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The Magic of a Fairy GodDaughter

So. I’m just going to say it. I didn’t get children. I wanted them. Didn’t get them. But now I am uber-blessed with dogs, cows, a husband who makes me laugh like a hyena and some GREAT godchildren. One of them lives next door so it’s a bit like having a high-end rental daughter. She is nine. Calls me up – has since she was six – when the need comes upon her to make cupcakes and watch inspirational sports dramas. She is my kind of gal!

Yesterday we went up to London to watch Stomp! because she told me she liked the sound the latch made at a hotel where she recently stayed. We must go see something extremely noisy, I extrapolated from this conversation. And there were unexpected bonus parts of the trip. I wore a sweater that said ‘Follow Your Heart’ and she turned up with a sweater with hearts on it. Boom. Job done. I have had a magic wand app on my phone for ages and have never used it because “it didn’t work.” Guess who figured it out. Kaching! And the app that makes your face weird. Turns out that one works, too.

She also inspired me to get back the courage to try cartwheeling. I don’t know where I lost it. My cartwheeling mojo – but heck! I was in my mid-forties and was conceding my cartwheeling days were over. Well too bad for that! Now, I not only cartwheel, I am learning how to climb a rope. A really long one.img_2725

The long and short of it is – she’s my fairy god-daughter. Sure she needs to be fuelled with chocolate buttons and cheese and onion crisps (cheese and onion??? I ask you!) – but she is a champ and I wouldn’t take back a single moment of our time together even if she refused to believe that the production of Hansel and Gretel we were going to see was actually in Russian. (One can only carry a ruse so far).

Bonus question for you, though…how do you get the main track from ‘Frozen’ out of your head when you’ve sung it four gazillion times?


Oh! And on the book front – I don’t have a book coming out until November – but I’m SUPER excited about it even though I think the hero doesn’t look exxxxx-actly like the hero inside. HEY! That’s another question for you as readers and writers – how much does the cover art affect you? If the hero and heroine don’t look a think like the cover – do you care?

Alright everyone – time to sign off! All the best and see you soon! x Annie O’



17 thoughts on “The Magic of a Fairy GodDaughter”

  1. It has to be said your fairy goddaughter is absolutely gorgeous! I bet she loves you as much as you lov her and I very impressed by that rope you’re climbing!

    1. Isn’t she a beaut? And lucky me – her shoe size has just surpassed mine – so I get hand me downs! I haven’t reached the top of the rope yet…but let me assure you I will be crowing about it when it happens! x

  2. Annie,
    Your fairy god-daughter sounds wonderful. Even better when you can do fun stuff. It’s nice to have a young person who thinks you are cool. Your own children often don’t. You both will always remember you good times together.

    1. Ha! Bless you. I am trying to take extreme advantage of this time when she thinks I am cool. I am relatively certain there will come a time when building gingerbread houses will lose its lustre…I may have to graduate her from inspirational sports dramas to street dance movies. Her mother may grow to rue her decision!!

  3. Hi Annie

    Oh you have the best fairy god daughter she is gorgeous and sounds like so much fun and the love is fabulous 🙂

    Love that cover and I love Chrissy stories I look forward to this one 🙂

    Have Fun

  4. Aw, your post about your beautiful goddaughter makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy, Annie 🙂 How lucky both of you are to have such a special relationship!

    Can I say I’m seriously impressed that you’re climbing that rope?? Not easy for women to have that kind of upper-body strength – wow!

    As for your cover, alas, I know readers do care if the people on the cover don’t seem to match the characters in the story. One of my releases had the face of the heroine quite large on the cover, and while she was appealing, she had brown eyes and the character had very blue ones. A surprising number of people told me how much that bothered them! But perhaps readers will feel the cover matches your hero perfectly, even if you’re not seeing it right now. Yay for Christmas books! 🙂

    1. You’re so great Robin! I must confess at this point – that I spent TWO MONTHS laying on the mat at the bottom of the rope just pulling myself up from the lying down position. Turns out that’s really hard, too. I still haven’t hit the top. I got within a yard on Monday. I’m having another go on Saturday and you can bet I’m going to brag about it when I do hit it!

      I also hear you on the covers – I suppose reading a romance is such a visual affair – you have to be able to picture everything and if the cover is incongruous….ah well – thank goodness most of our readers have vivid imaginations! Hip hip hooray for Christmas books!xx

  5. What a great God-daughter! She is precious! I read and buy most of my books on my old kindle, so the covers are microscopic and black and white when i go to read them. I find myself going back to the amazon site to view the color picture to fix the character in my mind, or verify the description. It’s nice when they match! otherwise I have 2 pictures of the same charachter dancing in my brain…..
    PS: if my kids read this, mom wants Santa to bring her a tablet or a kindle fire this year!

    1. Ha! Nice way to get the Christmas wish out there Laurie. Good for you. I like it when the pictures match as well….let’s hope readers think he looks more like the image I had in my head! X Annie O’

  6. That is SUCH a lovely post – glad you’re having such a good time with your goddaughter. (My BFF is godmother to my two, and they adore her the same way your goddaughter clearly adores you.) Lots of love to you. (And… magic wand app? Is it Apple? – please please please point me in the right direction!) xxx

    1. Ooo – Magic wand app is apple. I don’t have my phone on me – but I looked up wands and you can shoot all sorts of cool spells and stars and hearts at people. Most exciting. xoxox Annie O’

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