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So coming up next week the DH and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. You can say it was love at first sight, because it really was. We met New Years 1999, when it was  turning into 2000. We didn’t start really dating until spring 2001 and we were engaged in August 2001.

Me and my DH, his sisters and grandmother.

October 2002 on Canadian Thanksgiving (because I love turkey) we were married.

My DH proposed to me at one of my most favourite places in the world. North Bay, Ontario. I know that doesn’t seem glamorous, but I spent many happy summers and falls in North Bay, Ontario. My father’s family is from the north and I love the north.

The beach at Sunset Inn North Bay, Ontario. Where the DH proposed. The lake is Lake Nipissing.











Now, 14 years later we’re going back to the north, not quite North Bay though. We’re going to Algonquin Park.

The famous Fall colours of Algonquin.

In all my travels to the north I’ve never actually been to Algonquin Park, which is sort of a travesty. My paternal grandfather (who was quite venerable when my father was born so I never knew him) worked in the park in 1917, building railroads and knew famous Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson and remembers distinctly when the artist was murdered, though this disputed I believe.

My paternal grandfather. He was born in April 1885 and helped build the rail way to northern Ontario, including the Polar Bear Express.

My father said his father always stated that Tom was murdered. My grandfather was friends with him.

Algonquin is also famous for the fall colours. I’ve always wanted to see them. So, this year my DH said “Let’s go!” And booked us in at a resort only for couples outside the east gate of the park.

I’m SO excited, but slightly nervous as this is Moose rutting season and they like to hang out on the roads.

You don’t want to mess with these guys!

I’m also nervous because I’m going to be totally unplugged and I’m right in the throes of a deadline for my fifteenth book. So right now I’m trying to get in as many words as I can so I can enjoy my three days away from everything (which is why I was late posting here today).

To all my Canadian friends HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And to everyone else, what’s your favourite part of Autumn?

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12 thoughts on “Fall”

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I do too! I don’t need to see that and I really, really, really don’t want to hit one. Though, if I do see one (hopefully from a distance) that will be another big Canadian animal off my list.

  1. Love the wedding pic, Amy! 🙂
    We dont have autumn in my part of the world which is why Vermont and all that area around there are on my bucket list to travel to in Autumn and admire all those gorgeous colours!

    1. They are a sight to see! If you ever come to Canada in the autumn, head north of Toronto because the colours down in southern Ontario aren’t as spectacular due to pollution. I do remember when when it was nicer than it has been in years, which is why I’m looking forward to going up north.

      Also, I do love Vermont and New Hampshire too!

      1. PEI is where I’d love to go – Anne of GG inspired me to see it and I know they have spectacular autumns there too!

  2. Hi Amy

    Woohoo happy anniversary and have a fabulous 3 day break you so deserve it 🙂

    We are in spring now down under but I prefer autumn love the crisp mornings the cooler weather but then again all of the flowers and trees are starting to burst here at the moment and it is very pretty 🙂

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks, Helen! I’m counting down the days until next weekend! This weekend I’m making the family tours for turkey! LOL

  3. Happy anniversary, Amy! What beautiful photos. I hope you have a wonderful trip, and that all moose stay at least fifty feet away 🙂

    1. Thank you! They better stay away. I would love to see one from a distance and not in my car headed straight for it. I’m also hope for some northern lights.

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