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Operation Renovation Rescue

We’re thrilled to have Nicki Edwards guest blogging with us today.  Welcome back, Nicki!

headshot-1Thanks for having me on the blog today.

It’s been a hectic three months in my little world. Apart from starting a new job in ICU at a brand new hospital (Google Epworth Geelong – it’s like a hotel!), we bought a house! A fixer upper. A dark, 1970’s era, Spanish?-themed house with lots of internal bricks and dark timberwork. A home in desperate need of a renovation rescue.

After settlement, prior to moving in, I spent the next four weeks renovating it (along with a team of awesome ‘tradies’) and the result is a sun-filled dream home.

Anyone who has ever renovated a house (I am a first timer) will tell you that things tend to snowball once you get started. For example, I wasn’t going to paint the entire house, yet I did. I wasn’t going to replace all the old door handles and door knobs, yet I did. I wasn’t going to replace the old curtains, yet I did. The list goes on …

The best thing we did was remove some load bearing brick walls and replace them with an eight metre steel beam in the roof. Best money I’ve ever spent although at the time I almost needed resuscitating when the engineer’s bill came in!

I say “I” because my DH, whom I adore, is best kept away from anything technical, mechanical or construction-related. Put it this way, he once broke a light bulb while screwing it in! He visited the building site regularly, purchased coffee for everyone and generally admired all my hard work. (He also picked up the slack at home, cooking, cleaning and getting kids where they needed to be.)

In the final week, I felt like I was on an episode of The Block, which is an Australian TV show where couples renovate entire houses or apartments room by room week by week for a chance to win the prize at the end. I kept waiting for someone to walk in, blow a whistle and call out “tools down”. We certainly cut it fine with the plumber still here at 4pm on moving day making sure I had hot water. Thank god for plumbers. That moving day shower was the best!

There were a few minor hiccups along the way, two potential big disasters (both averted) and a few tears. One day I painted all day, did night duty at the hospital, then returned to the house and painted again all day. To say I was wiped is an understatement. My poor builder wore the brunt of my exhaustion and tears that day. Lucky I’ve known him since he was a ten year old kid and he treats me like his Mum!

It was hard work, but we have a modern home we all adore. And sh, don’t tell hubby, I’d do it all again tomorrow.

So apart from the fact I can now add builder’s apprentice to my resume, I have wonderful new fodder for my next book. Yes, in an author’s world, everything is research, and I therefore promise a tradie or two and a home renovation in my next book!

Here’s some before and after photos in case you’re, like me, fascinated with home renovations shows. Can someone please say #chipandjo?



8 thoughts on “Operation Renovation Rescue”

  1. Oh wow, what an amazing change you are making, Nicki. I have renovated a few homes and absolutely love the changes we can make. It can be addictive. I don’t watch the TV shows though. Rather do than watch.
    It’s great to have you here.

  2. That looks amazing Nikki, congrats on your new home. We did up our home (while living in it!) with a 6 month old baby and working full time. I remember the stress well. I absolutely refused to let anyone take before pictures because I didn’t want anyone to remind me what I lived in!

  3. Hi Nikki

    WOW that is an amazing make over love it and you deserve a holiday now or a least a rest in your new beautiful home

    Huge congrats on the new release it has fallen onto my kindle now give me some more hours in the day 🙂

    Have Fun

  4. WOW! your “new” house is gorgeous. I have never undergone a renovation, until we had water damage( from a fallen tree on my roof) hurricane in 2004. I had to have my small kitchen redone, but we had to wait until the roof was fixed first, which took 3 months until we could get someone to fix it because everyone else needed roofing repairs, and our was a lower priority. Thank goodness my brother in law in another state persuaded his friend to help us out, otherwise we would have waited longer. My kitchen was usable in the meantime, but we had to remove all the upper cupboards that were damaged to avoid mold damage. The 2 weeks I was without a kitchen during the repairs was a pain…cooking on a hot plate and microwave and washing dishes in the bathroom was not fun, and as my house was 40 years old, it had to have electric and plumbing changes brought up to code. The saving grace was I had good insurance, so it paid for the repairs and updates, the only things I had to pay for were the black sink and the upgraded lights I wanted!.
    Your new hospital is lovely, seems most hospitals in the states are going in that direction, with all the luxury bells and whistles of a fancy hotel. Too bad they don’t pay the nurses and other staff more to keep them happy!

  5. You renovation looks fabulous, Nicki! I’m sure you’re grinning every time you walk in, feeling proud of your accomplishment, as you should be 🙂

    We renovated our kitchen two years after we moved in (and we moved in three days before my youngest was born – not very good planning!) For those two years, I lived with a kitchen that had two drawers and a two-burner stove (not to mention it was hideous to look at) and was beyond happy to finally remodel it. Except I well remember having the dining room set up with a microwave and slow cooker, and fixing foods on the grill as much as possible, with all five of us huddled in our small master bedroom to do homework and watch TV in the evening, as the family room next to the kitchen was receiving updating too. Not a fun time! But kind of like giving birth, you almost forget all the pain when you get to look at the beautiful result 🙂

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