done with ‘first times’ is one of the things that carries me forward.

Since I’ve become a writer there have been a lot of first times, and here’s the latest.  September brings the release of my first two-in-one, Rescued by Dr Rafe and Saved by the Single Dad.  Here’s the blurb for this duo.

Stranded in his arms. Falling in love in the face of danger!
As the water level rises in a Somerset village ambulance partners Mimi Sawyer and Jack Halliday race towards a pregnant woman fast approaching her due date.  But when a river bursts its banks this fearless team is separated, and Mimi and Jack find themselves facing the strongest challenge yet to the walls around their hearts…!

Rescued by Dr Rafe follows Mimi’s next move, and Saved by the Single Dad follows Jack’s.

There’s another unexpected first, too – my first Spot the Difference!  Can you see the difference between the images on the UK and US versions of Rescued by Dr Rafe?  (I think this is a relatively easy one, but you have to remember that I spend a very long time staring at every detail of my new covers 🙂 )

rescued 1rescued 2










savedAnd here’s the Australian cover for Saved by the Single Dad.  I wanted to show it to you, because the heroine on this cover is just as I imagined Cass.

I’d also like to introduce you to the two real-life women that these books are dedicated to, because they’ve both been there for me for many years and many, many firsts.  Rescued by Dr Rafe is dedicated to my sister Kath, who died suddenly last November.  My big sis always believed in me and encouraged me with whatever I wanted to do, and she’s one of the reasons that I’m here today, writing about my books.  Always loving and very much loved in return, it’s impossible not to include her in this special first.

Saved by the Single Dad, is dedicated to my dear friend Cass, whose name I borrowed for my heroine.  The one thing she has in common with the fictional Cass is that she has gorgeous red hair – but she would like to be six feet tall and I suspect she might also have a hankering to emulate Cass’s rather impressive fireman’s lift 🙂  I’m constantly thankful for her friendship and loving honesty over the years.

I have a copy of the two-in-one to give away to one commentator, so please leave a comment to be included in the draw!

And finally – for those who’ve been following our Perfect Hero and Perfect Heroine quizzes.  The answers are in, and every one of them is much appreciated!  Annie O’Neil will be bringing you more on this soon and so I’m not going to spoil the surprise she’s busy cooking up 🙂  So look out for her post, at the end of this month.

[EDIT – Adding a scan of the hardback cover for Laney]

Scan 6


15 thoughts on “There’s always a first time… (and a giveaway)”

  1. Hi Annie

    I am so sorry that you lost your sister that must have been devastating hugs and best friends are the best and I have to agree there is always a first time for everything, and I love the covers and the difference is I think is there a tattoo on the heroes back/neck on the US cover 🙂

    have Fun

    1. Thank you so much, Helen. It was devastating for all of us, but Kath stays with us in so many ways. She was an avid reader of this blog and often used to mention posts that had caught her eye, so it seems only right to remember her here, with a smile. And I agree, best friends are the best!

      Yes, you spotted the difference! Somewhere over the Atlantic, my hero lost his tattoo!

  2. The US cover male has a tattoo! And the scenic background is filtered out due to the close up. So sorry about your sister. I don’t know what I’ll do if and when I ever lose mine. We fought like cats and dogs through high school, and I was really upset with her when I came home from college for my first break to find out she had taken over my bedroom!!! Once we hit our mid-20’s we both married and had families, and she moved out of state, and we became friends again. Now every moment we have together is precious and even tho she’s 1200 miles away we manage to get together several times a year and burn up the phone lines many times weekly! And I am lucky yo have many dear friends, who I think of as my sisters from another mother. My oldest friendship began in 1963 at the age of 7, we both moved to Florida at different times and different places and have gone through many joys and sorrows together.
    I think it’s wonderful that authors dedicate books to their nearest and dearest; that’s something us non-writers can’t do!

    1. Yes, you spotted the tattoo too, Laurie! It took me a while, so your eyes must be sharper than mine.

      I reckon that Bedroom Wars must be an almost compulsory part of having a sister 🙂 My sister lived in Australia, so I can relate with the burning phone lines too, along with regular video calls. It’s fantastic how these technologies really help to keep families and friends together.

