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Spring! Reasons to be cheerful…

Happy September! Which, to those of us in the southern hemisphere, means spring and all things new and fresh and hopeful. We’ve had a pretty soggy winter here in NZ, so it’s lovely to think we’re turning a corner.

I’m fighting a cold/cough here, at the moment, and my head’s in a funk so I thought I’d try cheer myself up with 5 things making me smile today:

IMG_4190.JPGMedications 😉

I am so thankful to the scientists who strive to make us feel better when, in reality, there’s not a lot we can do for the common cold except ride it out. But here’s what’s in my armoury today. I figured that if the paracetamol/tissues/cough lozenges don’t work then I can go to my grandma’s favourite remedy- a hot toddy!

IMG_4193.JPGColour in the garden!

Hurrah! my garden is starting to look less like a swamp and more like a place where I can sit and write/read/enjoy. So nice to have some warmer fresh air. I started to weed the herb garden yesterday and am looking forward to all the lovely summer herbs we’re going to grow.





New season= new furniture= cats new favourite place to sit. I now have to go outside armed with lint roll if I want to use my new sofas! (Bless them- 13 years old and still going strong)


Secret Art of Forgiveness.jpgNew Book!

I had a new book out on the 1st September. A bit of a departure for me as it’s more women’s fiction than romance. Here’s the blurb:

Living in a big city, means you can escape your past…
Until Emily Forrester is called back to Little Duxbury, the chocolate-box English village where she grew up – though it was anything but idyllic for the tearaway teenager. Her estranged step-father, a former high-court judge, is unwell and her step-sisters need her help.

It’s just a week, Emily tells herself, but faced with the lies – and hard truths – that drove her to leave in the first place is difficult enough. Having to cope with a step-father (and the only parent she has left) who is so unlike the man she remembers pushes Emily’s emotions in ways she hasn’t been tested in years – since her mother’s death.

They say home is where the heart is – but by the end of the week, Emily isn’t entirely sure which home that is.

Father’s Day


Yesterday was NZ and Australia Father’s Day. Not sure why we have it when we do or why it’s different to other countries, but it was lovely to spend the day with hubster celebrating him. Unfortunately our boys are a two hour flight away, so it was just us at home, but we had a gorgeous lunch out, watched a documentary about rugby legend Richie McCaw and then met friends for pizza. But The Doc did get to chat to his sons via FaceTime and they both made a long distance fuss of him which was well deserved. Here’s to all the amazing dads!!!

What’s making you smile today?






14 thoughts on “Spring! Reasons to be cheerful…”

  1. Spring! Although it is going to be warm this week and I that may dash my hopes of ski-ing in a couple of weeks. Hope you feel better soon. All the best for the new book. EXCITING!

  2. Colds are the worst! My mom used to keep a pint of medicinal blackberry brandy for the cough….not sure if it actually worked or just made us kids sleep! We also had warm camphor oil rubbed on our chest. The smell of those 2 combined was something else. (Shuddering)
    Today I am smiling at new pictures of my grandson dressed up for the start of American Football in his parents team colors and wondering if he had to change outfits because his parents each like a different team! I am also happy because today we have 2 birthdays in our small family, my sister and my daughter-in-law. And i am smiling because my sister is coming to visit in November, she bought tickets yesterday! I am also happy counting down the days until Bridget Jones’ Baby opens: waiting for Novembers cooler, less rainy and humid weather; and the start of the new TV season in 3 weeks (reruns are getting old)
    I also have a 13.5 year old black kitty, but no white furniture!
    Finally I have a question for all you UK/AU/NZ authors. What does WAG mean? I’m pretty sure it’s a woman who wants social status from being with a guy, but I can’r figure out the acronym!

    1. Wow, you have so many reasons to smile today Laurie! Happy birthday to the birthday girls! I, too, am excited about the new Bridget Jones movie- i saw the shorts for it at the movies the other day and it looks great!
      WAG means Wives And Girlfriends – usually of some celebrity sport star. They are known for hanging around bars where they know sports teams go and targeting particular ones as potential partners! So yes- you have it correct.

  3. Hi Louisa

    I am sorry you have a cold sending hugs to get better quick and yes today the sun is shining here in Oz and it apparently will be a glorious week and yes we too had a very wet winter so for me reading time and hopefully catching up with my new granddaughter I now have 8 grandkids and three of them are red heads you gotta love that 🙂

    I do have your new book calling to me from my kindle won’t be long till I get to it

    Have Fun

  4. Congratulations on your new book, Louisa! Looks wonderful – here’s hoping for many readers!

    I’m smiling at the idea of fall arriving 🙂 It’s only an idea at the moment, because after two days of the weather finally cooling off, it’s gotten hot again – though not as brutally hot as the past month has been. Ugh! I’m smiling at the idea of getting my office in order and inviting, which is currently a catastrophe, before I start my next book. You’ll note that’s currently just an ‘idea’ too 🙂 And I’m really smiling that all three of my children, astonishingly, will be home for a bit. Daughter is between apartments for the month, son just moved into one before school starts for him, but is working close to home for the next week or so and staying here because of it, and youngest is stuck with us all the time. Cooking for them and having meals all together is very smile-worthy!

    1. Aww, all the family together is a very good reason for smiles! Good luck on tidying the office (aka procrastination, in my book!). Hugs on the heat! I hope it starts to cool off soon xxx

  5. Louisa,
    You made me smile today. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well but it was nice to see you have a new book out and the picture of your menfolk. It is fall here and starting to get cool. Which is much needed after the super hot summer. I’m glad I live where there are four season. Each one has its own pleasures.

  6. Grr, that cough/cold is such a pain. Hope yours goes quickly. I’m smiling at the moment because after spending most of the day on revisions I went for a walk and got to talk to a few people on the way – that’s not always normal out here. Somehow the hens don’t quite cut it when I’m in need of a chat. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your latest too.

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