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The dog ate my homework

Well, I guess we’ve all resorted to the odd excuse from time to time. When I searched the internet for excuses, I found a lot of very creative and bizarre ones…

But hang on a minute. Life’s always a good deal stranger than fiction, and as someone who has actually managed to lock herself inside the house, I’m horrified to find that if I’d done it on a work day, I might have featured on one of those Worst Excuses lists. And anyone who knows me, will understand that the words I got lost are ultimately believeable when they fall from my lips. Having maps on my phone – and more to the point an indicator of where I happen to be on said map – has been one of those technology boons that really have changed my life.

Back to excuses. What happens if the dog actually does eat your homework?  I imagine it’s not unheard of, but if that happened to you then it would be tempting to come up with something more credible.  And there are those odd occasions when it’s very tough to find one compelling reason why we can’t face the world.  We just can’t.  The idea of ‘duvet days’ – one day a year when you can stay home without giving a reason – may not be workable in some professions, but it does allow for those times.

I suppose that the bad press which excuses get stems from a belief that they automatically aren’t true – which is fair enough because some of them aren’t. But since I’m a writer, I feel justified in splitting hairs here – because my dictionary says that an excuse is an attempt to justify something. Which implies that there are just as many good excuses out there as bad ones.

But perhaps the most weird and wonderful excuses that I make, are the ones I make to myself. What will I do if I fail? What will I do if I succeed? Used in tandem, these two cover pretty much every eventuality 🙂 In hindsight, the day that I ran out of excuses for not making a concerted effort to be published was a Very Good Day.

As I’ve got older and (arguably) wiser, I’ve given up on excuses. Sorry, I can’t do that/be there is enough. That doesn’t mean I can’t offer a reason why, but I don’t need to go into an intricate chain of events which has somehow made something impossible.  On the other hand, though, a really good excuse is something to treasure. Children’s inventive minds come up with some real winners.  And as romance readers, which of us can fault  …but I was unexpectedly carried off by a prince to spend the weekend in his gorgeous mountain retreat…

Do you have a favourite (or non-favourite) excuse?

2-in-1-coverAnd just to finish off, my current duo (Rescued by Dr Rafe and Saved by the Single Dad) is full of people not being where they’re supposed to be. And they all have the very best of excuses.


6 thoughts on “The dog ate my homework”

  1. Oh Annie

    The excuses we used to try while at school I had sewing homework when in high school and had taken over to my Nana’s for a visit and actually left it on the bus on the way home (never got it back) and the teacher never believed me LOL but it was true but of course there were lots of other excuses that weren’t. These days yes it is just sorry can’t make it although there have been times that I have told people I need to read the book is too good.

    Loved both of your new stories 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Oh how frustrating, Helen! It’s bad enough to have left your homework on the bus, but not being believed really adds insult to injury 😦

      Thank you so much for your kind words about the stories 🙂

  2. My writing life isn’t made up of excuses as much a procrastination. If the dog ate my work I would be better off. Procrastination means it is all on me.

  3. Ah, Annie, you make a good point about the excuses we make to ourselves being the biggest! I’m trying very hard to not say “I’m so sorry!” about things I just can’t get done in time, or forgot, or misplaced, or whatever. To just say “I couldn’t do it this week, but will have it by Monday” or whatever! Yes, I am sometimes very hard on myself when I goof up, and am working to cut myself the same slack as I cut others 🙂

    As for your duet, I’m so impressed that you have two books out at once, and am looking forward to reading them!

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