      And yes, being able to dedicate books is a rare privilege. One of my favourite parts of the process.

  3. Helen and Laurie are much more eagle-eyed than I am, because I couldn’t see it! All the covers are beautiful, and I especially love the one for Saved By The Single Dad – her gorgeous hair and the plaid are so eye-catching.

    I’m so sorry you lost your sister, Annie. I lost my brother (and only sibling) unexpectedly last year, as well, and it’s been very hard. But you’re right, they stay with us in many ways. My September release that just came out has a sibling relationship, and I dedicated the book to my brother. Yes, we’re lucky to get to do that!

    1. Robin I can only imagine how hard it has been for you, losing both your only brother and your mother in so short a time. Huge hugs. Your dedication to your brother is wonderful, and such a loving remembrance. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to do that.

      I’m so thrilled at having not just one set of covers, but two to show off 🙂 It’s hard to choose, but the one for Saved by the Single Dad is my favourite too.

  4. I too was saddened to read about your sister. I am the youngest of four, with five years between each of us. My eldest sister is 72 and we are the closest in the family. I tear up thinking of what life will be like for the remaining sibling when one of us goes. I realize it’s a part of life, but it’s a difficult one to experience, I am sure. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.

    As for the different covers, I too noticed the lack of the tattoo and at first thought, “Nah, I need to clean my glasses!” What stumps, me, though, is trying to figure out what the brownish squiggly area is in both pictures (under the “N” in Claydon on the right cover). Is it supposed to be a shadow? A shadow of what? Is his T-shirt ripped out instead? I’ve looked back at it throughout the last three hours and just can’t figure it out!

    1. Thank you Laney, your thoughts and prayers are so much appreciated. May you and your sister enjoy many more happy years, sharing all the things that sisters do!

      You’ve got me going on the squiggly area! I couldn’t add another image in my comment, so I’ve edited the blog to show (yet another) cover – this one’s the hardback version. The area you pointed out is obscured by the blue band, but lower down in the bottom right hand corner, there’s a definite fold in his T-shirt where he’s leaning towards the heroine slightly. After squinting carefully at the other covers I’ve come to the conclusion that the squiggles are also folds in his t-shirt.

      Right at the bottom of the new image, you can see his elbow and her forearm – it looks to me as if she has linked her right arm around his. So I think that the brownish background is the upper part of heroine’s right arm, in soft focus.

      Phew! Does that make sense?? I hope that the cover fairies are pleased with our careful assessment of their work 🙂

  5. Hugs on the loss of your sister, Annie. She sounds all kinds of awesome and you must have a terrible hole there now. I love that she used to read this blog! I will think of the blog entirely differently now.

    My BFF and I have known each other since I was 13. We live a fair distance from each other but we still see each other a lot considering. Her and her hubby and me and my hubby went on a Med cruise together in April/May. I’m hoping there’ll be lots more travelling together in the future.

    I love the Aus cover too! I love it when they nail your characters 🙂 They’ve totally nailed the heroine in my Oct medical release too!

    1. Thank you Amy – she was all kinds of awesome – like all sisters I think, but our own are always extra-special.

      Love that you and your hubby have been travelling with your BFF and her hubby. I’m getting to really appreciate the friends who remember me from way back, there’s something special about someone who’s been with you through all those years. Funny how life goes around in circles sometimes. Playing together when you were 13 and still doing it now you’re both grown 🙂

  6. And the winner of the giveaway. Somehow I managed to pull three names out of the hat and not just one 🙂

    So Helen, Laurie and Laney, if you’ll drop me a line at annie@annieclaydon.com and remind me of your addresses, I’ll put a copy of ‘Rescued by Dr Rafe’ and ‘Saved by the Single Dad’ into the post to each of you. Thank you for taking part!

    1. Hi Annie, my book arrived today. I think my mailman gets more excited by overseas deliveries for me than I do! He actually brought it up to the door, when it was small enough to leave in the mailbox at the street! Guess what I will be doing tonight???? 🙂

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