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Tempting Christmas Tidbits!


All through the hospital…magic was stirring 

It might be Christmas, but Dr. Katie McGann would prefer to bury her head in her work than celebrate. Until her estranged husband Dr. Josh West strides into the ER, turning heads and making her heart flip. 

Two years ago their world and their dreams ended, and they had to part. But Josh vowed never to stop fighting for his wife, and with the clock about to strike midnight he knows he has one last chance to heal Katie’s heart…one kiss under the mistletoe at a time.

’twas the book before Christmas….or at least one of them. 

Some of my absolute favourite romances and films are set in the holidays. Nothing says magical to me more than the time of year when we truly concentrate on what means the most to us: the people we love of course! (And chocolate covered caramels).

Here’s a little teaser from my book out on November 1st…enjoy!

‘Okay, people! Listen up, it’s the start of silly season!’

‘I thought that was Halloween?’

‘Or every full moon!’

‘First snowfall?’

‘Hey, doc? Is that where your locum tenens is? Stuck in one of the drifts?’

‘He won’t last long in Copper Canyon, if that’s the case. A man needs snowtires.’

‘A woman just needs common sense! I follow the snowplows! Got them tracked on my phone!’

Copper Canyon’s Emergency Department filled with laughter. Impressive considering they were down to a quality – but skeleton staff. Never mind the fact it was almost always one of the busiest weeks of the year. The town was full of holiday visitors and the ski resort up the “hill” always had an emergency or six their small clinic couldn’t handle.

Katie scanned the motley crew who would see her through Christmas Eve and, for some double shifters, into the Big Day itself. Valley Hospital was no Boston General, and that’s just the way Katie liked it. The facility was big enough to have all the fancy equipment, small enough to be able to give the personal touch to just about everyone who walked through those doors. And if they needed an extra hand, there were always the Emergency Services guys up on the mountain willing to lend a hand. It wasn’t home yet…but she’d get there.

‘Thank you, peanut gallery. Time to focus.’ Katie tried her best to smile at the small, but vital crew all visibly buzzing with Christmas cheer. It wasn’t their fault she wanted to rip every bauble, snowman and glittery snowflake from the walls. Someone else took that prize. ‘Thanks for wearing your red and green scrubs by the way – you all look very…festive.’

‘Who doesn’t love Christmas, doc?’ A tinsel-bedecked RN quipped.


‘Right!’ Katie soldiered on. They were used to her grumpy face, no need for Christmas to morph her into a jolly, stethoscope wearing elf. ‘Just in time for the lunchtime rush, I’ve got our first Christmas mystery x-ray!’ A smattering of applause and cheers went up as she worked her way through the dozen or so staff and slapped the x-ray up on the glowing board with a flourish.

‘Any guesses?’

‘Why would anyone stick one of those up their –‘

‘I know! Especially at Christmas.’

‘At least it’s not a turkey thermometer. We had one of those last year. Perforated the intestine!’

The group collectively sucked in a breath. Ouch.

‘C’mon Dr. McGann, that’s too easy. Give us a hard one!’

‘Alright, then,’ she turned to face the cocky resident. ‘If it’s so easy, what’s your guess?’

‘Cookie cutter?’

Katie winced and shook her head.

‘Nope. Good guess, though. Try again.’

She joined the staff in tipping their heads this first one direction, then the other. It wasn’t that tough…

‘Tree decoration. Six pointed snowflake. My Gramma JamJam used to have one. It was my wife’s favourite.’

Katie’s body went rigid with shock as the rest of the staff turned to see who the newcomer to the group was. She didn’t need to turn around. She didn’t need to imagine who or what Gramma JamJam’s tree was like. She’d helped decorate a freshly cut fir in her old fashioned living room as many times as she had fingers on a hand.

As her thumb moved to check the most important finger was still bare, waves of emotion began to strike her entire body in near physical blows. She willed her racing heart to still itself, but every sensory particle within her was responding to the one voice in the world that could morph her by turns into a wreck, a googley-eyed teen, a blushing bride….

Dr. Joshua West. Her ex-husband.

Well. He would be her ex if he would ever sign the blinking divorce papers!

There’s your teaser! And, in advance, wishing you all happy holidays – in whichever form they come! x Annie O



6 thoughts on “Tempting Christmas Tidbits!”

  1. Woohoo Annie I loved this story what a beauty so lovely the setting Katie and Josh swoon 🙂

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family I do love this time of the year 🙂

    Have Fun

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