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What are you watching?

November means spring for us down here in the Southern hemisphere, so we’re blinking into the light and dragging ourselves away from TV screens in search of a tan and some much needed Vitamin D. But…we have had a glut of TV series to glom and feast on during the darker months. Of course, for those of you beginning the hibernating there’s a lot to catch up on…


Be still my beating heart! I didn’t read Cross stitch so I had no idea what I was in for. I have loved Every. Single. Moment. (Plus, I was so enamoured with the 18th century woollen clothes I’ve started doing a bit of knitting myself!). We’re now just getting to the end of season two and can’t wait for the next one!

The Bridge

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-5-31-56-pm(I know, it’s an old one, but I’m just catching up.)

I’m a huge fan of Nordic Noir, so enjoyed this murder mystery…about a body that is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Two cops–one from each country–have to work together to solve the whodunnit. Interesting…although it could have been a bit shorter. It has subtitles, so you do have to be quite focused. There was one point when we decided (that is, hubby and I) to play a drinking game every time they said ‘tak’ (thank you), but, amazingly, they say it A LOT, so that game didn’t last long.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople


Not a series, but a film. If you haven’t seen this, then do so. NOW. I know I’m biased, because it’s a New Zealand film, but it’s funny and emotional and an adventure…about a boy put in less than perfect foster care then going on the run and being chased by hapless police and authorities. It’s won many awards across the globe…go on, watch it!

I’m getting a list ready of shows/movies I need to see and so far this includes:

Stranger Things (Any good?)




Any others? What are you watching or looking forward to, or have recently enjoyed? Any recommendations? 


17 thoughts on “What are you watching?”

  1. Thanks for these recs, Louisa!
    I’m waiting for Outlander 2 to come on Netflix…..finished season 1 a few months ago.
    I’m currently watching the second season of Bloodline. I watched the first season and enjoyed it even if one of the characters is a little too close to home for me. I was thrilled to see that Ben Mendelsohn, the lone Aussie actor in the all American cast, who plays the screw up, won an Emmy for his role. He’s really good!

  2. Louisa, I dropped out of Outlander at the wedding in season 1. IT was just SOOOOOO SLOOOOOOWWWW. However, I am currently hooked on House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Doctor Doctor, Poldark….I better stop now. No wonder I don’t get anythign done! ANd yes, we saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople back in June and LOVED it.

    1. Isn’t Hunt for the Wilderpeople just fab?
      I LOVED House of Cards, Fiona, and given what’s happening in USA at the moment I wonder just how much wheeling and dealing does go on behind the scenes. Wanting to watch Poldark, missed the first series so will have to play catch-up!

  3. Hi Louisa

    I don’t watch much TV at all although I did watch most of the first season of Outlander and enjoyed it but haven’t watched anymore and when we first got Netflix I started watching Downton Abbey which I have really enjoyed and need to get back to it when I find the time to sit and watch TV LOL I have way too many good books to catch up on enjoy

    Have Fun

  4. I’m just going through the second season of Outlander now. I think I like it more than the first, which surprised me. (I liked the first book better than the second.) I’m going to have to go look up the Kiwi film — it sounds like great fun.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. I didn’t read any of the Outlander books, Evelyn, so it’s all new to me. I just adore the clothes (and Jamie, of course). Do watch the Hunt for the Wilderpeople, you won’t regret it!

  5. We are going in to “winter” in Florida. I have neen watching grey’s Anatomy, Notorious and Code Black, and am patiently waiting for season 6 of Offspring to be on American Hulu, and a new season of Doc Martin. My guilty watches are cooking competition shows….I especially like the Great British Baking Show. In December “The Royals” 3rd season will start, so I am happy about that!

  6. Hi Louisa! I am with Laurie – going into winter which means watching loads more television. Yippee!!!! We are watching Suits right now (I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Great British Bake Off when I’m cooking – but not at the same time)…I will definitely look out for your recommendations as hubby does not share my passion for medical dramas in all shapes and sizes (Woe is me!). I’m still in mourning over the end of The Good Wife – but seek solace in Madame Secretary!

    1. Annie, I’d love to watch Bake Off etc, but we get the shows once they’ve finished in the UK and I like to watch these kind of things ‘live’ if possible. I heard Suits is good…will add it to my list!

  7. Louisa,
    I watching Poldark and a lot of BBC mysteries these days. I have a couple of DVDs to watch as well like Downton Abby and Friendship and Lovers. I hope to catch up during the holidays. Also 36 hours of art history. I’m going to be soooo smart!

  8. I’m the worst, watching almost no TV shows or movies except those selected by husband – and let me say they would not be my first choice! Golf. Football. More golf and football. Star Trek episodes which I do enjoy, but most of which we’ve seen a bunch. And the first two Die Hard movies whenever they come on, which, while entertain gin, we’ve seen at least a hundred times. *sigh* But I do like your suggestions, and perhaps it’s time to take control of the remote now and then! 🙂

    1. That was supposed to say ‘entertaining’ not ‘entertain gin’ though now that I think about it, that might help me get through the golf! 😉

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