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Finding a new hero….

It’s that time again.  I’m just about to start a new book.  This will be a Christmas one for next year and I’m frantically searching for my latest hero.

I always have a few personal favourites in the back of my head.


George has always been a personal favourite, particularly the scene where he was all wet rescuing a child from a storm drain…


But then I’m a bit partial to Patrick too.  Shame on you Shonda Rhimes.   Grey’s will never be the same again.


Most of you will know I like a bit of sci-fi too.  Captain Picard will always be the best starship Captain.  He might be lacking in hair, but he definitely makes up for it in ethics and an absolute sense of rightness.  I particularly loved him as a Borg…..



Then there is the new Spock.  I LOVE Zachary Quinto.  The hair is definitely questionable, as is the eyebrows, but the characterisation is spot on.

Finally there’s a new boy in town.


I was very partial to Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.  So much to love.  (We won’t discuss the girl in the white suit!)

But I’m still no closer.   I’m starting this book on 1 November, so I guess that still gives me a few days to research my hero.  Doesn’t it ladies??

I”m also on a book fest at the moment.  I have two releases, one medical and one romance so take your pick!

Christmas in the Boss’s Castle got me my 25 book pin from Harlequin this year and that might make it my favourite!

Finally I went a little crazy the other day. Flo Nichol one of the Mills and Boon eds tweeted a picture of some vintage coasters with Mills and Boon book covers  on them. I have hunted everywhere but couldn’t find a set. So I made a set of my own.

My teenage son is wise beyond his years. He took one look when they arrived and said “yeah nice, but we won’t actually be allowed to use them, will we?”

You know Elliott, you might be right!



8 thoughts on “Finding a new hero….”

  1. Nothing like a sexy doctor. Sadly when I was a young nurse ( and married at 22), I worked at a community hospital where there were no med students, residents or fellow, just older doctors who didn’t look like any McDreamy…..or act like one either! The most scandalous thing was when a 50 something doctor took up with a 35 year old nurse and got divorced. When I was in my early 40’s I moved to a large hospital where I was the unit manager of a large OB unit. It had another set of problems besides patient care issues.I had very new young nurses, college students who worked as secretaries and assistants, mixed with medical students, residents and younger doctors doing fellowships. Hormones and heartbreak were routine occurrence. It just flummoxed me, because I had never seen this before. Thank goodness you all write good stories that are entertaining and not so sordid!

    1. Hi Laurie, I’ve worked as a nurse for 26 yrs now and have yet to come across anyone like McDreamy! My own hero is a gas man – not medical at all. This could be why I write fiction!

  2. Love those coasters, Scarlet!! Love love love! I want me some….may have to show hubby this blog and drop some hints. On second thoughts, maybe I’ll show it my daughter and drop some hints…. 🙂

    I too am on the hero hunt as I will be starting my medical (a christmas book!!) on Nov 1st too! I gather you are also doing NaNoWriMo? Looks like we might be all cosied up on a shelf this time next year 🙂

    1. I’m hoping to write this book in a month but am still working full time so will just have to see. Good luck Amy! I also have a set of revisions due….

  3. Hi Scarlett

    WOW those coasters are awesome I love them 🙂

    George Clooney for me it must be hard choosing a hero and can I say that I have just read One Kiss in Tokyo and I loved it I want to be kissed on that crossing 🙂

    Have Fun

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