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Life in Limbo

Hello! It’s my turn to blog and I’m sitting here thinking a lot of cool stuff is about to happen but none of it has happened yet so I am in information limbo!

dscf4598I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to show you my cover for my novel Daughter of Mine, which is out March 1st but it’s not quite ready. There’s been a lot of back and forth getting the design ‘just right’ and I’ve enjoyed the process. I flew up to Sydney last week to meet with the sales and marketing people at Harper Collins/Harlequin Mira, which was exciting. An added extra treat was Kandy Shepherd, a Mills & Boon Romance author, popped across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and met me for breakfast! How lovely was that?


Boy Wonder is now in full-on exam mode. Many of his mates have finished but as he chose to do the International Baccalaureate, his exams started a bit later. The house has been in limbo for three weeks now while he studies and we are all ready for that to be over. Roll on November 21st! Mind you, it’s going to be odd next year when I don’t have to do a school book list, organise uniform, pack lunch…. New era coming. See? still in limbo…48354afebb7bf0f3d782b349d7cd460a

20081027-igobblenyOn November 22nd we fly out to New York City, baby!! We’re having 10 days there in an apartment and then ten days touring around New Mexico. I’m calling it the “New” tour. Dear friends are flying from Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with us there and we have shows booked and so much fun planned, but, can’t tell you about it cos it hasn’t happened yet!  Right now, I’m in the yucky bit of trying to get all the Christmas cards written, the cake baked and a few other things done before I leave. I also have to write a “How the house works” guide for The Lad, who is staying at home to work and mind the house. And don’t mention packing…I am also the worst procrastinator for packing so gah! I have to start thinking about that. All top tips for packing light appreciated!

Right now are you treading water waiting for things to happen OR are you in the thick of things?

12 thoughts on “Life in Limbo”

  1. WOW sounds like a lot happening I am looking forward to the book next year and the trip is going to be wonderful I wish I could do that although we want another cruise fingers crossed for us next year.
    Other than Christmas coming up and thinking about baking my cake and cooking the pudding and getting organized with cards and presents not much happening LOL always something

    Have a wonderful trip

    Have Fun

  2. Your trip sounds like such fun! Two more diverse places in America I can’t imagine (Except for Alaska or Hawaii!) I love New York City, it has so much energy, and is such a beautiful city decked out for the holidays. New Mexico is on my bucket list, I have a good friend who just retired from their National Park Service, and she loved it. Where in NM will you be? Maybe I can ask my friend Wendy for some winter visit suggestions. As for travel packing……dress in layers, there’s nothing worse than wearing your heavy winter coat and going in and out of buildings and getting overheated/cold/overheated. Last time I was there in November I packed a few long sleeve shirts/light sweaters, and wore a heavier hoodie with a puffer vest..easy layers to remove as needed!
    As for making Christmas cake and puddings, we don’t really do that here (even though I LOVE fruitcake!) but I will begin my cookie baking right after Thanksgiving and freeze until needed. The week before Christmas i start making fudge and some easy candies…chocolate covered pretzels are always a hit here!

    1. Laurie, we are going to Santa Fe, Taos, Alberque, Gila Cliff dwellings, which is a national park, whitesands, another national park, El Paso which is Texas and San Antonio 🙂 Thanks for the tips! Yes, good old layers. And YUM on chocolate covered pretzels…. there is something about the salt and the sweet together.

      1. Fiona, a lot of the places my friend Wendy suggested in New Mexico were already on your list. This is what she wrote as suggestions: “if they like outdoorsy stuff, there’s tons to do. 35 state parks. white sands national monument, Carlsbad caverns national park. Gila cliff dwellings. they might even find some skiing up in the northern part of the state, though that might be too early.
        Santa Fe and Taos are big cultural meccas, with lots of shopping. if’ they’re interested in extraterrestrial stuff, Roswell is a must see – where the aliens supposedly landed back in 1947.”
        San Antonio is amazing. The riverwalk area has great shops and retaurants and the boat rides on the River and the Alamo are must sees!

  3. I understand that state of Limbo, Fiona! But you won’t know yourself next year! We’ve been sans kids all year and its been fabulous! Do we miss them – sure. But knowing they’re out there doing what they’re supposed to – living their lives – and still seeing them a lot has helped.\

    I’ve just had a book release delayed until January so I feel very much in limbo over that. I want it out there, the lovely readers who have contacted me want it out there but chosing the right release time is essential so I guess the limbo is going to continue for a little longer!
    Have a great time in NYC! xxx

    1. Thanks, Amy. I am fine about next year although school was also my social life so I will need to pursue new interests to meet some people. Sorry about the book delay but YAY on the book delay if it means more sales.

  4. What an amazing precipice of excitement to be on. I hope you get a fabulous Esther Williams swimming costume to wear when you dive in to enjoy it all. Your trip to Sydney sounds most delightful – especially with the friend & breakfast bonus. I hope you’re happy with the final cover and do enjoy America. As you know – despite all the news coverage and chaos – it is FULL of amazing people and ridiculously delicious food (says the girl who just came back weighing – ahem! – a bit more than she did when she arrived. Thank goodness they didn’t weigh me at the baggage scales!) Enjoy it all – and packing only takes five minutes. I always make the piles on the bed then go through them again and take out everything I was only planning on wearing ‘just in case’ or once. I usually never end up wearing them. Oh! And they sell clothes in America. xx Annie O’

  5. Your “New” trip sounds fabulous, Fiona! New York City is one of my favorite places, and I love that you’re renting an apartment. May have to do that sometime, too! I’ve been to Arizona, but not New Mexico – on my list! Hubby went to Santa Fe maybe ten years ago, and really enjoyed it.

    As for packing, you’re a world traveler, so you’ll have no problems 🙂 But traveling to two very different places does create challenges, doesn’t it? I’m with Annie O’Neil – keep it simple! One basic color scheme that will work with everything in your wardrobe, and layers to take on and off as needed. The fewest number of shoes possible, and make sure they’re comfy. And, yes, also as Annie said – you just might have to buy something in NYC or the west. 🙂 Have fun!

  6. Thanks Annie and Robin. I am a world traveller but I HATE packing and not sure I do it well BUT I have improved. I procrastinate though…what if I need… Someone said once, avoid the last minute throw in. I am bad at that.

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