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A Visit to the Art Museum

Two of my husband’s cousins are visiting from out of state this week, and while we’ve had a number of get-togethers with relatives in the evenings, we wanted to do something fun with them during the day.  They live in Arkansas near several wonderful lakes, so when we visit there, we swim and tube behind their pontoon boats, and fish. Since we don’t have such a nice waterway, or a boat, we had to come up with something else to do! 🙂  And since it’s been ridiculously hot and humid and threatening rain, something indoors seemed like a good idea.

So we chose to visit our local art museum. While it was founded in 1878, we didn’t have many big benefactors until recent years, but in the past thirty or so years, it’s grown quite a bit. This month, there’s a Picasso exhibit, which we went to first. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of his work, but I like this quote of his that was on the wall. There are things I definitely don’t want to put off! (though housework isn’t one of them 🙂 )


After Picasso, we went into the new wing full of modern art.  Frankly, some of it is a bit hard for me to enjoy – a little weird! 🙂  But I liked this wire sculpture hanging from the ceiling – can you see the upside-down man inside it?  And I loved the horse made of branches.


We moved on to more traditional works in the original museum building. I adore the folk art work of a local man, Elijah Pierce (1892 – 1984) who was born the son of a slave in Mississippi and eventually moved here. He worked as a barber and a preacher, and began carving wood when he was just a child. His Book of Wood tells the story of Jesus in pictures, which he would take with him to show people as he preached.  It is truly incredible!  I got to meet him late in his life when our state fair exhibited his work and he was there – such a sweet, gentle man. Here’s just one of his pieces.


I love the face on this child.  Isn’t she beautiful? I left the name of the artist in the car my husband is currently driving, so will have to add it when he comes home 🙂


Here’s an impressive glass sculpture made by Chihuly, and glass ‘boats’ hanging from the ceiling above a staircase. So pretty and amazing! I’d love to watch as they created them.


I could post lots more photos of the art we saw, but think I’ll close with the outside of the building.  Here’s me in front of a huge sculpture I can’t say that I particularly like (though it is eye-catching) and the giant word ART over the street, next to the college of art and design which is close to the museum.


Do you enjoy art museums?  Any particular kind of art you like or don’t like?  Any favorite artists?

Oh, and by the way, I have a new release out this month, Reunited With His Runaway Bride.  Please stop by this blog again next week on September 14, as I’ll be posting an excerpt and having a giveaway!



15 thoughts on “A Visit to the Art Museum”

  1. I love Van Gogh’s paintings! I’m also a big fan of Dr. Who so that might explain that preference, LOL! Big fan of Monet too! Both are calming to me. Will have to put your book on my TBR pile! Have a great day Robin!

    1. Hi, Paulette! I didn’t even realize the connection between Dr. Who and Van Gogh until you mentioned it and I had to look it up! Thanks for educating me (and motivating me to finally watch Dr. Who, which I haven’t done). I love Monet, too – calming is a good way to describe it. Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

  2. Here in Orlando there are a few art museums, but I haven’t been to them for a few years. When the boys were younger, we would go to Disney Worlds MGM Studios, they had an animation gallery and tour back in the 90’s that fascinated me. I also like the Chihuly glass, I spent a couple days in Seattle before a cruise and we went to his garden and glass center there, it was breathtaking. I also saw his ceiling piece at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and he also did work for the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. The colors are just amazing!
    I’m not a big abstract art fan, prefer the classics. Would love to travel the art museums in Europe and see their treasures!

    1. Wow, getting to see Chihuly’s garden and glass center must have been amazing!

      I’ve gotten to see some of the incredible museums in Italy and Greece, but nowhere else outside the U.S. High on my bucket list! Thanks for stopping by Laurie 🙂

  3. Hi Robin

    Sounds like a fabulous day was had by all 🙂 I am not a big art fan although there are of course paintings that will grab me when I am in buildings throughout town I normally like something that is bright and vibrant or a face that calls to me I do love those sculptures and the painting of the little girl

    Have Fun

    BTW Loved your new story such a beautiful story 🙂

  4. That Picasso quote is so right so why the heck have I spent the morning on housework it’s a beautiful morning and I could be out there enjoying it! 🙂 I don’t visit galleries these days and seeing your photos I know I should start again. I’m missing so much. Great blog, Robin.

    Sue Mackay, medical author.

    1. I used to take the kids to the gallery when they were younger, and my late mother enjoyed going occasionally, but hadn’t been there in some time, Sue. I really enjoyed it, and definitely plan to go a little more often. Funny how we will go to see things (shows, museums, etc) when we’re traveling, but often ignore the ones in our own back yard, isn’t it?

  5. Art is kind of subjective, isn’t it…. I do love visiting art galleries though, Robin, especially in other countries because its always interesting.
    I dragged my kids around the National Gallery in London after a very long day of sightseeing. They were less than enthusiastic. I dragged them off lounges and made them look at paintings by famous dead guys that were 500/600 years old because even if the subject matter isn’t something they can relate to, their age alone is mind blowing. I’m hoping one day they’ll thank me for the culture I’ve tried to force feed them 🙂

    1. Definitely subjective, Amy! And I think exposing our kids to art, and so many other things they may not think they’re interested in, is so important to them being well-rounded adults – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it later! 🙂

  6. This may be wrong – but I like visiting art galleries to go to the cafe and eavesdrop on everyone. My favourite gallery is the Portrait Gallery in London. I’m from Seattle so feel as if all Chihuly’s are part of my genetic makeup (turns out they’re not because I’m klutzy and he is not) – but I love those glass boats – they look amazing!


    1. I hadn’t thought of eavesdropping at galleries, Annie – my eavesdropping location of choice is usually Starbucks 🙂 Will definitely have to give that a try!

      I’ll have to be sure to get to the Portrait Gallery when I eventually get to London – hoping to plan a trip there soon! xoxo

      1. Yahoo!!! Let me know when you come – we can get a gaggle of us together and go to the Portrait Gallery. It’s GREAT. You get to make up stories about everyone…except for all the super duper famous people. But I love it there. And eavesdropping in a gallery is GLORIOUS fun. x

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