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Learning to pace oneself …

As I am writing this I am thinking about how easy life would be some days if only there were two … or three of me. Then I realize that I am the one solely responsible for creating job opportunities for clones. I need to slow down and pace myself but that is easier said than done when I have a bucket list that is overflowing – amazing family and friends with whom I want to spend as much time as possible; a day job I really enjoy; my writing which brings me so much joy; my fur children who love walks and cuddles; the ‘to be read’ pile of books in the study (many brought home from the amazing ‘Ain’t Love Grand conference) ; and a room full of beautiful fabrics begging to be brought to life and made into outfits.


And let’s not forget the gym … which I need more than ever after a winter of wonderful family gatherings with too much delicious Greek food.


Apart from the obvious difficulty in arranging a clone,  an equally difficult part would be deciding which bits of my super busy life to hand over to someone else.  I don’t think that decision would come easily  as I love each and every bit of it.  Even the sad times and the disappointing moments make my life complete.  All of it brings me joy, challenges, enormous satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

Eldest daughter asked me to stay a few extra days in Sydney recently, so of course I agreed. And it meant that I attended my first NRL grand final and my first day at the Randwick races.  Life is so full of exciting experiences that need to be embraced and I do find it difficult to pace myself.


Just as I thought I was getting close to limiting my activities … yesterday I noticed something on the way to do the grocery shopping (actually the supermarket visit is one chore I could readily hand over to my clone).  A sign announcing bridge lessons for beginners caught my attention. A light went off in my brain and a tiny opening appeared in my calendar.  I have always wanted to learn to play bridge.  I can’t play any seriously grown up social card games. My expertise in this area is limited to UNO and snap.


So I have decided I will learn bridge … but lessons will wait until next year.

Do you struggle to pace yourself … or is saying no a little easier  for you?


10 thoughts on “Learning to pace oneself …”

  1. Susanne,
    I so feel you pain. There is not enough of me to go around or time to spend doing all I want to do. Between books I try to take a couple of weeks and just do some of those things. It rejuvenates me making my creative juices flow.

  2. I want a CFO clone to take over all the boring business details of my life..paying bills, worrying about money,, etc; a housecleaning clone to do the dirty work, and a male nurse clone to take care of my disabled husband and chauffeur him to his Dr. Appointments. Then I’d have plenty of time to read, craft, and play with my new grandbaby! Of course cloning is expensive and I guess I’d better work on finding the lucky lotto numbers first!

  3. Hi Susanne

    I am with you so much to do and so little time and you are heaps busier than me I do hope that you learn to play bridge me time is always special to us all and needed.

    I still can’t believe that we actually saw and talked to each other in a crowd of over 83000 people at that grand final in Sydney it was awesome I am a rugby league fan although neither of my teams where playing I was over the moon that the Sharks won it was a fab day topped of with a chat to you 🙂

    Have Fun

  4. Hey Susanne! I’m getting better at saying no but it’s taken a good few decades!
    Good on you for the Bridge thing. I confess I’ve always wanted to learn too! Another thing I keep saying I’m going to do and never get around to is doing a conversational Italian class. I really really really MUST do something about that!

    1. Hi Amy, I think a conversational Italian class would be useful in so many ways … one is traveling to Italy … another would be ordering at a great Italian eatery … and the third would conversing with your Italian hero … who can say no to a man with a sexy accent??? Bridge suddenly looks a little dull…. maybe I should do conversational Spanish! 🙂

  5. I love that you’ve decided to learn to play Bridge, Susanne. I’m with you in being very limited in adult card games, other than Euchre – unless solitaire counts, which I play occasionally to decompress 🙂

    Yes, it’s hard to find enough time to do everything I want and need to do! But I’m also acknowledging that I waste time, too, and am trying hard to be more structured with my day. Will see if that actually works!

    1. I can play solitaire but Euchre still trumps Snap! I do agree sometimes I think I have wasted time and achieved little … but then some days you need to have no structure and no stop watch and just enjoy being unproductive and allow your brain to rest… it’s good for the soul too! 🙂

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