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Puppies, Puddles and Pant legs

I’m away at a horse show today, but while I’m gone, I’ll share some pictures of our newest addition to the family. A puppy! A cute, uncomplicated, well-mannered little doll. Okay, so none of that is true except for the cute part. You can guess from the title of this blog post that a) we have a puppy, b) she makes puddles in unfortunate places, and c) she has a penchant for grabbing the hem of our jeans and letting herself be dragged along (no matter how many times we tell her that it’s simply unacceptable).

Yesterday I was texting my husband about the puppy’s latest escapades, and he finally texted back: I thought empty nests were supposed to be quiet (we just sent our youngest off to college last year). Hmmm…he had me there. I finally responded: Well that would be true, if we actually left it empty. Score one for me. Or maybe that point goes to the puppy.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite puppy moments:

  1. The day we brought her home from our friends’ house, where she was born. One would never suspect the changes that would soon befall our little household, where only a cat, a chinchilla, and an elderly pug reside.img_0195
  2. . This is our pup’s normal routine: Find stuff. Chew stuff. Make puddles and piles. img_0220
  3. Redecorating the house. Every home needs a dead tree in it, according to Miss Puppy. And yes she can fit through the cat door. For now. She’s only nine weeks old and growing fast!oreos-tree
  4. Getting ready for bed. My favorite time of day. She loves her pillow. And we love that she loves her pillow.oreos-bed

What about you? Any funny pet stories you would like to share? Or training tips that have gotten you through the worst of the worst?

And because I also have a book being released this month, I’ll share my cover. I can’t help but wonder what this sweet scene might look like if our puppy had her way! a-daddy-for-her-daughter


7 thoughts on “Puppies, Puddles and Pant legs”

  1. Hi Tina
    Oh I love your puppy so cute I love puppies even if they are naughty at times they still make me smile we have been through a few over the year we have a Maremma at the moment Casper and he Is 3 and was such a good puppy but he is an outside dog so no puddles he is so loving I would be lost without him 🙂

    Love that cover and title I need to get this one 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen!! We love our puppy too. She has some Labrador in her so she is going to be a pretty big dog. Your Casper sounds wonderful. I had to look up a Maremma to see what they look like, and oh my! Super, super beautiful!

  2. What a pretty pup she is, Tina! I’m sure that face makes it hard for you to stay annoyed with her for very long. 🙂 I have no training tips – I’m pretty much the worst dog trainer in the world. It hasn’t helped that our dog (an English Bull, American Bull mix) is “a lot of dog” according to a trainer – not the best choice for first-time dog owners! He’s now six, and I’ve just started taking him to training again (they swear it’s not too late!) to cure a few bad habits. He listens so well to the trainer…me, not so much yet. It’s really me who’s being trained. 😉

    Good luck!

    1. I think I need trained too, Gianna. We’ve had a Lab before, so I kind of know what to expect. But she’s a mix between English Bulldog, Boxer, and Chocolate Lab, so there’s quite a variety in there. I see more of the Lab in her as far as looks goes. But I spotted some brown on her head when she’s was in the sun a few days ago, so we’ll see what she looks like when she matures. Good luck with your dog training!

  3. What a cutie! I’d love to have had a dog, but a cat made more sense for me because I was working full time nights when I decided to get a pet….. less training and much quieter than a barking puppy. I get my puppy dose from Tutu, the next door neighbor’s elderly chihuahua!

    1. Laurie, you have the best of both worlds! You get your puppy fix and can hand that cutie over when you’ve loved on her a while. We have a cat too, and can I just say EASY? He is hands down the easiest pet we’ve ever had. He likes to snuggle for a while, and then go off and do his own thing. The puppy, on the other hand has separation anxiety and has learned to push our bathroom’s sliding barn-style door open with her nose. So it has to be locked at all times, if you don’t want to have an unexpected visitor. 🙂

      1. Pets just want to supervise our bathroom time!!! That’s really the only time my Roxie gets separation anxiety! Roxie is low maintenance, except at 4 am when she decides it’s time for her to be adored.

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